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LCN Industrial Innocence Collection

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection




How are you doing on this Friday? I’m just happy that the weekend is here so I can relax. This weekend will be kinda busy because I am celebrating three birthdays: my mom, my brother and one of my best friends! Yay to birthdays but poo to tax day. Are you like me and still haven’t filed your taxes? Yes, I know it’s irresponsible but dangit it’s a pain in my butt especially when you owe money to Uncle Sam. Oh well…what can you do about it when the only certainties in life are death and taxes? (According to Ben Franklin, anyway.) Today I have a collection to share with you that I unfortunately forgot about in my draft folders from hell. This is the LCN Industrial Innocence Collection.

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection White Walls 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection White Walls 2

LCN White Walls

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Wow 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Wow 2


LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Sharp As A Bullet 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Sharp As A Bullet 2

LCN Sharp As A Bullet

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Shiny Bricks and Steel 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Shiny Bricks and Steel 2

LCN Shiny Bricks and Steel

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Like A Wrecking Ball 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection Like A Wrecking Ball 2

LCN Like A Wrecking Ball

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection I Love Industrial Glam 1

LCN Industrial Innocence Collection I Love Industrial Glam 2

LCN I Love Industrial Glam

I don’t know about you, but the LCN Industrial Innocence Collection seems kinda disjointed to me; all of these shades don’t seem to go together. I don’t really have anything negative to say about the formulation of these polishes because LCN has always been pretty on point when it comes to that, but the shades are nothing to get excited over. I particularly liked Like A Wrecking Ball and I Love Industrial Glam, but I have pretty close dupes from many brands already. For whatever reason, my camera was being super difficult the day I did these swatches so I apologize for the weird differences in my skin tone. Anway, I hope you have had a nice week and I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!


Brand: LCN

Price: $7.50 /8ml

Purchase: LCN Boutique



LCN Sweet Serenity Collection Winter 2014

LCN Sweet Serenity Collection Winter 2014




Wednesday down and two more days to go before the weekend is here again. Is it pathetic how much we look forward to our weekends? I am also looking forward to Halloween because it’s my nephew’s first Halloween, and I can’t wait to see him in his little costume. Guys, I just don’t know what to tell you today. I feel like all of the winter/holiday collection are letting me down with their sheer boringness. I don’t think boringness is a word but it’s fits perfectly in Cynthia World so let’s just use it, ok? Normally I completely adore everything that LCN puts out, but I just can’t say that about their latest collection. The LCN Sweet Serenity Collection for Winter 2014 is comprised of 4 shades that just don’t pique my interest, but let me show you what I’m talking about…

LCN Sweet Serenity 1LCN Sweet Serenity 2LCN Sweet Serenity

LCN Tender Lace 1LCN Tender Lace 2LCN Tender Lace

LCN We're Meant To Be 1LCN We're Meant To Be 2LCN We’re Meant To Be

LCN Delicious Me 1LCN Delicious Me 2LCN Delicious Me

 Is it just me? Am I not seeing something in this collection? I don’t find that the colors go well together and that brown just looks ghastly on me. The collection’s namesake polish also looks terrible on me and the color is just not something I would ever think of wearing again. It’s a shame because I like the soft matte finish–maybe if it was more pink? Tender Lace is really pretty but boy is it patchy–it needed 4 coats to even it out! The last color, Delicious Me, is nice and the formula was not problematic but it’s not that interesting. I’m sad about this collection–like super sad! It has definitely been an off year for winter/holiday collections and this one is no exception. What do you think about this collection? I am very interested in hearing what you think. Thanks for the visit today, and I will talk to you soon.

LCN Homecoming Collection – Winter 2013

LCN Homecoming Collection – Winter 2013




Let the Thanksgiving gluttony begin! Today we had a Thanksgiving luncheon at work and we stuffed our faces with trip tip, delicious carb-loaded sides and way too many desserts. Whatever happened to my diet, you ask? Erm…what diet? Anyway, it was fun to fart around with my colleagues for a few hours today. As I’m getting ready for Thursday’s cook-a-thon (I swear I wrote cock-a-thon like 4 times), I have a short but sweet collection to share with you: the LCN Homecoming Collection for Winter 2013.

