Vintage Polish: Orly Satin Luxury

Well, I am sure that you are on pins and needles for the unveiling of my second #vintagepolishfriday right? RIGHT? To be honest, I have a bunch of super old polishes mostly because there are some massively awesome dusties in my area, and I like to hoard weird old stuff. I have talked about the old Orly Satin Hues polishes that I have purchased but I really didn’t recall wearing this one before until I checked my blog tags. Regardless, I decided to wear it again because it’s pretty and because I felt like it. Today’s oldie is Orly Satin Luxury.

DSCN5505DSCN5510It’s nearly impossible to find good information about this line of polishes. I’ve seen people say these are from early to mid 90’s. I have no idea. I contacted Orly eons ago hoping they would be able to give me some information but they pretty much ignored my email and social media inquiries so whatever. I always get a kick from seeing the huge old massive bottles that Orly used to have: .75 oz!!! I think this polish is absolutely gorgeous, but the formula is kind of bad–super thin and it will flood your cuticles like it’s nobody’s business. Despite having to apply 4 coats–yes, 4–I really love the color and the finish. Although the polish looks a little brush-strokey in my pictures, it’s not that noticeable in person. There are other colors from this line that have an amazing satin shimmer so I’ll definitely show some others at a later time.

So I hope that you liked today’s polish blast from the past. I am looking forward to sharing more of the oldies in my stash so don’t forget to check in next Friday. Also, other ladies may be participating in #vintagepolishfriday on Instagram so check out the hashtag for more vintage polish goodies. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Polish: Orly Satin Luxury

  1. So pretty, and love the vintage posts! As a rule I don’t wanna hafta do 4 coats, but I’ll make the occasional exception…

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