31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 22: Galaxy Nails

Here we go again: another challenge I was not looking forward to. Last night I tried to recreate some amazing nebula nails that I had seen on Diane’s blog, Turbomagik, but they ended up looking like a hot mess so I had to regroup today and try something else. Well, they didn’t come out the way I imagined them but any time sponging is involved, I tend to find a way to mess it up. I started with Wet N’ Wild Blue Moon as my full nail color:

Wet N Wild Blue Moon Swatch          Wet N Wild Blue Moon Swatch

I love Blue Moon, but it is a little thin as you can tell from a few bald spots. I think that with three coats it would be fine but I stopped at 2 because I was going to sponge over it anyway.

Galaxy Nails          Galaxy Nails

I’m not wild about them, but they’re definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever done. Just take a look at some of my older posts and this will be a Renoir to you. haha! I used a little planet  stamp from Cheeky plate CH 45 but otherwise, I just used polish, a dotting tool and a sponge.

I am not that much of a fan of galaxy nails s0 I probably won’t be in a hurry to try this again any time soon. Before I forget, I have a funny story for you. Well, it’s funny to me anyway. Ever since I started my blog sale, I have been going to the post office a lot. I was there today to drop off a few orders, and I was waiting in line. One of the post office employees is really nice but there are 3 others that are total grumps. He was helping a guy who had to fill out a customs form so I thought he wasn’t going to take me until the guy was done. Then he looks at me and says: “I’m waiting for you.” I walk over to the counter and this was the conversation that ensued:

Me: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that you were ready to take someone new.”

Him: “I looked right at you and you just looked away…trying to play hard to get.”

Me: “Yeah, I just wanted someone different because you’re the meanest one here.”

Him: “Oh yeah? Sometimes people like it mean.”

Me: “Oh?”

Him: “Yeah. Some people like it mean. Some people like it rough.”

Me: “Ok…”

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I am in no way a prude, but his comments kind of shocked me especially because the other male customer who was filling out the form was still there and he was snickering and said: “Oh yeah!” hahaha Well, that’s my inappropriate story for the day.

What do you think of my galaxy nails? I’d love to hear what you think. Also, don’t forget to check out Nicole’s galaxy nails over at Polish Me, Please!

30 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 22: Galaxy Nails

  1. First of all…..*clears throat* you my dear seem to be the queen of sexuality so you had it coming (no pun intended….but Lmao!) That postal counter rep was Totally inappropriate (unless he’s cute) BuT chances are he’s old & lazy! Anyway, in my opinion his comments will not end there & possibly he’s been itching to “roughly” converse with you for a Long time. Dirty ‘ole bastard!

    1. LOL I can’t stop laughing after reading this comment. To tell you the truth, he is older (ok, so you may or may not know about me and older men) but he strikes me as one of those strange men that are a little clueless and say the first thing that comes to mind. He is always really playful with all of the customers so I think this was just a case of him being super inappropriate but not quite realizing just how inappropriate it really was. lol Since the blog sale is ongoing, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove or disprove your theory. hahaha

      1. Oh my goshhhhhh I have to jump in here because he said all that AND he’s older!! You’re in trouble, my friend. He is right up your alley or at least he wants to be! Ha!! Anyway- these nails are cool although I’m still not sold on galaxy nails. I like yours, and I like the little stamp thrown in there but idk I just can’t really get into galaxy nails. I’m not hating yours tho- they look good!! God that convo with the clerk is still making me giggle. That WOULD happen to you. Exactly like that. Next time- wear your tube dress :p
        Nicole recently posted..Day 22: Galaxy NailsMy Profile

        1. Excuse me, Nicole. I have said that I like OLDER men…not OLD men so I definitely don’t want him “up my alley”, thank you very much. I am also not a fan of galaxy nails–again, too busy for me. They look alright but really not my favorite challenge. Hahaha! No tube top dress…that is reserved for the UPS guy, remember?

  2. Tee hee to the postal worker? I have a coworker that is the same way. The old men love her because she is always “flirting” with them. They will wait in line and let others go ahead of them until she is able to help them. But it is not just the old men. When I would bring my 8 yr old son into the office she would tell him to save himself for her. One day as we were leaving he said “Mom, she knows she is too old for me, doesn’t she” My coworker loves that story! Some people are just “overly friendly”. Works for some I guess. I haven’t had the courage to try galaxy nails yet. I guess I’ll have to join a challenge to be inspired.

