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Dollish Polish 1-UP

Dollish Polish 1-UP




I know it’s just the middle of June, but is anyone else already excited about having a long weekend for the 4th of July? I find that I basically live for long weekends, and I am already planning to do absolutely nothing but lounge around in my apartment. I will not let anyone rope me into doing holiday stuff and will just be lazy for 3 days straight. I’m so looking forward to it! So today being a Monday and my least favorite day of the week, I decided to wear a polish that just makes me insanely happy when I wear it: Dollish Polish 1-UP. Why would a polish make me insanely happy? Well, dear reader, because it brings me back to the late 80’s when my parents bought us a Nintendo console. This was huge for us because we were fairly broke and we had to pick between getting a VCR or a Nintendo. Well, of course there was no contest. I played Super Mario Bros for hours and hours and hours until I managed to pass the whole game which was the crown achievement of my childhood. Anyway…now you know why this polish makes me happy!

Jessica Velvets & Pearls 1Jessica Velvets & Pearls 2To start with, I applied two coats of Jessica Velvets & Pearls as my base color. I love this greyed black polish!

Dollish Polish 1-UP 1Dollish Polish 1-UP 2Dollish Polish 1-UP 3And this is two coats of Dollish Polish 1-UP. Oh my gah, I love this polish so much. It’s so unique and of course I love it even harder because it’s Super Mario Bros themed. This was a super fantastic present from Amanda so a million thanks for the awesome polish. I was playing the new SMB on my Wii this weekend, but I’m pretty rusty and part of me misses the original in all its 8-Bit glory. I remember the first time I figured out that you could get unlimited 1-UP’s when you jumped on the duck shell as it was coming down the stairs. Remember that trick?

What a fun game! None of the crazy shooting, Grand Theft Auto, Halo bullshit of nowadays. I sound like some old lady right now, don’t I? haha You’ll still like me, right? Well, thank you so much for stopping by today and for joining me in my hatred for Mondays. Talk to you soon!

Nubar Wild West Collection For Fall 2013

Nubar Wild West Collection For Fall 2013




Hi there! Today I have another Nubar collection to share with you and this one takes us back to the Wild West! Any time that I think about westerns, I think of Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

They are so dreamy. I still remember seeing Robert Redford in The Way We Were when I was a kid and I was hopelessly infatuated with him. Anyway, enough of my childhood crushes and let’s move on to the Nubar Wild West Collection.

Nubar Spirit Walker 1Nubar Spirit Walker 2Nubar Spirit Walker

Nubar Paint Pony 1Nubar Paint Pony 2Nubar Paint Pony

Nubar Go Native 1Nubar Go Native 2Nubar Go Native

Nubar Brothel 1Nubar Brothel 2Nubar Brothel

Nubar Cactus 1Nubar Cactus 2Nubar Cactus

Nubar Texas Sky 1Nubar Texas Sky 2Nubar Texas Sky

Nubar Never Take Off The Mask 1Nubar Never Take Off The Mask 2Nubar Never Take Off The Mask

The formula on all of these is pretty decent. All of them took 2 coats for full opacity and they applied fairly smooth. I’m just not that excited about this collection overall. I really like Spirit Walker, Texas Sky and Never Take Off The Mask. Other than that, I can leave the rest. I decided not to purchase one of the polishes from this collection because it was a metallic silver that was just barf central. It should come as no surprise that these are going up on on my blog sale so make sure you check them out there if you’re interested in trying out some Nubar polishes.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and have a great weekend!

LVX Fall 2013 Collection

LVX Fall 2013 Collection




Fall? What’s that? Hello, California—can you please get with it already and stop with the 70-80 degree weather? I really don’t appreciate you forcing me into wearing flip flops and t-shirts instead of sweaters and coats when November is right around the corner. We might be getting rain today and tomorrow, but all that means is that we will have 2 “cool” days followed by more heat. Oh wait…rain means I don’t have to feel guilty about not washing Basil for the last 2 weeks…and by Basil, I mean my car which is in need of a good scrub down. I’ll never let it get to the point where someone writes “WASH ME” onto the coat of dirt, but he’s getting to the crusty point of no return. I’m sorry, Basil! One way or the other, you will get clean—let’s just hope mother nature takes care of it for me.