LCN Knitting Wool 1LCN Knitting Wool 2Fist up we have LCN Knitting Wool. This is a mild creamy yellow that applies a little streaky but it builds up nicely. I always expect streak city with these types of colors so I was pleasantly surprised that it looked good with two coats.

LCN Home Sweet Home 1LCN Home Sweet Home 2I love all the gorgeous and inky blues that have come out this Fall/Winter, so LCN Home Sweet Home is definitely a great color to add to your collection. This color is so pigmented that it could almost be a one coater but I think it does need that second coat. It dries super glossy and best of all: it doesn’t stain!

LCN Chocolate Fudge 1LCN Chocolate Fudge 2LCN Chocolate Fudge made me a little hungry. This looks so delicious! It’s a very rich brown that fits in well with the season. The formula was very pigmented and super buttery.

LCN Berry Punch 1LCN Berry Punch 2And lastly we have LCN Berry Punch. It’s a pretty magenta shimmer that has some duochrome type of effect when you look at the bottle. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about this color, but it is pretty.

Overall, I find this collection to be nice but a little uninspired. The colors aren’t really exciting, but the formula on all of these is pretty fantastic which is what I have come to expect from LCN. Each polish in the LCN Homecoming Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now at the LCN Boutique. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of their announcements. Are you over these Winter collections? Let me know what you think!

LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013

LCN Charade Collection – Fall 2013




I feel like I was born old. Even as a kid, I gravitated towards watching older films. I loved the old Hollywood  films with their smoky and dramatic allure and don’t even get me started on the leading men: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable…ahhh, be still my beating heart! Along with the leading men of that time, the leading ladies epitomized the definition of beauty, mystery and allure.  The collection I have for you today draws its inspiration from some of the loveliest actresses of their time: Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Let’s take a look at the LCN Charade Collection for Fall 2013.

LCN Audrey 1LCN Audrey 2LCN Audrey which is a beautiful olive green with gold shimmer. I was a total sad panda when I realized that the gold shimmer isn’t very visible on the nail, but you can still catch a fleck here and there.  The formula on this polish is great as it is creamy and pigmented so 2 coats were enough for full opacity.

What is your Tiffany’s?


LCN Rita 1LCN Rita 2LCN Rita is a lovely gold-leaning yellow. As you may know, I do love yellow polish so I am always excited to add another shade to my collection. I always start out with trepidation when trying a new yellow polish because as we all know, the formula on yellows is known to be problematic.  I was pleasantly surprised by the formula on Rita. While it’s not perfect as it is a little streaky after the first coat, a second coat perfectly evens it out.

Wasn’t she just incredibly gorgeous?


LCN Marilyn 1LCN Marilyn 2Next up we have LCN Marilyn. This is another great LCN crème that is highly pigmented and super smooth with a crazy amount of shine. The formula is also great on this one and it could be a one coater with careful application.

And who could ever forget the most iconic Marilyn clip?


LCN Liz 1LCN Liz 2Liz Taylor was a timeless beauty, and I actually got to see and meet her! It’s a weird feeling to see such an icon in real life! LCN Liz is a gorgeous berry creme—you all know how I feel about crèmes. Application was a breeze as the formula is a buttery dream.

If you’ve never seen this movie, what are you waiting for?  Liz was amazing in this!!!

I also got a chance to use the Ultra Fast Dry Coat and it worked like a charm to add even more shine to my mani and it was dry in about a minute. I always love these small but gorgeous collections that LCN puts out.  All of these colors were great to work with, and I love the inspiration. Each polish in the LCN Charade Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now at the LCN Boutique. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of their announcements. Let me know what you think of this collection–any favorites? Thanks for stopping by today!

LCN Shades Of Desert Collection

LCN Shades Of Desert Collection




It’s Tuesday and I am kind of super excited because I have tomorrow off. Woooooot! I am going to try to get all my errands done today so I can have a completely lazy day tomorrow full of swatching fun. There are days when I love blogging and other days when I feel like it’s a second job. Those of you who blog will understand this because the amount of time we spend on blogging is crazy, but I stick with it because I really do love it for the most part. I have met a lot of great people through this blogging adventure so I’m going to keep at it while it’s fun.

