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Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Collection

Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Collection




Is it hot in your neck of the woods? I know it’s supposed to be really hot here in Southern California, but to tell you the truth, I think it is unseasonably cool. Maybe I’m just on crack or something because it was in the low 90’s here today, but it did not feel that gross. Since it’s really starting to warm up, the collection I have for you today is perfect. The Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Collection is made up of 12 bright colors to sear your retinas. I have 9 of the 12 polishes to share with you today so let’s take a look at the colors first.

Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair 1Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair 2Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair

Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia 1Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia 2Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia

Salon Perfect Haute Pink 1Salon Perfect Haute Pink 2Salon Perfect Haute Pink (don’t ask me why this looks so orange…my camera took a dump on me)

Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet 1Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet 2Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet

Salon Perfect Tickled Pink 1Salon Perfect Tickled Pink 2Salon Perfect Tickled Pink

Salon Perfect Loopy Lime, Bermuda Baby, Yowza Yellow, Traffic ConeThis is Loopy Lime, Bermuda Baby, Yowza Yellow and Traffic Cone sponged over a white base of sugar cube. I wasn’t being very careful about my sponging as you can tell by the extreme sloppiness and the muddled outcome. I wasn’t too concerned about it since I was planning to stamp over it anyway.

BM 319 1BM 319 2This is what my mani ended up looking like after stamping it up with an image from Bundle Monster BM 319. I kind of like the grungy end result!

Now, let’s talk formula. These were typical neons but some had better formulas than others. All of the polishes I swatched on their own were rather opaque, and I did not need to use white undies. They dried to a satin finish so I applied a clear top coat to give them some shine. They dried really quickly so you can’t overwork the polish because you will have a major mess on your hands. Loopy Lime, Bermuda Baby, Yowza Yellow and Traffic Cone were a lot thinner so I recommend using a white base to get the most out of them because otherwise you might be applying 5 million coats and still see VNL. If you don’t have similar color, I can recommend these. My absolute favorites are: Plum Sorbet an Fired Up Fuchsia. If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can find them at Wal-Mart where they retail for $3.98 each. My Wal-Mart still had a great selection of these, but they are limited edition so get them while you can.

How do you feel about neons? Strictly for summer or do you rock them year-round? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!




31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 30: Tutorial Inspired Nails

I know I always start out these challenge posts by exclaiming that we are almost done. YES!!!!!!!!!!! We are almost done!!!!! Friday is the last day of the challenge and Nicole and I will be recreating one of each other’s challenge manis. I am going to have to figure out which one to do since she did so many awesome ones.  I had a hell of a time deciding what to do for today’s challenge. There are so many great tutorials out there but one thing about me is that a tutorial inevitably dooms me to failure. I don’t know why, but even when I see step by step instructions, I find a way to mess everything up. Because of this, I always try out a tutorial on a nail wheel. Well, the first one I chose to recreate was disastrous. I am not kidding. So I went back and prayed to the Google Gods to help me find something cute but simple. Well, thank you GG because you did help me. I decided to recreate the Santa Nails tutorial that I found over at Mini Nail Blog. After I used her tutorial, I went and looked through her other posts and oh my gah, she has some exquisite free hand designs. You should definitely check out her blog.

Want to see my finished mani?

Santa Claus Nails

Read below to see how I created these nails!

These are all the items I used to create my Santa nails: Wet N Wild polishes in Red Red, Tickled Pink, French White Creme and Black Creme. I also used a dotting tool, a nail art brush, a sponge and some Seche Vite to finish it all off. One thing about me is that I love a bargain. I am not a polish snob and Wet N Wild polishes are some of my favorite bargain buys. You do not need expensive stuff to create fun manis!

Wet N Wild Tickled Pink          Wet N Wild Tickled Pink Wet N Wild Red Red

I used Wet N Wild Tickled Pink as my base color. As you can see, it is very thin and streaky since I only applied one coat but it didn’t matter because I was going to cover most of it up anyway. Then I applied Wet N Wild Red Red to a third of my nail for the hat.

Wet N Wild French White Creme beard sponging          Santa Claus Nails

I then used Wet N Wild French White Creme and sponged it at the bottom for Santa’s beard. I then used a dotting tool to apply the white trim on Santa’s hat and also made a little mustache using a small brush with the white polish. Using the same dotting tool, I then dotted on Santa’s nose with the red polish.

                                                        Finished Santa Claus Nails

And lastly, I used Wet N Wild Black Creme and a dotting tool to apply Santa’s eyes. Tadaaaaaaa!

Wet N Wild Santa Claus Nails          Wet N Wild Santa Claus Nails

What do you think of my finished Santa mani? Since I am really feeling excited about Christmas (how unlike me!), I love having little Santas on my nails. Unfortunately, he told me I have been a very naughty girl (I think someone showed him my late night tweets) so I’m expecting a lump of coal.

Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s challenge nails over at Polish Me, Please! Also, stay tuned for our last challenge on Friday where we will recreate one of each other’s manicures. Thanks for the visit and talk to you soon.

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