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LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013

LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013




I feel like I was born old. Even as a kid, I gravitated towards watching older films. I loved the old Hollywood  films with their smoky and dramatic allure and don’t even get me started on the leading men: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable…ahhh, be still my beating heart! Along with the leading men of that time, the leading ladies epitomized the definition of beauty, mystery and allure.  The collection I have for you today draws its inspiration from some of the loveliest actresses of their time: Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Let’s take a look at the LCN Charade Collection for Fall 2013.

LCN Audrey 1LCN Audrey 2LCN Audrey which is a beautiful olive green with gold shimmer. I was a total sad panda when I realized that the gold shimmer isn’t very visible on the nail, but you can still catch a fleck here and there.  The formula on this polish is great as it is creamy and pigmented so 2 coats were enough for full opacity.

What is your Tiffany’s?


LCN Rita 1LCN Rita 2LCN Rita is a lovely gold-leaning yellow. As you may know, I do love yellow polish so I am always excited to add another shade to my collection. I always start out with trepidation when trying a new yellow polish because as we all know, the formula on yellows is known to be problematic.  I was pleasantly surprised by the formula on Rita. While it’s not perfect as it is a little streaky after the first coat, a second coat perfectly evens it out.

Wasn’t she just incredibly gorgeous?


LCN Marilyn 1LCN Marilyn 2Next up we have LCN Marilyn. This is another great LCN crème that is highly pigmented and super smooth with a crazy amount of shine. The formula is also great on this one and it could be a one coater with careful application.

And who could ever forget the most iconic Marilyn clip?


LCN Liz 1LCN Liz 2Liz Taylor was a timeless beauty, and I actually got to see and meet her! It’s a weird feeling to see such an icon in real life! LCN Liz is a gorgeous berry creme—you all know how I feel about crèmes. Application was a breeze as the formula is a buttery dream.

If you’ve never seen this movie, what are you waiting for?  Liz was amazing in this!!!

I also got a chance to use the Ultra Fast Dry Coat and it worked like a charm to add even more shine to my mani and it was dry in about a minute. I always love these small but gorgeous collections that LCN puts out.  All of these colors were great to work with, and I love the inspiration. Each polish in the LCN Charade Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now at the LCN Boutique. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of their announcements. Let me know what you think of this collection–any favorites? Thanks for stopping by today!