Today I have an amazing collection to share with you: LCN Shades of Desert Collection for Summer 2013. This collection is so bright and gorgeous that I was itching to get these colors on my nails. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

LCN Blue Oasis 1

LCN Blue Oasis 2

I decided to show you LCN Blue Oasis first because it is my absolute favorite from this collection. It pained me to remove this color in order to swatch the rest. I want to mention that i had very minor staining with this polish, but I didn’t wear a base coat. I only needed two smooth coats for full coverage.

LCN Fiery Cumin 1

LCN Fiery Cumin 2

LCN Fiery Cumin made me this of terra cotta…but more orange. Isn’t it like that Crayola crayon called Burnt Orange? Man, I used to love coloring when I was a kid. I was so OCD about my crayons too so I would always have to keep them nice and sharpened. In kindergarten, this boy who used to bug me a lot would eat crayons and then show me how the wax was stuck to his teeth–yuck! Anyway, I didn’t think that I would like Fiery Cumin that much, but it’s another ugly/pretty color. It’s pumpkinlicious!

LCN Hot Chili 1

LCN Hot Chili 2

LCN Hot Chili has a jelly-esque quality to it so it shows some VNL after two coats. This color isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s glossy, smooth and squishy. Two thumbs up!LCN Pink Pepper 1

LCN Pink Pepper 2

I think that hot pink is starting to be MY color so I was psyched to see another amazing pink in this collection. LCN Pink Pepper is a richly pigmented and smooth creme–the stuff my polish wet dreams are made of. Do I have a lot of hot pinks? Yes. Do I want more? YES!!!

I think that what makes this collection a winner for me is the fact that while the colors aren’t exactly unique, the formula is completely amazing and all the colors go so well together.  Don’t you just love perfectly cohesive collections? It’s like there was thought put into it instead of just randomly throwing a bunch of colors together. You can purchase these beauties at the LCN Boutique, and you can get free shipping by usind the code 7WDKJJ which is valid until August 15, 2013.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and don’t forget to let me know which color is your personal favorite. Talk to you soon!


Each polish in the LCN Shades of Desert Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now on the LCN Boutique. Inspired by the bold, colorful hues of the Orient, this quad of jewel-toned hues embodies all of the luxury and mystery that is the Far east.

LCN Blossom Sorbet Collection Spring 2013

You have no idea how happy I am that it’s Tuesday now. Mondays are the absolute worst in my opinion because you have the whole week ahead of you to get through before you can get some rest again and enjoy the weekend. I didn’t get a chance to do most of the stuff that I wanted to do this past weekend, but I did get all of my posts done for the week so that’s a huge accomplishment. Well, I got the manicures done and photographed which is the hardest part of putting a post together in my opinion. I definitely don’t want my blog to fall by the wayside now that I have started working because this little outlet is so important to  me–it keeps me sane! I received this pretty little set about 2 weeks ago right when I started working so I didn’t get a chance to swatch and post it since I got so freaking sick. Are you ready for another shot of Spring? This is the LCN Blossom Sorbet Collection for Spring 2013.

LCN Blossom Sorbet Spring 2013


LCN Soft Daisy Swatch

LCN Soft Daisy is the color I was most excited about when I opened up this set. What is it with me and yellow polishes lately? I really wanted this one to work for me but the formula was just so streaky. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this is the norm for yellows. Despite the formula issues, I do love the color–it’s like a little more yellow than Illamasqua Load which is like my new favorite polish.

LCN Lilac Blossom Swatch

LCN Lilac Blossom….ahhhh so purty! The formula on this one was much better and more in line with what I expect from LCN. If you haven’t tried their polishes yet, I can’t rave enough about their buttery cremes. I think this looks more periwinkle than lilac but either way, it’s a gorgeous color.

LCN I Love Mint Swatch

LCN I Love Mint is the staple minty green polish that seems to crop up every Spring. Incredibly, I never get sick of all the various versions of this color and I know that most of you also can’t get enough of this type of color. The formula was nice and buttery!

LCN Vintage Rose Swatch

And lastly, LCN Vintage Rose is my surprise favorite.  I don’t know about you, but this does not look like a rose color. I guess I was expecting it to have more pink in it, but it’s definitely more peachy…almost cantaloupe with some pink tones to it. Again, the formula was great.