So, I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been doing a lot of swatching lately and by a lot I mean that my fingers and nails are feeling a little bit like a nice carpaccio. I’ve finished most of my swatching which includes about 30 polishes, and I still have 8 more to go before I’m completely caught up. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll amass a few more so I better get to it. Today I have something to share with you that makes me weak in the knees in the best possible way (although it could also be my arthritis brought on by old age). If you are a crème lover, you are going to fall in love with the LVX Fall 2013 Collection. Seriously, don’t try to resist the urge to buy every single one of these because resistance is futile when you are confronted with the glossy and buttery goodness of a kick ass crème. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at these beauties.

LVX Azzurrum 1LVX Azzurrum 2Have you had enough of dark and mysterious navy hues? I sure haven’t! LVX Azzurrum is yet another fall appropriate navy blue that won’t disappoint. It’s not blackened to the point that you stop seeing the blue in this polish so you don’t have to worry about lighting and such. It’s a very saturated color so you will only need two coats for full opacity.

LVX Viridis 1LVX Viridis 2This.Is.Gorgeous. This beautiful and smoky emerald is the dream come true of every teal/green/emerald lover. Not only is LVX Viridis incredibly bright and pigmented, but it applies like a dream. It is almost a one coater, and it dries super shiny which only makes it even more gorgeous.

LVX Dahlia 1LVX Dahlia 2I really enjoy vampy shades like LVX Dahlia, but I felt that it was deceptively thin. I figured that such a dark color wouldn’t need more than two coats, but I ended up having to apply a thick third coat to even out the color. I think that the main problem came from not giving it enough time between coats as I found it was super easy to create bald spots. The more I look at it, the more this reminds me of a really luscious bbq sauce. Yum!

LVX Relique 1LVX Relique 2LVX Relique is definitely a color that I love in every possible version out there.  This color took me back to when we all went wild for OPI Metro Chic. I also treasure my bottle of Channelsque because it’s in the same vein. This color was very pigmented, and I actually got away with one thicker coat. Me likey. Me likey a lot.

LVX Cliquot 1LVX Cliquot 2I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that LVX Cliquot looks very rosy. It could be that my skin tone makes it look a little different, but this definitely looks more peachy to me. It’s a pretty color that I wouldn’t normally gravitates towards, but I can totally see this looking fabulous on lighter skin tones.  Since this is a lighter color, I did find it a little streaky after the first coat, but it evened out nicely with a second coat.

LVX Cashmere 1LVX Cashmere 2Ahhhh! This was a definite surprise. LVX Cashmere is such a delicate light grey that I feel really pops against my skin. It has this dusty quality to it that makes it look so unique. I always love painting my nails in light colors so this is a great option when I’m not looking for just a super bright white. You may remember that LVX Fantom is my favorite white of all time so you know that when a company makes a good white crème, they know what they are doing. I applied 3 thin coats of Cashmere to even it out since it did apply a bit streaky.

Unless you’ve skipped my entire review, you probably already know that I freaking love this collection. There is nothing revolutionary about the palette here, but there is nothing better than a fantastic crème in my book and boy does LVX know how to make crèmes that will blow your socks off.  If you’re interested in picking up any of these colors, you can purchase them at the LVX website where they retail for $16 per .5oz bottle. For more information on LVX, you can follow them on their website, facebook,   twitter and instagram. Thanks so much for catching up with me today, and I will talk to you soon!

LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013

LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013




I feel like I was born old. Even as a kid, I gravitated towards watching older films. I loved the old Hollywood  films with their smoky and dramatic allure and don’t even get me started on the leading men: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable…ahhh, be still my beating heart! Along with the leading men of that time, the leading ladies epitomized the definition of beauty, mystery and allure.  The collection I have for you today draws its inspiration from some of the loveliest actresses of their time: Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Let’s take a look at the LCN Charade Collection for Fall 2013.

