KBShimmer un-Staple – PPU May 2018

I fell off the wagon in the last month or so and have been overspending which completely messed up my budget. I feel pretty bad about it–enough that I skipped PPU in April. I had so many polishes on my want list that I knew if I bought one, I would buy them all so I had to lay low for those few days until I made it past the debilitating temptation. Well, I know I will not be that lucky in May because I already have a few polishes on my list that I refuse to pass on. I even have a list going for some of my co-workers! For May, the theme is the 90’s so you know it’s going to be good! KBShimmer has a ridiculously fun and gorgeous polish planned inspired by the movie Office Space. Let me show you some swatches of KBShimmer un-Staple before I let you know what I think.



KBShimmer Un-staple

KBShimmer Un-staple

KBShimmer Un-staple

Here is a little description from KBShimmer:

Milton is my favorite. His unabashed love of his stapler, his bumbling ways, and the ultimate revenge at the end make him the true hero of Office Space. So when PPU decided on a 90’s theme, I knew this 1999 movie was going to be my inspiration! I can just picture Milton, sitting at his monotone desk in shades of gray, blue and beige, with that one pop of color, his red stapler stealing the show. This polish pays homage to Milton with this deepened blue leaning slate jelly base. Micro holo flakes had a touch of shine, while red copper shimmer inspires all of us that want a red stapler too.


KBShimmer Un-staple

KBShimmer Un-staple


And just because I’ve been a stamping fool lately, I did a little gold stamping on top of it. I think it looks really good! Being such a fan of the movie Office Space, I loved the inspiration. Milton was such a funny character in the movie and Christy nailed the inspiration. I have always wanted a red stapler to use at work and actually bought myself one just to laugh about it. The formula on this polish was beautiful only needing two coats for full opacity, but could you really expect any less from KBShimmer? If you’re interested in purchasing this polish, don’t forget to mark your calendars and head on over to polishpickup.com. PPU will run from 5/4-5/7 and this polish will retail for $10 with no caps. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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KBShimmer un-Staple KBShimmer un-Staple KBShimmer un-Staple KBShimmer un-Staple

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