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Orly Surreal Satin

Woot! Hump day! This Friday I find out if I have passed my training successfully. Believe it or not, people regularly fail out of the month-long training class so I’m definitely worried. I got some pretty great feedback today but it was pretty clear that if I made some major mistakes in the coming days, that could definitely affect my future employment. Uhm, talk about shitting my pants. I really want to think that everything is going to be ok, but I just can’t help being a major worrier. Honestly, at this point I feel that I have done all I can to get through so if it’s not enough, I can’t say that I wasn’t trying. Que será, será…

Ok, I don’t know why I thought Doris Day would make sense here, but my brain kind of liked it. Today I’m going to share with your some swatches that I did a few months ago and then they got lost in the drama of my laptop breaking down. Today I found them and thought that it was perfect timing since I’m still on my swatching hiatus. I really love finding old and discontinued polishes so when I found a bunch of Orly Satin Hues, I grabbed a bunch. I sold a lot of them during my blog sale but I do still have  a couple in my stash.  This is Orly Surreal Sation from their Satin Hues Collection.

Orly Surreal Satin Swatch

Is it just me or is this color a little strange. Orly Surreal Satin is kind of pink but coral-y…shimmery but satin-y. The formula on this is pretty decent as far as I can remember. I really like this Satin Hues line so it’s a bummer that they were discontinued. I have contacted Orly a few times to try to get a little more information about when this line originally came out but so far they have ignored me. Nice! Have you noticed how huge these bottles are? .75 fl. oz!!!! That’s insane huge compared to the .5 oz standard bottles of today…unless you’re one of those brands that think .33 fl. oz. is full size. I’m looking at you, Butter London and Nails Inc.

Orly Surreal Satin Nail Art

This is a definite disasticure, but I decided to post it anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking but this definitely does NOT look good. I think the black diagonal tips clash too much with the delicate hue of Surreal Satin, but I guess I shouldn’t hide the uglies!

Well, I am not going to really say much about Valentine’s Day since I don’t want to throw up. However, if you’re a fan of this “holiday,” I hope you have a nice day. As for me, I’ll be sitting in a corner cursing you all. Just kidding.

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Wish me luck when it comes to my job–I will definitely need it. Thanks for catching up with me today!