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Today kind of flew by and that means the end of my long weekend. I wish I had a few more days off to just be lazy, but I guess being able to pay the bills is more important, right? I know tomorrow is going to be cray cray at work, but at least the day will go by quickly. So this weekend I did some insane amount of swatching, and one of the collections that I swatched is the China Glaze All Aboard Collection for Fall 2014. Normally I break up my posts into two since traditionally China Glaze puts out two six piece sets for their seasonal collections, but today I just decided to post everything together. I’m kind of super excited about this collection because it might just be a Renaissance for China Glaze since I’ve been so disappointed in recent times with some of the collections they have put out. Even the fact that this is a train inspired collection appeals to me because I absolutely adore trains. When I was in France, I always took the train everywhere. My favorite thing to do was get on the train at 7 pm and I’d arrive in Florence early the next morning. It was magical! I have quite a few train stories but I won’t get in to that right now because I’ll never get to the polishes. Before I start blabbing away, let me show you what I’m talking about.

China Glaze All Aboard 1China Glaze All Aboard 2China Glaze All Aboard

China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You 1China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You 2China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You

China Glaze Conduct Yourself 1China Glaze Conduct Yourself 2China Glaze Conduct Yourself

China Glaze Don't Get Derailed 1China Glaze Don't Get Derailed 2China Glaze Don’t Get Derailed

China Glaze Loco-motive 1 over What Are You A-freight OfChina Glaze Loco-motive 2 over What Are You A-freight OfChina Glaze Loco-motive (over What Are You A-freight Of?)

China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage 1China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage 2China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage

China Glaze Mind The Gap 1China Glaze Mind The Gap 2China Glaze Mind The Gap

China Glaze One Track Mind 1China Glaze One Track Mind 2China Glaze One Track Mind

China Glaze Nice Caboose 1China Glaze Nice Caboose 2China Glaze Nice Caboose

China Glaze Stop That Train! 1China Glaze Stop That Train! 2China Glaze Stop That Train!

China Glaze Well Trained 1China Glaze Well Trained 2China Glaze Well Trained

China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of 1China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of 2China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of?

Holy polishgasm, Batman! Let me tell you something: this collection blew my socks off. It’s almost as perfect as the On Safari Collection from a couple of years ago–yes, it’s THAT good. I can honestly tell you that the only one I didn’t care for is Stop That Train! cause it’s kind of frosty and orange–ick! However, every other polish is just pure perfection. The cremes are fabulous and the shimmers are killer. I know that for most people, the stand-out shade will be Cho-Cho Choose You, and all I could think about when I wore it was this:

Hahaha! Ralph might just be my favorite Simpsons character–It’s so hard to pick just one! I do love Cho-Cho Choose You and also love Mind The Gap because it’s one of those ugly/pretty colors that always pull me in. The formula on all of these is fantastic–they all needed two coats and some of the cremes could be one coaters if you apply them carefully. I know I tend to be a little harsh with my China Glaze reviews sometimes, but it is only because I expect so much from the brand–they really were the first brand that pulled me in when my polish obsession began. From all the Fall collections I have seen, I think this is THE collection of the season. I’m sorry if this is causing stress to your bank accounts–well, not really cause if it wasn’t me, it would be someone else and I quite enjoy being part of the enabling circle of polish life. What do you think about these beauties? Are there any colors that you are going to pick up? Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you later!



14 thoughts on “China Glaze All Aboard Collection Fall 2014

  1. I have 5 from this collection already. I’m wearing Choo-Choo Choose You today. I also have Lug Your Designer Baggage and Mind the Gap. I completely agree about being drawn to those pretty/ugly shades. The other two I have are the microglitters you didn’t share. It’s a great collection! After seeing your swatches I think there are a couple more I’d like.

  2. I hhhaaattteee you. OMG, I hate you so much. I was waiting to see swatches before deciding which of these to buy other than Choo-Choo-Choose you…now I know the answer is ALL OF THEM (except the frosty orange). HOWEVER – if you say it’s the second coming of On Safari (which this blog ALSO enabled me to buy), it’ll be worth it. I bought that entire collection after seeing your posts and do not regret it even a smidge.
    While I was in SoCal, I ended up visiting one of my customers (it was unplanned, long story, but the point is that it happened). I was talking to my boss about reimbursing my friend for her mileage and she said they’d pay half of my airfare, too. SCORE! What’s bad is I immediately think, “Hmm…I could use that to buy All Aboard. I shouldn’t…but I could…and I probably will.” WTF is even wrong with me? LOL.
    Also: I want two other fall collections (plus a few other polishes), but this one now beat the pants off of them. Also again: I’m currently really crushing on Nice Caboose and Well Trained, but they’re all fab (except aforementioned frosty orange, haha).

      1. How does cho-cho choose you compare to this years Zoya fall collection: yuma? They look smiliar to me for some reason.

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