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Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze Collection

Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze Collection




Don’t you just love Fridays? Ahhh…I slept in big time this morning so it felt fantastic. I ended up going to bed around 2 am and woke up at 7 am but ended up lounging in bed until around 9:30 which felt kind of delicious. I haven’t been doing much besides taking a shower and watching a bunch of The Walking Dead episodes. I finally got a chance to write up my post for the Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze Collection which is what I will be sharing with you today. I always look forward to these Summer Wild Shine Collections even though they tend to be so hard to find for a lot of people. Remember the drama surrounding the Saved By The Bell Collection? Anyway, let’s take a look at my swatches:

Wet N Wild Ultra Violet 1Wet N Wild Ultra Violet 2Wet N Wild Ultra Violet is a nice lilac purple, but I have a million similar colors. However, for the $1 price tag, can you really say you don’t want it? The formula on this polish was nice and creamy, and I only needed two coats for full opacity.


Wet N Wild The Clock Strikes Orange 1Wet N Wild The Clock Strikes Orange 2I am not a huge fan of this type of orange polishes so Wet N Wild The Clock Strikes Orange wasn’t really a color I was excited to see. I think I would much rather use this color as a base for nail art because I’m not feeling it on its own. The formula was pretty sheer so I had to apply 3 thick coats for full coverage.


Wet N Wild Teal Slowly 1Wet N Wild Teal Slowly 2I don’t know on what planet Wet N Wild Teal Slowly would be considered teal, but I don’t care because it’s a gorgeous and bright sky blue. It was super pigmented so it only needed two coats.


Wet n Wild Stand The Test Of Lime 1Wet n Wild Stand The Test Of Lime 2Wet n Wild Stand The Test Of Lime was the sheerest polish in this collection so I had to apply 4 coats to make it look opaque. I think that wearing a coat of white underneath might help it, but to be honest, I think wearing white undies is a major waste of time and I refuse to do it. I don’t think this color is special enough to warrant 4 coats, but it’s a nice bright lime green.


Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed 1Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed 2My favorite color from this collection is Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed. It’s the brightest and most pigmented polish of the bunch. I adore this color, but it was a bit of a stainer so I definitely recommend using a good base coat.

This collection also includes a while which I didn’t pick up because I have enough whites and I figured it would probably be a nightmare to work with. Overall, I think this is a nice little collection and you really can’t beat the price. I know a lot of people are having a hard time finding these polishes, so I have a set that I will be including in an upcoming giveaway. Have you been able to find these near you? Which color is your favorite? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a set of minis from the OPI San Francisco Collection. Have you entered? If not, click here to get to the giveaway post.

OCC Chlorophyll

Tuesday, yeah! That means that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow so it’s my second favorite day of the week. I’ve been watching Hemlock Grove all afternoon, and I’m seriously hooked. First the hit it out of the park with House Of Cards (I love Kevin Spacey!!!!) and now this show is crazy good. I can’t stop watching it and I love that they have all the episodes up already so I can watch at my leisure. They only thing that sucks is that it’s only 13 episodes…and I’m still dying to see more of House Of Cards. Hurry up, Netflix! In polish news, I decided to try out my new bottle of OCC Chlorophyll that I purchased during my last Sephora shopping extravaganza. Since they were having that 15% off sale, of course I indulged. Before I show the swatches, I just had to share this:

Chlorophyll, more like borophyll!

Billy Madison is seriously one of my favorite movies ever. I go around quoting it all the time and most of the time, people have no idea what I’m talking about and I just look like a big old freak. Oh, well…their loss!







This is my first experience with OCC nail polishes, and I am pleasantly surprised. I found the formula extremely easy to apply and control which is always important because I have a tendency to flood my cuticles if I’m not super careful. OCC Chlorophyll conjured up a brighter green in my head before I purchased it so I was a little disappointed in that respect, but it’s still a gorgeous color. I applied 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity even though the formula was a little on the thin side.








