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Well hello there! How was your Thanksgiving? (I’m assuming that you’re American, here.) Mine was really nice despite the ham/car mishap that I had. Since I don’t eat turkey, I made a ham for Thanksgiving dinner. I was driving so carefully on my way to my brother’s house and then I took a sharp turn…which made all the ham juices fly out of my dish. My car now smells like glazed ham, but I guess it could be worse. Despite that, we had a really great time with a lot of friends and family. I ended up taking an extra day off so today is my first day back to work since last Wednesday. It’s so hard to go back to work after a short break–it sucks being an adult. Anywho, today I’m here to show you my swatches of the China Glaze Seas and Greetings Collection for Holiday 2016. Holiday, you say? You must be mistaken, you say. Now, now…don’t get all worked up about the lack of true seasonal colors or even a holiday vibe from this collection. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.



China Glaze Eat Pink Be Merry



China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate



China Glaze Sand In My Mistletoes



China Glaze Snow Way



China Glaze Good Tide-ings



China Glaze Joy To The Waves



China Glaze Partridge In A Palm Tree



China Glaze Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish



China Glaze Seas and Greetings



China Glaze ‘Tis The Sea-sun



China Glaze Warm Wishes



China Glaze The More The Berrier

I’m torn here because I do like some of these shades quite a bit, but I just don’t get holiday from this collection. I do think there is a cute play on words for this collection and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if these shades weren’t part of a holiday collection. I’m used to seeing tons of glitters, sparkle and jewel tones from China Glaze, but this year they just went another direction. My picks from this collection are: Seas and Greetings, Warm Wishes, Good Tide-ings and Snow Way. I’m sad that you can really see the gorgeous shimmer in Snow Way from my pictures but I promise it’s there. In fact, it’s the white equivalent of Pearl Jammin’. I really did not care for Partridge In A Pear Tree because it’s  difficult to work with due to the matte formula. I think the color is beautiful, but the formula not so much. Now for some details on where you can get these shades: Ulta will not be carrying this collection in stores or online. Sally Beauty will be carrying six shades from this collection in stores; the complete collection will be available online at  These will be sold in stores:

·         ‘Tis the Sea-Sun

·         The More, The Berrier

·         Seas and Greetings

·         Let’s Shell-ebrate

·         Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish

·         Joy to the Waves

So what do you think about this collection? Are there any shades that you interested in? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

34 thoughts on “China Glaze Seas and Greetings Collection Holiday 2016

  1. I think it’s a really beautiful collection! It’s sort of a “Holiday by the Sea” theme… spending Christmas somewhere warm and Tropical:-)

  2. “Ham/car mishap,” lol. I didn’t know you don’t eat turkey!
    Dude, it was SO HARD to go back to work after four days off…and I started getting a cold right at that same time. Ah, life, lol.
    I’m not dying over having to have these, but I don’t mind that it’s not the “usual” China Glaze holiday collection. Strange how they are retailing it, though.

  3. I really liked this collection, and I love that China Glaze is willing to step outside the box when other mainstreams wont… but it did leave me wishing for some more jewel tones.

  4. I personally love the take China Glaze took this year, but then I’m a beach person anyway so it just suits me. At least The More the Berrier is true to the usual holiday vibe!

  5. I don’t think I will ever get over how gorgeous your swatches have always been! One of my favorite nail blogs! Also, I definitely get the whole “holiday by the sea vibe” here like others have stated. I’m thinking they didn’t want to just go with the “typical” holiday colors that everyone else goes to this time of the year.

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