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Although it’s not officially Summer yet, there have been quite a few hot days here in Southern California which put me in a horrible state of mind since I hate the heat so much and I hate June with all my heart. While the weather may still be acting wonky, one thing that I definitely like about this time of year is all the awesome collections that come out. I love bright and juicy colors so I was all excited about this OPI Neon Revolution Minis set. This time around, I ended up following the recommendation to use a white base to really make the colors pop and to have an opaque finish with 2-3 coats rather than with 5-6…or 10,000.




This set contains a white base, 4 neon polishes and a bottle of top coat. Let’s take a look at the colors…









Don’t Say It–Yellow It!—be still my yellow beating loving heart! This is a great yellow polish that would probably never look like this if you wore it on it’s own. I applied 3 coats here, and I like the coverage.








The Time Is Pow! is a great neon orange–formula-wise, it needed 3 coats for the coverage you see here.








I wasn’t expecting to like Pink Outside The Box as much as I do. In fact, this one ended up being my favorite polish in the set and it’s the most pigmented of them all. I only had to apply two coats here.








I am pretty sure everyone knows how much I like blues, so I was excited about Blue It Out Of Proportion. However, it was so streaky that I was super disappointed. I applied 4 coats here and it still looks streaky. Womp womp…they can’t all be winners.


Sorry about my clean up on these swatches. I ended up going a little acetone crazy with my clean up brush and ended up screwing up the edges by my cuticles. I didn’t even notice this until I  uploaded all my pictures–ugh! Anyway, I  liked this little set because it lets you try a bunch of colors without committing to a bunch of full sized polishes. While I’m not exactly a neon polish lover, these are nice and bright colors. This limited edition Neon Revolution mini set will be available beginning July 2013 at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and ulta.com for $19.95 ($24.95 CAN) suggested retail for each mini pack (includes all six products).


Let me know what you think of these colors. Are you a neon lover? Thanks for stopping by today!

14 thoughts on “OPI Neon Revolution Minis

  1. What a fun set?! The only thing that drives me bugs me is that ok so you’re supposed to use the white under the colors but the white is the same size as the colors. The ratio is all wrong!! Too bad about the blue tho- it does look streaky. I’d like a full bottle of that yellow and the orange tho!! Do you think these are just re-promotes of old polishes w new names? (I’m thinking yes) I wonder what the yellow and orange are….
    Nicole recently posted..Neon Rainbow Gradient NailsMy Profile

  2. DDDAAAMMMNNN these are BRIGHT!!! I like them all except the blue…I could tell it was kind of the turd of the bunch, hahaha.

  3. I love all the colours but as murphys law would have it the one I like the most is streaky! LOL but that yellow is a cozy one to cozy up to in place of the blue : )~

  4. I’m disappointed because the colors do not look like these pictures. They are streaky and the polish is not very thick.

  5. How can I order the Bright-Orange for my wife. The time is POW. What other BRIGHT-ORANGE do you have???

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