I then reached for my Wet N Wild Diamond In The Rough from the 2011 Ice Baby Collection. If you blinked, you probably missed this collection since it was crazy hard to find and was only available at Walgreens. Don’t you hate that but secretly love the thrill of the hunt? Anyway, I love these glitters no matter what a pain in the ass they are to remove. I tried to lightly sponge it at the base of my nails but that turned into a clean up mess…oh well, I still liked it.

So, I hope you’re having a nice Tuesday–I can’t wait to get to sleep in tomorrow although I’m going to try to hit the gym tomorrow. I’ve been so miserable lately feeling so gross and fat that I can’t stand it anymore!!! We’ll see how my resolve crumbles…haha! I have so much faith in myself, don’t I? Anyhow, let me know what you think of OCC Chlorophyll. Have you tried any other OCC polishes? What about their cult favorite lip tars? I actually bough one lip tar but didn’t really like it. It was my fault for getting a color that just wouldn’t look good on me, but maybe I’ll give them another try. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!

Butter London Marrow

You know when you realize that you are waaaayyyy too old to be staying up all night? That was me last night. I wasn’t really planning on doing anything, but my friend called me and we ended up going out to karaoke. After we sang a bunch of embarrassing songs (I sang Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend…don’t say it), we went to a Vietnamese restaurant; I should have had some pho since it was wicked cold. After that, we went to another place for coffee and before we knew it, it was 3 am and I was basically a zombie. I remember the days when I used to stay out all night, sleep for a couple of hours and then head to class without even blinking. Ahhh…to be in my early 20’s again! The sun has set on those days, hasn’t it? Don’t get me wrong–I had a lot of fun, but it’s not something I can do a regular basis.  So…what did I decided to do with my nails today? I slapped on another untried: Butter London Marrow.

Butter London Marrow CollageThis is such a strange polish! I don’t know if I just really love it of I’m just trying to figure out what it is about it that is confusing me. I think I sound a little nuts right now, right? With all the purple polishes in my life, I think this one is rather unique in my stash. I normally don’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the Butter London formula, but this one was not what I was expecting. It is so pigmented that I figured it wouldn’t take more than 2 coats, but I had to apply a third thick coat because I had some bald spots even though I waited for each coat to dry.

Butter London Marrow Konad M64

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a plain and simple manicure. Somehow I feel that my nails are boring when I’m not stamping or beddazling the crap out of them. Here I used a design from Konad plate M64 and stamped with Wet N Wild I Can’t Stand Up Straight. I then used Wet N Wild French White Cream  and a dotting tool to apply the white dots.

So what do you think of Butter London Marrow? Do you like the final stamped/dotted design? Well, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and we will talk soon!

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling super girlie and dainty today. There is NOTHING dainty and super girlie about me, but all of a sudden I wanted to wear pink on my nails. I have a crapton of pink polishes, so I had to take out a bunch of them and pick the one that appealed to me the most. Since I’ve been on a kick to use all of my untrieds lately, I picked Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana. Before I get into the polish, I have to admit that I was technically a Hannah Montana fan. I sometimes watched the show and kind of enjoyed it. Don’t judge me! When someone asked me what the most embarrassing song on my ipod is, I immediately responded: Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. Hey–it’s a gym song, ok!?

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana Swatch

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana is a super sheer and delicate mauve-pink polish with fine scattered holographic glitter. I adore how delicate this polish is, but I do have to mention that it is beyond sheer. I applied 5–yes 5–coats here but they were all thin so they dried pretty quickly. Since I am a huge fan of holo polishes, both linear and scattered, I am wondering what took me so long to use this polish. If you’re not into applying more than 2 coats of polish, I can see this working as a layering polish as well. And the best part of this polish is that it’s only $1.99!!!!