LCN Audrey 1LCN Audrey 2LCN Audrey which is a beautiful olive green with gold shimmer. I was a total sad panda when I realized that the gold shimmer isn’t very visible on the nail, but you can still catch a fleck here and there.  The formula on this polish is great as it is creamy and pigmented so 2 coats were enough for full opacity.

What is your Tiffany’s?


LCN Rita 1LCN Rita 2LCN Rita is a lovely gold-leaning yellow. As you may know, I do love yellow polish so I am always excited to add another shade to my collection. I always start out with trepidation when trying a new yellow polish because as we all know, the formula on yellows is known to be problematic.  I was pleasantly surprised by the formula on Rita. While it’s not perfect as it is a little streaky after the first coat, a second coat perfectly evens it out.

Wasn’t she just incredibly gorgeous?


LCN Marilyn 1LCN Marilyn 2Next up we have LCN Marilyn. This is another great LCN crème that is highly pigmented and super smooth with a crazy amount of shine. The formula is also great on this one and it could be a one coater with careful application.

And who could ever forget the most iconic Marilyn clip?


LCN Liz 1LCN Liz 2Liz Taylor was a timeless beauty, and I actually got to see and meet her! It’s a weird feeling to see such an icon in real life! LCN Liz is a gorgeous berry creme—you all know how I feel about crèmes. Application was a breeze as the formula is a buttery dream.

If you’ve never seen this movie, what are you waiting for?  Liz was amazing in this!!!

I also got a chance to use the Ultra Fast Dry Coat and it worked like a charm to add even more shine to my mani and it was dry in about a minute. I always love these small but gorgeous collections that LCN puts out.  All of these colors were great to work with, and I love the inspiration. Each polish in the LCN Charade Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now at the LCN Boutique. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of their announcements. Let me know what you think of this collection–any favorites? Thanks for stopping by today!

Pure Ice The Art Of Nail Noir Collection – Fall 2013

Pure Ice The Art Of Nail Noir Collection – Fall 2013




Remember how Fall started? Well, apparently California didn’t get the memo because I feel like it’s still way too hot. I actually get in a crappy mood when it’s hot so of course I’ve been irritated. The only thing that I’ve been happy about is all the delicious Fall polishes. Have I told you how much I love Fall collections? This year I am somewhat disappointed by all the icky foil and metallic finish polishes, but there are still plenty of other gorgeous shades to keep me entertained. Oh, before I forget: in case you don’t follow me on youtwitfacearest, I updated my blog sale with a bunch of stuff so check it out. I need to destash because my room is being overrun by polish…and my living room as well. I can totally see myself on a future episode of Hoarders with mounds of nail polish cluttering every room in my apartment. Scary thought or dream come true? Now, moving on to today’s pretties, I have two beautiful polishes from the Pure Ice The Art of Nail Noir Collection.

Pure Ice All Night Long 1Pure Ice All Night Long 2First up is Pure Ice All Night Long. OH MY GLOB. Yes, this is gorgeous but we’ve seen so many similar polishes this Fall! Hey, I’m not complaining because if you are on a budget, this one is the way to go. I am planning to do a shimmery blues smackdown post later this week so you can see what I’m talking about. The formula on this polish was a little thin, but it builds up very nicely. I applied 3 thin coats here and the finish was just beautiful. Best of all, this didn’t stain at all despite how dark and pigmented the polish is.

Pure Ice No Means No 1Pure Ice No Means No 2Don’t you just love polishes that give you the impression that they are glowing? Pure Ice No Means No has that glowing quality about it. This color reminds me a lot of OPI Purple With A Purpose which is one of my favorite purples EVER. Formula was thin but nice so nothing bad to report except that I didn’t want to take this off.

