LCN Urban Expressions Collection Fall 2012

For all of you rabid neutrals fans, you are going to love this. Even if you don’t normally gravitate towards neutral colors, I think that this cohesive set of four buttery neutrals is going to impress you. The LCN Urban Expressions Collection was released for Fall 2012 and brings us 4 polishes that showcase the chic sophistication of some of the most exciting fashion capitals of the world.  Are you ready to see the polishes and which city inspired each shade?

LCN Paris Chic Swatch          LCN Paris Chic Swatch

Paris Chic is described as a nougat beige, and I think it is a very apt description. Out of the 4 polishes in the set, I found that Paris Chic had a difficult formula. It might have just been a fluke since the other three were great, but this one was very thick and applied very streaky. Once I added a few drops of thinner, it was MUCH better. I normally don’t like to thin bran new polish, but sometimes you have to make an exception.

LCN London Glam Swatch          LCN London Glam Swatch

London Glam is a slightly pink leaning gray which is a color that I always seem to be attracted to in all its infinite variations. I think that it is one of those shades that is work appropriate yet it is not boring whatsoever. The formula on this one was great–buttery and opaque at two coats.

LCN New York Beat Swatch          LCN New York Beat Swatch

New York Beat is definitely my favorite shade from this collection. It’s such a gorgeous smokey gray-green that I defy anyone to tell me it’s not current and fresh. It reminds me a bit of Essie School Of Hard Rocks but it is less green and more gray. Still, it’s a great shade with a great formula as well.

LCN Tokyo Expressions Swatch          LCN Tokyo Expressions Swatch

And lastly, here we have Tokyo Expressions. Could this collection really be complete without a creamy slightly blue-leaning gray? I can see myself wearing this color through fall and through winter because it has that steel

As a creme polish lover, I absolutely love this small collection. I like all the colors and the formula was great (well, except for Paris Chic). The LCN Urban Expressions Collection is available now on the LCN Website. One thing I would like to mention is that these polishes run pretty small at 8ml. each and sell for $7.50 each or $29.90 for the quad. Have you tried any LCN products before? Which is your favorite color of the 4? I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks for catching up with me today and talk to you later.


**These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**


13 thoughts on “LCN Urban Expressions Collection Fall 2012

  1. Thought process:
    Reads: “For all of you rabid neutrals fans…”
    Thinks: “Do those exist?”
    Reads: “Even if you don’t normally gravitate towards neutral colors, I think that this cohesive set of four buttery neutrals is going to impress you.”
    Thinks: “Alright, alright, I’ll give them a chance.”
    Verdict: You’re correct, they do not disappoint! I like that they are work-appropriate in a modern (not stale) way.

    1. LOL…believe it or not, there are plenty of people who ONLY like neutrals. I know…I know. But, I think that the days of us thinking that neutrals all have to be boring are long gone. This collection is just so pretty.

  2. Tokyo Expression is my absalute favourite of this collection. Add a little light glitter to one nail for an great evening look. LCN is such a great brand, they are always bang on trend. I have lined up their Ruby Red from their Mystique Burlesque collection for the christmas holiday season.

    1. I honestly really like this collection…it’s like all the colors compliment each other and I like how they look on me. These are the kinds of colors I would be wearing when I need to be a little conservative but don’t want to feel dull and boring.

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