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana BM 317

What is more girlie than bows and rhinestones…seriously? Maybe I’m just feeling super sappy and emotional (and not in a good way) these last few days so I am pouring all those feelings into my nail polish and stamping choices.  The bow design is from Bundle Monster plate BM 317 but I think this would be pretty easy to free-hand if you don’t have this stamping plate. To make it all extra cute, I added some rhinestones to finish off this mani.

What do you think of this mani? Is it something that you would wear? Have you tried out any polishes from Wet N Wild’s FastDry line? There are a few others that I picked up that are TV show themed so I’ll be trying those out sometime soon. Thanks so much for checking in with me today, and I will talk to you soon!


Disclosure: All products featured in this post were purchased by me.

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 30: Tutorial Inspired Nails

I know I always start out these challenge posts by exclaiming that we are almost done. YES!!!!!!!!!!! We are almost done!!!!! Friday is the last day of the challenge and Nicole and I will be recreating one of each other’s challenge manis. I am going to have to figure out which one to do since she did so many awesome ones.  I had a hell of a time deciding what to do for today’s challenge. There are so many great tutorials out there but one thing about me is that a tutorial inevitably dooms me to failure. I don’t know why, but even when I see step by step instructions, I find a way to mess everything up. Because of this, I always try out a tutorial on a nail wheel. Well, the first one I chose to recreate was disastrous. I am not kidding. So I went back and prayed to the Google Gods to help me find something cute but simple. Well, thank you GG because you did help me. I decided to recreate the Santa Nails tutorial that I found over at Mini Nail Blog. After I used her tutorial, I went and looked through her other posts and oh my gah, she has some exquisite free hand designs. You should definitely check out her blog.

Want to see my finished mani?

Santa Claus Nails

Read below to see how I created these nails!

These are all the items I used to create my Santa nails: Wet N Wild polishes in Red Red, Tickled Pink, French White Creme and Black Creme. I also used a dotting tool, a nail art brush, a sponge and some Seche Vite to finish it all off. One thing about me is that I love a bargain. I am not a polish snob and Wet N Wild polishes are some of my favorite bargain buys. You do not need expensive stuff to create fun manis!

Wet N Wild Tickled Pink          Wet N Wild Tickled Pink Wet N Wild Red Red

I used Wet N Wild Tickled Pink as my base color. As you can see, it is very thin and streaky since I only applied one coat but it didn’t matter because I was going to cover most of it up anyway. Then I applied Wet N Wild Red Red to a third of my nail for the hat.

Wet N Wild French White Creme beard sponging          Santa Claus Nails

I then used Wet N Wild French White Creme and sponged it at the bottom for Santa’s beard. I then used a dotting tool to apply the white trim on Santa’s hat and also made a little mustache using a small brush with the white polish. Using the same dotting tool, I then dotted on Santa’s nose with the red polish.

                                                        Finished Santa Claus Nails

And lastly, I used Wet N Wild Black Creme and a dotting tool to apply Santa’s eyes. Tadaaaaaaa!

Wet N Wild Santa Claus Nails          Wet N Wild Santa Claus Nails

What do you think of my finished Santa mani? Since I am really feeling excited about Christmas (how unlike me!), I love having little Santas on my nails. Unfortunately, he told me I have been a very naughty girl (I think someone showed him my late night tweets) so I’m expecting a lump of coal.

Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s challenge nails over at Polish Me, Please! Also, stay tuned for our last challenge on Friday where we will recreate one of each other’s manicures. Thanks for the visit and talk to you soon.

P.S. Did you enter my most awesome and spectacular giveaway? No? WHAT?! GO NOW! 🙂

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 22: Galaxy Nails

Here we go again: another challenge I was not looking forward to. Last night I tried to recreate some amazing nebula nails that I had seen on Diane’s blog, Turbomagik, but they ended up looking like a hot mess so I had to regroup today and try something else. Well, they didn’t come out the way I imagined them but any time sponging is involved, I tend to find a way to mess it up. I started with Wet N’ Wild Blue Moon as my full nail color:

Wet N Wild Blue Moon Swatch          Wet N Wild Blue Moon Swatch

I love Blue Moon, but it is a little thin as you can tell from a few bald spots. I think that with three coats it would be fine but I stopped at 2 because I was going to sponge over it anyway.