The Art Of Nail Noir Collection has 4 awesome shades:

Not Now –  Forest Green Shimmer Finish
No Means No – Royal Purple Shimmer
Iced Merlot – Oxblood Red with metallic shimmer
All Night Long – Navy Blue Pearl

Not Now will be mine…because who in their right mind can resist an awesome green?? All Pure Ice nail enamels are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Retailing at only $1.99, Pure Ice nail enamels are available at Walmart.com & Walmart stores nationwide. For more information, please visit Pure Ice on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will catch you on the flippity flip.

Dior Galaxie

Dior Galaxie




Well hello there! I’ve been a little neglectful with my posting schedule so I haven’t been around much–primarily because it was my birthday this past Sunday. Suck it, 34! Everything was pretty low key and I didn’t do much except go to dinner with the family. Today I spent the day with my bestie, Daniel, so we went shopping and completely pigged out on seafood as you will see below. I dragged him with me to Sephora because I wanted to buy one birthday polish. He was helping me pick out the color but I already had so many of the ones that he recommended that I just ended up grabbing one from the Dior section. Let’s take a look at Dior Galaxie.

Dior Galaxie 1Dior Galaxie 2Dior Galaxie 3I definitely have a soft spot for Dior, so much so that I don’t even care how dupable this color is. Yes, it’s pretty but not so pretty that you should run out and pay $24 for this polish–especially if you have something similar already. Dior Galaxie is one of the two polishes from the Mystic Metallics Collection for Fall 2013. The other polish was a big no for me because it’s metallic and brush stroke-y. Ick. The formula on Galaxie is full of the usual Dior deliciousness: super opaque, creamy and very easy to control. The one thing I didn’t like is that it dries rather dull, but a good top coat will fix that right up.

Now…let me show you the seafood destruction that ensued:

FoodEatallthetingsThis was an eat all the things moment. This is what 1 lb of crawfish, 1lb of shrimp, 1lb of sausages, rice and chowder looks like. Yes, we ate all of this. Yes, it was just the two of us. Yes, we are disgusting but damn it was good even though I know I am going to be paying for this for the next few days. My stomach is already laughing at me. Instead of screaming “Exterminate!” the Daleks in my bowels will be chanting:

DaleksAll in all, I think I had a pretty kick ass birthday. You may be surprised that I only bought one polish for my birthday, but that’s only because I am saving up all my repressed polish urges that will be unleashed this weekend. Yep, Lesley will be in town and we are going to GO TO TOWN. Polish Mecca round 2 is coming up. Let’s hope we both make it out in one piece. I’ll keep you updated.

Color Club Girl About Town Collection

Color Club Girl About Town Collection




Sweet baby Jesus, every time I think that things are going well, I get socked in the face with a studded glove. All I have to say is that I am so looking forward to tomorrow being over so that I can start my three day weekend. I’m excited because on Saturday morning I’m going to a Baby Shower Brunch for my sister-in-law. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it too much on my blog, but I am going to be a first time aunt in November. Little Vincent is due in early November so I am seriously psyched because I am going to have the opportunity to spoil that little kid rotten and then let his parents deal with him. Muawhahahaha. They are still trying to pick his middle name and they are looking for a very Austrian middle name since my sil is from Austria. I personally think they should call him Wolfgang so I can call him Wolfie for the rest of his life. Evil, right? I actually do like the name Wolfgang, but it’s not really up to me. I kind of gave up on trying to name the kid since they kept saying no to naming him Alfie…

Anyway, I have a bone to pick with Color Club. I found it IMPOSSIBLE to find the rest of this collection. As a rule, I don’t purchase polish online because I am cheap and refuse to pay for shipping. Since they sent me two polishes from the Color Club Girl About Town Collection, I wanted to get the rest so I could do a full collection swatch post, but the other 4 polishes remain elusive. Not only that, but the other two polishes that they sent me from the Ruby Wing Collection perished during transit. Womp womp. Now that I have gotten a chance to try these two polishes out, I really wish I could find the others. Anyway, let me show you the beauty of Silver Lake and Williamsburg.

