OPI Infinite Shine Spring Collection 2016




Woot! Happy Tuesday all. The first day back to work after a long weekend is always the worst, but I managed to pretty much veg all weekend long except for Saturday. I asked my brother and sil to bring over the kids so it was quite a day. Even though my mom took care of Jonas while Peanut and I went out, they were certainly a handful. Jonas is almost 4 months and is quite an animated little guy while Peanut just keeps getting bigger and smarter. I really can’t pull any Jedi mind tricks on him anymore. He got into my swatch box and kept asking what the bottles of color were. When I explained to him that it was nail polish and that you paint your nails with it, he kept asking: “I try it?” I’m not sure I should be letting him wear any nail polish so I told him it was for big kids. That usually ends the discussion with him since he uses that same line every time he doesn’t want something. Anyway…back to nail polish. Today I have yet another belated collection to show you: the OPI Infinite Shine Spring Collection for 2016. On with the swatches!


OPI It’s Pink P.M. 1

OPI It’s Pink P.M. 2

OPI It’s Pink P.M.

OPI Half Past Nude 1

OPI Half Past Nude 2

OPI Half Past Nude

OPI Sunrise to Sunset 1

OPI Sunrise to Sunset 2

OPI Sunrise to Sunset

OPI Rose Against Time 1

OPI Rose Against Time 2

OPI Rose Against Time

OPI Don’t Provoke the Plum! 1

OPI Don’t Provoke the Plum! 2

OPI Rose Against Time

OPI In Familiar Terra-tory 1

OPI In Familiar Terra-tory 2

OPI In Familiar Terra-tory

OPI Reach for the Sky 1

OPI Reach for the Sky 2

OPI Reach for the Sky 

OPI Olive for Green 1

OPI Olive for Green 2

OPI Olive for Green

Can we all just stop for a moment and admire Olive For Green? This color is legit my favorite green all year. It’s kind of ugly but kind of gorgeous at the same time. I had zero issues with this collection when it came to formula. For all my swatches above I used two coats of polish and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I really like the Infinite Shine formula and always end up using my usual base and top coat with them. I don’t see too much of a difference with longevity when I use the Infinite Shine base/top coats so I think you are safe to use whatever you feel most comfortable with. I also have a soft spot for Reach For The Sky and Rose Against Time. Overall, I’m really please with these shades and can see myself wearing quite a few of these over and over. I really hope that you like these shades as much as I do. Do you have any favorites? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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