Galaxy Nails          Galaxy Nails

I’m not wild about them, but they’re definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever done. Just take a look at some of my older posts and this will be a Renoir to you. haha! I used a little planet  stamp from Cheeky plate CH 45 but otherwise, I just used polish, a dotting tool and a sponge.

I am not that much of a fan of galaxy nails s0 I probably won’t be in a hurry to try this again any time soon. Before I forget, I have a funny story for you. Well, it’s funny to me anyway. Ever since I started my blog sale, I have been going to the post office a lot. I was there today to drop off a few orders, and I was waiting in line. One of the post office employees is really nice but there are 3 others that are total grumps. He was helping a guy who had to fill out a customs form so I thought he wasn’t going to take me until the guy was done. Then he looks at me and says: “I’m waiting for you.” I walk over to the counter and this was the conversation that ensued:

Me: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that you were ready to take someone new.”

Him: “I looked right at you and you just looked away…trying to play hard to get.”

Me: “Yeah, I just wanted someone different because you’re the meanest one here.”

Him: “Oh yeah? Sometimes people like it mean.”

Me: “Oh?”

Him: “Yeah. Some people like it mean. Some people like it rough.”

Me: “Ok…”

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I am in no way a prude, but his comments kind of shocked me especially because the other male customer who was filling out the form was still there and he was snickering and said: “Oh yeah!” hahaha Well, that’s my inappropriate story for the day.

What do you think of my galaxy nails? I’d love to hear what you think. Also, don’t forget to check out Nicole’s galaxy nails over at Polish Me, Please!

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 12 : Chevron Nails

I was feeling completely uninspired about doing today’s challenge. I love chevrons on my nails, but I don’t think that chevrons would look good on my rounded super short nails so I decided to to inverted chevrons.

Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Swatch          Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Swatch

Sation Rock-a-guy Blue is a great blue that I recently purchased. It’s my favorite color from the Little Horse On The Prairie Collection.

Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Sation Blue Sky's The Limit Chevron Tips          Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Sation Blue Sky's The Limit Chevron Tips

I then used Sation Blue Sky’s The Limit for the inverted chevron tips. I am so annoyed that I didn’t see a couple of fibers on my nails and now I can’t do anything about it. Grrrrrr!

I don’t know why I decided to stamp over this, but I did…

Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Blue Sky's The Limit Chevron Stamping BM 315          Sation Rock-a-guy Blue Blue Sky's The Limit Chevron Stamping BM 315

I used the paisley print from Bundle Monster plate BM 315 and Wet N Wild’s I Can’t Stand Up Straight. This is so subtle that I can barely tell the stamping is there in indirect light. I’m totally not feeling this stamp on these base colors–can’t win them all.

I need to go cook dinner so forgive me if I’m not particularly talkative throughout this post. Today is a crappy day–just feeling a little down in the dumps so hopefully I’ll feel better once I eat something. Food: always the answer! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the other manicures my lovely challenge participants created. Thanks for catching up with me today.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2012

I always tend to show Wet N Wild a lot of love because they are an economical brand that always puts out interesting collections. I’m not really a polish snob who thinks that more expensive polishes will always equal better quality so I am usually open to picking up Wet N Wild polishes. Remember the brouhaha that the Saved By The Nail Collection caused? Yikes! I was lucky enough to get my hands on that collection and actually loved every color! This is the first year that I have even been aware of these delightful Halloween polishes so I was very happy when I finally found them. The Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers polishes for Halloween 2012  is made up of 3 glittery shades and one glow in the dark top coat. Here are some swatches of the 3 polishes in the collection.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin Swatch

Nail In The Coffin is a little too subtle for me. In regular light, this just looks like a black polish to me so I had to photograph this in direct sunlight to show the subtle glitter

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces Swatch

Rest In Pieces is my favorite polish of the three. The black base is pretty sheer but it does build up nicely and the polish is not a pain to control. The glitter in this polish shows up way better than in Nail In The Coffin so I appreciate that.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time Swatch

Once Upon A Time is a huge glitter bomb that I found quite difficult to work with because it’s hard to control the glitter when the sheer black base is so thin. I found that it was difficult to get even glitter distribution so you definitely see it bunch up in certain areas. I hear that it is a possible dupe of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers but I can’t confirm that since I don’t own it.

