OPI Soft Shades Collection 2016




Let me start by saying that I went a little crazy with the cuticle oil when I was swatching this collection. Recently I found a lot of my favorite cuticle oil on ebay, and I have been basically bathing in it. In case you are wondering what my favorite cuticle oil is, I’ll let you know: Nicole by OPI Oil To Go. I don’t know if you have ever used it, but it’s the best cuticle oil out there and the scent is absolutely delicious. I did not realize my fingers were going to come out this darn shiny so I apologize. I am also still fidgeting with my lighting so all the swatches this week are off. I’m really annoyed by this but I was not about to re-swatch three full collections. Anyway, today I’ have the OPI Soft Shades Collection for 2016 to show you.  Let’s take a look at my swatches.

OPI It’s in the Clouds 1

OPI It’s in the Clouds 2

OPI It’s in the Clouds

OPI Stop It I’m Blushing! 1

OPI Stop It I’m Blushing! 2

OPI Stop It I’m Blushing!

OPI One Chic Chick 1

OPI One Chic Chick 2

OPI One Chic Chick 

OPI I Am What I Amethyst 1

OPI I Am What I Amethyst 2

OPI I Am What I Amethyst

OPI It’s A Boy! 1

OPI It’s A Boy! 2

OPI It’s A Boy!

OPI This Cost Me A Mint 1

OPI This Cost Me A Mint 2

OPI This Cost Me A Mint 

Ugh, these are so pretty! However, they were a little difficult to deal with formula-wise. When polishes are this light, it can be difficult to get a smooth color application. For these polishes, I found that applying three thin coats yielded better results than two thicker coats. I also found that floating the polish on the nail reduced the possibility of getting streaky results. For all of these polishes I applied three thin coats of polish and a coat of Seche Vite to smooh everything out. All of these shades are extremely delicate so if you like this type of shades, these are well worth picking up–just be advised that you’ll have to do three coats. What do you think of this collection? Are there any shades that you like or that you have picked up? Thanks for visiting today, and I will talk to you soon.

6 thoughts on “OPI Soft Shades Collection 2016

  1. Not my cut of tea at all – I like darker, pearlised colours – really don’t like pastels.

  2. I am happily surprised that these are opaque…I feel like their soft shades are usually kind of sheer.
    I am regular surprised that I disagree on the cuticle oil…I wasn’t a big fan of that one (although I agree that it smells delicious).

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