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Orly Satin Finesse – #vintagepolishfriday

Orly Satin Finesse – #vintagepolishfriday

What a busy week this has turned out to be! I took an extra day off this week since I had planned a bunch off Easter stuff with my nephews this weekend, but I’m still tired even though I had a short work week. One of the new things that I am planning to start is getting my butt to the gym. You don’t know how long I have put off going to the gym, but I am going to force myself to take the first step. Physically, I have been feeling terrible for a long time, but it seems like my close brush with death last year did not sufficiently motivate me. Seriously…what will it take? I guess that I am just tired of feeling bad and it’s depressing that feeling terrible is my normal. Anywho, I hope that this is my first step to a better me. As for today’s Vintage Polish Friday, I have another beautiful sating finish polish to share with you: Orly Satin Finesse. Let’s take a look at some swatches. Continue reading “Orly Satin Finesse – #vintagepolishfriday”

Orly Uniquely Satin – #vintagepolishfriday

Orly Uniquely Satin – #vintagepolishfriday

When I first started being a serious polish hoarder collector, one of my favorite things was finding beauty supply stores that are off the beaten path. Luckily, the area where I live is full of independent beauty supply stores and I quickly learned the ins and outs of these stores. A handful of them have closed and opened since I started collecting, so I ventured out further, even driving 2+hrs in search of the next great beauty supply. I have found a few that have new products as well as plentiful stock of old and discontinued polishes. In the last year, I had a lot of things going on that sucked the interest in nail polish out of me. Luckily, as you can see by my consistent posting, I’m back on track and hope to  visit some of these polish stores soon. During one of my outings, I discovered a bunch of old Orly polishes, one of them being Orly Uniquely Satin. Let me show you some swatches below before I tell you about the polish. Continue reading “Orly Uniquely Satin – #vintagepolishfriday”

Vintage Polish: Orly Satin Luxury

Vintage Polish: Orly Satin Luxury

Well, I am sure that you are on pins and needles for the unveiling of my second #vintagepolishfriday right? RIGHT? To be honest, I have a bunch of super old polishes mostly because there are some massively awesome dusties in my area, and I like to hoard weird old stuff. I have talked about the old Orly Satin Hues polishes that I have purchased but I really didn’t recall wearing this one before until I checked my blog tags. Regardless, I decided to wear it again because it’s pretty and because I felt like it. Today’s oldie is Orly Satin Luxury.

DSCN5505DSCN5510It’s nearly impossible to find good information about this line of polishes. I’ve seen people say these are from early to mid 90’s. I have no idea. I contacted Orly eons ago hoping they would be able to give me some information but they pretty much ignored my email and social media inquiries so whatever. I always get a kick from seeing the huge old massive bottles that Orly used to have: .75 oz!!! I think this polish is absolutely gorgeous, but the formula is kind of bad–super thin and it will flood your cuticles like it’s nobody’s business. Despite having to apply 4 coats–yes, 4–I really love the color and the finish. Although the polish looks a little brush-strokey in my pictures, it’s not that noticeable in person. There are other colors from this line that have an amazing satin shimmer so I’ll definitely show some others at a later time.

So I hope that you liked today’s polish blast from the past. I am looking forward to sharing more of the oldies in my stash so don’t forget to check in next Friday. Also, other ladies may be participating in #vintagepolishfriday on Instagram so check out the hashtag for more vintage polish goodies. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury

Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury




Hey, guess what? I had to get up at 5:00 am today so I could be at work at 6:00. I hate my life today.  I know I’ve mentioned a few times how much I hate waking up in the morning, and I honestly feel that I will never be a morning person because  I wake up absolutely pissed no matter how many hours I sleep. The one good thing about this is that I am in a nice air conditioned building while it is a million degrees outside.  Since I had the bad break on my pointer finger, I am going to be showing you some of the swatches that were in my pending folder—thank God for previous swatching fits! Until my nail grows out (which will take about 2-3 weeks), I will be posting swatches I did pre-break. I am expecting a couple of collections in the next week so I may just buckle down and do three finger swatches because I don’t want to get crazy behind on my reviews. Tomorrow I will be posting the Essie Winter Collection so I hope that the three finger swatches don’t bother you too much. I had asked this question on my Facebook page and most people didn’t seem to care too much. Personally, I can’t stand three finger swatches (and I’ve seen two AND one finger swatches!!!) because they just seem lazy. But hey, that’s just how I feel about what I post on my blog so everyone has the right to decide what works for them on their blog.Today I’m going to show you another HTF Orly polish from their discontinued Satin Hues line. I previously reviewed Uniquely Satin and totally loved it so let’s take a look at Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury.

Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 1Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 2Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 3While this isn’t a color that I would normally gravitate towards, Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury is just so unique that I can’t help loving it. It wants to look frosty, but I think that the satin finish keeps it from crossing into the abyss of frost city. The application can be a little tricky because it is prone to brushstrokes so I had to try not to go over the same spot twice. Unfortunately, the formula is super thin so I needed 4 coats for full opacity. I know…I know…ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, I had time for that and I will make more time for that when I wear this polish again.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of these Satin Hues, you may be able to find them on evilbay for a reasonable price. If you love older polishes and enjoy the pre three free formula fumes (am I the only one?!?!?!), these are definitely worth getting. I am also a big fan of collecting older looking bottles so I do love these  .75 oz Orly behemoths.  Well, I hope your weekend has been better than mine….and everything starts up all over again tomorrow. Being an adult sucks. And this sums up my sentiments about growing up in general:

Talk to you later!

Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin

Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin




I am on weather cloud 9 today. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day so I really have nothing to complain about. I had a pretty nice day so I’m trying to keep the good vibes going at least until the end of the week so I can really have a fun weekend. I’m not feeling super talky today so I’m just going to jump right into the polish talk. You may remember that about a month or so ago, I went on a polish shopping binge with Lesley. One of the places we went to was this massive warehouse that had so much polish I thought I was going to have a heart attack brought on by pure polish awesomeness. I am always drawn to old polishes so I had 5 shits when I saw a bunch of Orly Satin Hues. I already have a few that I love but had resigned myself to not having other colors. Well color me obsessed because I was able to add two more colors to my collection. Let’s take a look at Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin.

Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin 1Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin 2Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin 3Yes, this needed 3 pictures. I had about 10 pictures, but I figured that would be overkill. I was actually surprised by how much I liked this polish since I am such a fan of glossy and shiny cremes, but seriously: look at it and drool along with me. I felt it would be sacrilegious to topcoat this baby because the beautiful satin finish is what these polishes are all about. Orly Satin Hues Uniquely Satin is a very VERY sheer polish so I needed 4 coats for complete coverage, and I can honestly say that I would gladly do 4 coats again for a polish this lovely. The good part is that these bottles are so ginormous at .75 fl oz that you don’t have to worry about running out.

Let me know what you think about this polish: do you think it’s swoon-worthy? I seriously can’t wait to wear it again! Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you later.

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Orly Surreal Satin

Woot! Hump day! This Friday I find out if I have passed my training successfully. Believe it or not, people regularly fail out of the month-long training class so I’m definitely worried. I got some pretty great feedback today but it was pretty clear that if I made some major mistakes in the coming days, that could definitely affect my future employment. Uhm, talk about shitting my pants. I really want to think that everything is going to be ok, but I just can’t help being a major worrier. Honestly, at this point I feel that I have done all I can to get through so if it’s not enough, I can’t say that I wasn’t trying. Que será, será…

Ok, I don’t know why I thought Doris Day would make sense here, but my brain kind of liked it. Today I’m going to share with your some swatches that I did a few months ago and then they got lost in the drama of my laptop breaking down. Today I found them and thought that it was perfect timing since I’m still on my swatching hiatus. I really love finding old and discontinued polishes so when I found a bunch of Orly Satin Hues, I grabbed a bunch. I sold a lot of them during my blog sale but I do still have  a couple in my stash.  This is Orly Surreal Sation from their Satin Hues Collection.

Orly Surreal Satin Swatch

Is it just me or is this color a little strange. Orly Surreal Satin is kind of pink but coral-y…shimmery but satin-y. The formula on this is pretty decent as far as I can remember. I really like this Satin Hues line so it’s a bummer that they were discontinued. I have contacted Orly a few times to try to get a little more information about when this line originally came out but so far they have ignored me. Nice! Have you noticed how huge these bottles are? .75 fl. oz!!!! That’s insane huge compared to the .5 oz standard bottles of today…unless you’re one of those brands that think .33 fl. oz. is full size. I’m looking at you, Butter London and Nails Inc.

Orly Surreal Satin Nail Art

This is a definite disasticure, but I decided to post it anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking but this definitely does NOT look good. I think the black diagonal tips clash too much with the delicate hue of Surreal Satin, but I guess I shouldn’t hide the uglies!

Well, I am not going to really say much about Valentine’s Day since I don’t want to throw up. However, if you’re a fan of this “holiday,” I hope you have a nice day. As for me, I’ll be sitting in a corner cursing you all. Just kidding.

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Wish me luck when it comes to my job–I will definitely need it. Thanks for catching up with me today!

Orly Satin Hues – Satin Finesse

I went dusty hunting today. If you’re saying, “What else is new?” well, you’re probably right. I was looking for 2 particular polishes but didn’t find them. I know that some of those places might have had them but it was way too hot to be rummaging through their dust-filled displays. One of the places I went to barely had any room to walk around because they were doing a lot of stocking, and they didn’t seem to care that paying customers were trying to look at their products. This is fairly normal of Little Saigon.  There was also another woman (a customer) who came right up and stood in front of me while I was looking at a polish rack. Seriously? I wanted to punch her in the back of the head. So anyway, I went to about 4 dusties and ran across some interesting stuff. Today I’m going to show you a long discontinued polish from Orly. The Orly Satin Hues Collection is an older collection of satin/matte finish polishes with a little extra kick. They aren’t totally matte–hence the satin name. They have a really pretty sheen to them and look nice without top coat. Here is a look at Orly Satin Finesse:

Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse Swatch     Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse Swatch

I don’t have any reliable information about when this line came out or when it was discontinued, but it does seem pretty old. One of the first things I noticed is how ginormous the bottle is at .75 oz. I love purple nail polish so I knew I was going to like this one no matter what. Since it is a satin finish polish, you have to work quickly because it turns goopy pretty quickly. You can see some brush strokes which usually annoys me like hell, but they aren’t too bad.

And if you know me, you know that I always want to make everything shiny.

Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse Swatch with Top Coat      Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse Swatch with Top Coat

I think I just heard angels sing. THIS. IS. AMAZING.I love how the color became a little deeper and darker but brighter at the same time. Does that even make sense? I love, love, love this. And just for shits and giggles, I added some gold stars:

Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse with Top Coat And Glitter Gold Stars      Orly Satin Hues Satin Finesse with Top Coat And Glitter Gold Stars

I had been wanting to use these loose gold stars for a while now so I’m glad I finally did.

So what do you think of this polish? There were a few other colors (including a yellow!!!) that I didn’t get because I wanted to see what the formula was like. I am happy to report that it was not problematic even though it was a little on the thin and watery side. Despite that, it builds up nicely. Will I be going back to get the other colors? You betcha!

So what has been going on with you? Any cool polish finds to report? Thanks for stopping by and catch you later, gator.