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LCN Shades Of Desert Collection

LCN Shades Of Desert Collection




It’s Tuesday and I am kind of super excited because I have tomorrow off. Woooooot! I am going to try to get all my errands done today so I can have a completely lazy day tomorrow full of swatching fun. There are days when I love blogging and other days when I feel like it’s a second job. Those of you who blog will understand this because the amount of time we spend on blogging is crazy, but I stick with it because I really do love it for the most part. I have met a lot of great people through this blogging adventure so I’m going to keep at it while it’s fun.

Today I have an amazing collection to share with you: LCN Shades of Desert Collection for Summer 2013. This collection is so bright and gorgeous that I was itching to get these colors on my nails. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

LCN Blue Oasis 1

LCN Blue Oasis 2

I decided to show you LCN Blue Oasis first because it is my absolute favorite from this collection. It pained me to remove this color in order to swatch the rest. I want to mention that i had very minor staining with this polish, but I didn’t wear a base coat. I only needed two smooth coats for full coverage.

LCN Fiery Cumin 1

LCN Fiery Cumin 2

LCN Fiery Cumin made me this of terra cotta…but more orange. Isn’t it like that Crayola crayon called Burnt Orange? Man, I used to love coloring when I was a kid. I was so OCD about my crayons too so I would always have to keep them nice and sharpened. In kindergarten, this boy who used to bug me a lot would eat crayons and then show me how the wax was stuck to his teeth–yuck! Anyway, I didn’t think that I would like Fiery Cumin that much, but it’s another ugly/pretty color. It’s pumpkinlicious!

LCN Hot Chili 1

LCN Hot Chili 2

LCN Hot Chili has a jelly-esque quality to it so it shows some VNL after two coats. This color isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s glossy, smooth and squishy. Two thumbs up!LCN Pink Pepper 1

LCN Pink Pepper 2

I think that hot pink is starting to be MY color so I was psyched to see another amazing pink in this collection. LCN Pink Pepper is a richly pigmented and smooth creme–the stuff my polish wet dreams are made of. Do I have a lot of hot pinks? Yes. Do I want more? YES!!!

I think that what makes this collection a winner for me is the fact that while the colors aren’t exactly unique, the formula is completely amazing and all the colors go so well together.  Don’t you just love perfectly cohesive collections? It’s like there was thought put into it instead of just randomly throwing a bunch of colors together. You can purchase these beauties at the LCN Boutique, and you can get free shipping by usind the code 7WDKJJ which is valid until August 15, 2013.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and don’t forget to let me know which color is your personal favorite. Talk to you soon!


Each polish in the LCN Shades of Desert Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now on the LCN Boutique. Inspired by the bold, colorful hues of the Orient, this quad of jewel-toned hues embodies all of the luxury and mystery that is the Far east.