Color Club Silver Lake 1Color Club Silver Lake 2When I first saw Color Club Silver Lake, I was already anticipating loving it because I love white polishes overall. I always approach whites with a lot of caution because I just don’t know how they are going to apply. (I just realized that sentence sounded racially iffy!) The first coat of Silver Lake was pretty streaky, so I applied 2 more thin coats and that gave me pretty good results. I love the kind of gray white look of this polish because it doesn’t look chalky or harsh–in fact it looks creamy and delicious. Fross0 from Lacquer Me Silly did a comparison post between Silver Lake and My Boyfriend Scales Walls so check that out!

Color Club Williamsburg 1Color Club Williamsburg 2Color Club Williamsburg is breathtakingly beautiful. This polish has such a complex look because of that gorgeous shimmer and peeks out when you least expect it. I’ve noticed quite a few similar polishes coming out this fall so I’m planning another smackdown post. Do I love this? Yes! Best of all, it did not stain and I only needed two coats.

I think I am giving up on trying to find the rest of this collection locally. To be honest, I don’t REALLY want the rest of the polishes in this collection because the collection overall seems very disjointed–like there is nothing tying all the polishes together. I think that individually the polishes are very pretty, but they do not look like a cohesive Fall collection. If you want to stay up to date on all Color Club news, make sure that you follow them on their website, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!

Hit Polish – Fall 2013

Hit Polish – Fall 2013




Well hello there! I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing and lazy Sunday. As usual, I have spent my Sunday running errands, doing my laundry and cleaning. I’ve also spent a good deal of it agonizing about having to go to work tomorrow. That’s normal, right? Next week is probably going to be a little busy for me so I’m trying to queue up a a few posts since I probably won’t have time to do my nails–perfect time to try out one of my Fall Incoco designs, eh? Well, this weekend I swatched over 20 polishes so I am really happy about that considering my unplanned hiatus after the great nubbinizing incident of 2013 which I am calling the Nail XYZ Affair. (Winking at any fellow history buffs!) I have three fun Fall polishes to show you today from Hit Polish, and I am really excited about these because it’s my first experience with the brand. Let’s take a look at these pretties.

Hit Polish Swamp Thing 1Hit Polish Swamp Thing 2I was super excited when I saw the bottle of Hit Polish Swamp Thing because the murky green base color along with all that gorgeous glitter just set my heart aflutter. This would be a great layering polish, but I just wanted to try it out on its own. The formula is pretty easy to control, but I still think using the dabbing method is the best way to get good even coverage. I don’t think I was wearing my glasses when I applied this polish because of that huge bald spot on my middle finger! I know I’m totally aging myself, but all I could think about while I used this polish was:

Hahaha! That’s classic. I loved that movie!

Hit Polish Teal Abyss 1Hit Polish Teal Abyss 2Hit Polish Teal Abyss was a biatch to photograph. My lighting made this look a lot more blue than it really is. I first tried to use this polish when it was very hot so it got crazy lumpy. I tried it again when the weather was better, and I didn’t have any issues with it. I would you could see the holo glitter in it, but it’s barely noticeable here. In sunlight, it looks amazing! The formula was a little thick but was manageable at 2 thickish coats.


Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty 1Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty 2Lastly, this is Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty. This is a really summery polish in my eyes because it just looks sun-kissed. I think Mr. T would definitely approve of this mani! The formula was really great and super opaque so you will get great coverage with two coats.

Overall, I am super impressed with the quality of all three polishes. I didn’t think that they would be so easy to apply and control since they are very glittery so I am pleasantly surprised. I think that my favorite of the three is Swamp Thing because it’s so unique! I don’t think I have anything like it in my stash, and that’s saying a lot. Make sure that you check out Hit Polish on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for all their latest news and creations.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have had a nice weekend. Talk to you soon!