    1. Omg…that story about your son and your co-worker is too cute!! And per your email, I think it was all your fault that I got harassed since I was dropping off your package. hahaha! You should just go for it! I think that even once the challenge is done, I’m going to continue experimenting with different things. I need to branch out a little.

  3. oh God. I miss when I was young and single and these kind of conversation happened a lot. now I’m old and married.

    i love your nails, but I understand when you say you’re not in a hurry of trying it again soon. I did them once, not sure if I will repeat it on my nails
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Grunge “semi-fail”My Profile

    1. Well, I for one get a kick out of these conversations even if they are kinda creepy. He must be in his 50’s so it’s not exactly welcome. LOL Yeah, I think once was enough for me on the galaxy nail front. I don’t care to do them again unless I have a reason.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 You know, everyone kept saying that they would be insanely easy but they so were NOT! Yeah, he’s gotta quit that cause I don’t want it to get any more awkward. lol

  4. hahahahha! I am in no way prude either but I still dont know whta I would say if someone said that to me in public a random male stranger!! wow lol!!
    I LOVE these nails I think you did an awesome job, I wasnt a fan of Galaxy really still not either but when I did mine, they grew on me. till theblack chipped off that is… sigh but seriously these are gorgeous I love them!
    Amanda (mae) recently posted..New Blog Shop Nails availableMy Profile

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I was telling my friend about it tonight and she was seriously almost peeing her pants with laughter. In fact, I was telling her about it when we were having dinner, and I think the people at the next table overheard us because they were laughing too. It’s really kinda gross and creepy. I dunno what else to say about it. LOL

  5. So I’m not a prude, either, and have had my fair share of inappropriate conversations with way-too-old men (back when I started my job in my early 20s and was quite the novelty), but my mouth was literally hanging open reading that. Good God. The post office people can be kinda difficult, but I’ve never heard anything like that there! I think my favorite part, though, is how you just put it out there that you were trying to avoid him because he’s the most difficult! I also literally laughed out loud reading you and Nicole’s exchange (of course!).
    The nails! They are galaxied. Hahaha…I’m too distracted by the post office story! I do think they look cool on you…like they’re very noticeable.
    I’ve been waffling on getting some stuff from your blog sale for quite some time. I’m telling myself to keep waiting and if the stuff’s still there, then it’s meant to be, haha.

    1. The more I think about it, the creepier it feels. My friend and I did karaoke tonight and she recorded me singing Don’t Stand So Close To Me which is my personal favorite The Police song to sing. She said it would be so fitting with my creepy old man luck lately. hahaha Eww…ewww….ewwww!

      I’m so not happy with my nails looking that busy. I probably won’t do galaxy nails again.

      1. I would’ve been like “dude, seriously? no.” but admittedly, it is kind of funny!!!
        I used to work in a sex shop so you get used to the weirdos in the world.
        I’m lucky, all our postal workers are old… or women… two are men, one is a grump and the other is a nice black man who i actually prefer going to… what scares me is the grump has now started smiling at me when i smile back as I’m always polite you know and it’s a scary smile…
        siobhan recently posted..31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 22: Inspired by a SongMy Profile

        1. Ok, now I have all sorts of questions. LMAO! I am not embarrassed to go to one of those shops but I’ve always been more of a sneaky online shopper. hahaha I have always imagined that you probably have tons of stories from working in a place like that.

          Yeah, I hope my postal clerk doesn’t get any freakier but if he does, at least I’ll have some good stories for the blog.

          1. LMAO i was only there for a month as the constant security was not nice. I struggled to get used to it as it felt like we were working in a jail.
            BUT that being said it was a bloody blast. The people are a hoot! You can immediately see the shy ones and how they blush constantly or whisper when they talk to you.
            My MOST embarrassing story was we had a guy come in who liked lesbo porn and the next day I was off so went with my CHICK friend to buy stuff and he thought I WAS LES… he was sooooo happy hey! Now every time i see him in town I run and hide because he looks at me so hahahahahahahahhahaha like he KNOWS my big secret!!!

            OH OH and then the guy that went on how he makes his own porn movies and doesn’t need to buy any and then made me go through practically all the porn with him hahahahahahaha… good times
            siobhan recently posted..31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26: Inspired by a patternMy Profile

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