I am a little torn about this collection. While I think they are pretty and I adore the packaging, they definitely don’t wow me. Maybe it’s just my mood so I’ll let you make up your own mind. Let me know what you think of these polishes. I ended up purchasing 3 sets of these and thought that maybe I could put one up as my last giveaway of the month. What do you think?

Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Collection – Fall 2012

Today I headed over to CVS because I wanted to see if they had the Wet N Wild Halloween polishes. Unfortunately I didn’t find them even though they seem to be out in other areas. I can be patient–I just hope we eventually get them! I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a reverse Saved By The Nail collection for me! haha!

Even though I didn’t find the polishes I wanted, I stumbled upon a full display of new Megalast polishes. A NEW FALL COLLECTION!!! The Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Collection is full of dark colors that will work like a charm for fall. (Hurry up, Fall! Hurry!! I miss you!) I am not that familiar with the Megalast line from Wet N Wild, but I am a big fan of their Wild Shine and FastDri lines so I thought that these would probably be winners too. Well…I love the colors and the formula was pretty decent, but the brushes on about half of my bottles were wonky–wonktastic. They seemed kind of stiff and and uneven. However, when the brush was fine, it applied the polish evenly and smoothly. I am always a fan of wide brushes, and this line of polishes definitely has a wide paddle-type brush. Let me show you the colors before I blab more about this collection.


Poison Ivy


Toxic Apple


Root Of All Evil


Deadly Dose


Venomous Vixen


Lethal Injection

So my final thoughts on this collection are: This is a very typical Fall collection with dark and rich colors. I like the jewel type shimmer of these colors. I do wish that the brushes were more consistent because when they are wonky, they are BAD. I like the wide brush for my wide nail beds, but I can see that those with smaller nail beds might have some problems with the brush. All in all, I think that these polishes are a steal for $1.99 each and even though the colors are not unique to hardcore polish fans, I think that colors like Poison Ivy and Root Of All Evil are worth picking up.

Let me know what you think of these colors. Have you seen this new collection in your area yet? Will you be picking up any of these colors? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

EDIT: I didn’t think about this when I first swatched the colors, but doesn’t this collection remind you a lot of China Glaze’s Vintage Vixen?

P.S. There are only a couple more days left to enter my giveaway for 5 essence polishes so enter soon if you haven’t done so already! 🙂
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Stamping Sunday: Pulsating Pink And Purple

I feel like I have been in a total funk lately so when I remembered the Sunday Stamping theme, I had absolutely no idea what to do. I took out a bunch of pink and purple polishes and it came down to Sation Shock Me Twice Pink and Sation Power To The Purple. I thought about combining the two, but changed my mind. So I went with two coats of Shock Me Twice pink over a base of China Glaze White Out.


I really like Shock Me Twice Pink because it’s neon but still delicate. It has a really pretty shimmer that shows up unexpectedly at certain angles.


I then used stamp Mash 48 and Wet N Wild’s I Can’t Stand Up Straight for the design.


Since I still wanted some kind of purple accent, I used these purple rhinestones on my design. I always think rhinestones will look better than they end up looking once I glue them on my nails. I should just give up on rhinestones already!

So how was your weekend? I hope you had fun. Thanks for stopping by despite my uninspired nails as of late. I hope this coming week finds me in a better frame of mind. I actually have another post coming soon and it is one spicy tamale full of glitter goodness. I hope you will enjoy it!