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection




Don’t laugh at me, but I just gorged myself on Hawaiian BBQ and I am so regretting it right now because my stomach pretty much wants to destroy itself. I don’t even know why I ate the stewed cabbage because bad things are going to happen…let’s leave it at that. Since I don’t work tomorrow, I am feeling  relaxed tonight and will probably do some swatching to get ready for next week’s posts. I have been wanting to post these next polishes since last week but had to wait until the official press release came out. Are you ready for awesome polish domination? Today I was 4 of the 7 polishes from the upcoming KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection.


KBShimmer Teal Another Tail 1KBShimmer Teal Another Tail 2When I saw KBShimmer Teal Another Tail I saw mermaid scales. I don’t know about you, but I think this polish is absolutely breathtaking. Even better, the formula was absolutely flawless in every way. It was easy to apply and control, highly pigmented and rich. For my swatches, I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.


KBShimmer Vicious Circles 1KBShimmer Vicious Circles 2If you could wear sparkly Kool-aid on your nails, this is what it would look like. KBShimmer Vicious Circles is probably the squishiest red polish I have EVER seen in my life. When I saw it in the bottle, I figured I would need 10 billion coats to get good coverage but I ended up needing three which is not bad considering it is a jelly. The best part of this polish is how the glitter sparkles against this bright squishy base.


KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled 1KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled 2Purple and blue polish lovers rejoice! KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled is one gorgeous polish. It’s so incredibly bright and shiny that I just want to scream. I don’t even know where to start with this one…the base color is gorgeous and the glitter gives it a really interesting depth. Again, this is two-coater.


KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! 1KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! 2If we actually had seasons in Southern California, this is what Fall on my nails would look like. KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! is dark yet bright at the same time. You would think that the dark brown base would cover up all the gorgeous glitter, but it really doesn’t. This beauty also only needed two coats for full opacity.

I don’t know what to say about these polishes at this point–I am in love. Not only are they beautiful but the formula on all of them was perfection. Do you know how hard it is to say that considering the amount of polishes I swatch? I highly recommend ALL of these so get your hands on them as quickly as you can. You will have to wait until September 1st which is the official release date of the Fall collection. While Willie wrote that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” I think it should be more like  “waiting is such sweet sorrow.” Since we are still celebrating KBShimmer’s 5th birthday, they are currently offering free shipping on orders of $15 or more so don’t miss out. Don’t forget to follow KBShimmer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their website for all their latest news. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!

Jessica A Night At The Opera Collection – Fall 2013

Jessica A Night At The Opera Collection – Fall 2013




When I was a kid, I used to live for Saturday morning cartoons. The ABC lineup used to be my favorite, and I would be so upset on those Saturdays when I had to go to Catholic school and miss out on my favorite ritual. Another reason why I loved Saturday mornings was because it was really the only day when I was able to spend time with my dad. Since he worked so much, I never really saw him during the week but on Saturday mornings, he would watch cartoons with my brother and I.  I loved that time with my dad even though I was such a little turd when I was a kid and would never tell him how much I missed him.  One of our favorite shows was Looney Toons because they were so old school and were actually FUNNY and not bloody and violent like the cartoons nowadays. Well…I guess they were violent but it was more for comedic effect and not to actually show gore and blood. I loved the musical numbers, and I remember that’s where I first encountered Opera.

Do you remember this? I thought it was hilarious but was also intrigued by this strange music. It wasn’t until years later that I started listening to opera as a teenager that I fully understood what it was about. One of the very first operas I listened to was a recording of Maria Callas’ La Traviata, and I just became enamored. From there, I devoured opera. One of the things on my bucket list is to see a performance at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. While I was in Milan,  I did stop by but didn’t have the time to actually see if it would even be possible to see a performance.