So what are your thoughts on these shades? I don’t think they’re like super original, but I do love this cute little cohesive set. The colors are pretty and spring appropriate for sure. You can check out these polishes and more over at the LCN Boutique.

Are you ready for all these Spring shades?  I sure am! Don’t forget to enter the TWO giveaways that I am running right now! Enter my giveaway for a bottle of Silly Lily Polish Bunny Eggs here and enter to win a set of OPI Euro Centrale Minis here. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!





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LCN Mystique Burlesque Collection Holiday 2012

Guess what? I have another pretty holiday collection to share with you today. The LCN Mystique Burlesque Collection is perfect for the holidays with its richly saturated jewel tones that will definitely demand attention. The formula on all of these polishes was pretty consistent: smooth and opaque. The first coat appears deceivingly thin, but the second coat completely covers the nail. I find jewel toned polishes incredibly difficult to photograph so bear with me. I’ll stop blabbing now and show you the swatches.

LCN Green Emerald Swatch          LCN Green Emerald Swatch

Green Emerald

LCN Ruby Red Swatch          LCN Ruby Red Swatch

Ruby Red

LCN Violet Amethyst Swatch          LCN Violet Amethyst Swatch

Violet Amethyst

LCN Blue Sapphire Swatch          LCN Blue Sapphire Swatch

Blue Sapphire

This is such a beautiful and cohesive festive collection. These colors are not for the faint of heart: they are deep, saturated and outrageously season appropriate. Every time I look at Blue Sapphire, I thinking of doing one of those pretty snowflake manicures. As as I said in my previous review of the LCN Urban Expressions Collection, the price for these polishes is my only reservation because they are $7.50 for an 8ml bottle. You can also purchase these 4 polishes in one of their trend boxes for $29.90 at the LCN Boutique.

What do you think of this collection? Do you have a favorite color? Thanks for stopping by and talk to you later!

**These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**

LCN Urban Expressions Collection Fall 2012

For all of you rabid neutrals fans, you are going to love this. Even if you don’t normally gravitate towards neutral colors, I think that this cohesive set of four buttery neutrals is going to impress you. The LCN Urban Expressions Collection was released for Fall 2012 and brings us 4 polishes that showcase the chic sophistication of some of the most exciting fashion capitals of the world.  Are you ready to see the polishes and which city inspired each shade?

LCN Paris Chic Swatch          LCN Paris Chic Swatch

Paris Chic is described as a nougat beige, and I think it is a very apt description. Out of the 4 polishes in the set, I found that Paris Chic had a difficult formula. It might have just been a fluke since the other three were great, but this one was very thick and applied very streaky. Once I added a few drops of thinner, it was MUCH better. I normally don’t like to thin bran new polish, but sometimes you have to make an exception.

LCN London Glam Swatch          LCN London Glam Swatch

London Glam is a slightly pink leaning gray which is a color that I always seem to be attracted to in all its infinite variations. I think that it is one of those shades that is work appropriate yet it is not boring whatsoever. The formula on this one was great–buttery and opaque at two coats.

LCN New York Beat Swatch          LCN New York Beat Swatch

New York Beat is definitely my favorite shade from this collection. It’s such a gorgeous smokey gray-green that I defy anyone to tell me it’s not current and fresh. It reminds me a bit of Essie School Of Hard Rocks but it is less green and more gray. Still, it’s a great shade with a great formula as well.

LCN Tokyo Expressions Swatch          LCN Tokyo Expressions Swatch

And lastly, here we have Tokyo Expressions. Could this collection really be complete without a creamy slightly blue-leaning gray? I can see myself wearing this color through fall and through winter because it has that steel

As a creme polish lover, I absolutely love this small collection. I like all the colors and the formula was great (well, except for Paris Chic). The LCN Urban Expressions Collection is available now on the LCN Website. One thing I would like to mention is that these polishes run pretty small at 8ml. each and sell for $7.50 each or $29.90 for the quad. Have you tried any LCN products before? Which is your favorite color of the 4? I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks for catching up with me today and talk to you later.


**These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**