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Wednesday down and two more days to go before the weekend is here again. Is it pathetic how much we look forward to our weekends? I am also looking forward to Halloween because it’s my nephew’s first Halloween, and I can’t wait to see him in his little costume. Guys, I just don’t know what to tell you today. I feel like all of the winter/holiday collection are letting me down with their sheer boringness. I don’t think boringness is a word but it’s fits perfectly in Cynthia World so let’s just use it, ok? Normally I completely adore everything that LCN puts out, but I just can’t say that about their latest collection. The LCN Sweet Serenity Collection for Winter 2014 is comprised of 4 shades that just don’t pique my interest, but let me show you what I’m talking about…

LCN Sweet Serenity 1LCN Sweet Serenity 2LCN Sweet Serenity

LCN Tender Lace 1LCN Tender Lace 2LCN Tender Lace

LCN We're Meant To Be 1LCN We're Meant To Be 2LCN We’re Meant To Be

LCN Delicious Me 1LCN Delicious Me 2LCN Delicious Me

 Is it just me? Am I not seeing something in this collection? I don’t find that the colors go well together and that brown just looks ghastly on me. The collection’s namesake polish also looks terrible on me and the color is just not something I would ever think of wearing again. It’s a shame because I like the soft matte finish–maybe if it was more pink? Tender Lace is really pretty but boy is it patchy–it needed 4 coats to even it out! The last color, Delicious Me, is nice and the formula was not problematic but it’s not that interesting. I’m sad about this collection–like super sad! It has definitely been an off year for winter/holiday collections and this one is no exception. What do you think about this collection? I am very interested in hearing what you think. Thanks for the visit today, and I will talk to you soon.

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