Now that I have bored you with my childhood memories of opera, let me tell you about the Jessica A Night At The Opera Collection for Fall 2013. Isn’t it funny how something like a nail polish collection can evoke such fond memories in your mind? It’s almost like when you hear a song and you are transported back in time and you experience those fond (or not so fond) memories from your past. This Fall collection is full of bold colors, and I was very excited to give them a whirl. Let’s take a look at the polishes…


Jessica Velvet & Pearls 1

Jessica Velvet & Pearls 2While I wasn’t too excited when I saw Jessica Velvet & Pearls because how exciting can a black crème be? Well, let me tell you that it’s pretty fantastic. Not only is the formula outstanding, but the color is not really a true black…it has this smoky gray quality to it that really makes it unique in my stash. I know that black nails were all the rage a couple of years ago, but I still sport them because they just look edgy on short nails.


Jessica Standing Ovation 1Jessica Standing Ovation 2When I first saw Jessica Standing Ovation, I kind of heard angels sing. Yes, the way this polish looks in the bottle is rather majestic. From experience, I know that bottle shots can be super deceiving and I hate that bitter disappointment especially when it comes to duo or multi-chrome polishes. Well, this polish did live up to the hype I had created for it in my head. I loved it!! Not only is this shimmery green gorgeous, but you can definitely see the different colors flash depending on the angle of your nails. Just to show you how gorgeous it is, here is a bottle shot:

Jessica Standing Ovation 3

Seriously…how can you resist this polish. Just looking at those colors in the bottle…ghaaa!


Jessica Prima Donna 1Jessica Prima Donna 2For the purple lovers out there, I can see you going totally gaga over Jessica Prima Donna. This purple is just so shimmery and glowy that it pained me to remove it while I was swatching this collection. It’s such a rich and luxurious purple with a highly pigmented and easy to control formula.


Jessica Overture 1Jessica Overture 2Jessica Overture reminds me of some of the amazeballs polishes from last year’s Spicy Dream Collection. This is as close as I ever want to get to having my nails look like they are on fire.  I am a big fan of orange so this fiery copper won me over.


Jessica Opening Night 1Jessica Opening Night 2The only color that left me feeling kind of meh is Jessica Opening Night. It’s not that the color isn’t pretty or that the formula is subpar—because it isn’t—it’s just that it wasn’t that exciting to me. The formula on this is great: smooth, rich, great consistency and very pigmented.  It’s a nice fuchsia shimmer, but it didn’t make me get weak in the knees a la SWV:

Woot! Let’s hear it for the 90’s kids!


Jessica Blue Aria 1Jessica Blue Aria 2Are we tired of seeing these dark and smoky blues? Not me! Jessica Blue Aria is kind of “the brainchild of my brainchild.” Jessica calls this a dark cobalt…cobalt?? This is a darkened blue with a rich formula that could almost be a one-coater if you’re careful with your application. My nails definitely approve of this polish.

Jessica is one of my favorite brands and this collection continues to cement that opinion. Not only are the colors absolutely gorgeous, but the formula on all of them is superb. I applied two coats of each color for all my swatches and a couple of them could get away with one coat if you’re careful with your application. My biggest peeve about Jessica Cosmetics is that they are not as widely available as other brands so I always get questions about where to find these polishes locally after I review their collections. Please make these available everywhere!! For now, you can purchase Jessica polishes on ninjapolish.com or through their website at jessicacosmetics.com A few people have told me that they can be found at other sites, but these are the only two reliable and trustworthy sites that I know of short of getting them at independent beauty supply stores. I don’t have an exact date of when this collection will be available but it should be available sometime soon. Make sure that you follow Jessica on Facebook and Twitter for all their latest news.

So now that you have seen this collection, let me know what you think. Any favorites? Are you a Jessica fan? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


About Jessica:

A global powerhouse, the Jessica brand of nail care from Jessica Cosmetics International is available in more than 35 countries at the finest salons, spas and retailers and at www.jessicacosmetics.com. Jessica Vartoughian–founder and creator of Jessica Cosmetics–”The First Lady of Nails” by the New York Times and “Manicurist to the Stars” by Vogue. Her complete colour and treatment line has been designed to promote healthy, beautiful nails.