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Bourjois Violine Chic

I seriously haven’t done my nails in over a week which feels super strange. Because I’ve been feeling dumpy, as I have previously discussed, I guess doing my nails hasn’t been on my list of priorities. Well, you know what? Fuck feeling in the dumps. I’ve been keeping myself super busy so I don’t have time to wallow in self-pity. Since I suddenly felt like doing my nails, I wanted to dig into my untrieds stash and pick one of those polishes. I ended up choosing Bourjois Violine Chic which is a polish that Sabrina sent to me a while back. (Sabrina has a great blog called Polish In Paris so check it out!)

Bourjois Violine Chic Swatch

Bourjois Violine Chic is one of those super vampy shades that I love wearing when I have super short nails. This particular line of Bourjois polishes has vinyl in the formula and it’s supposed to last 7 days. I can’t verify the claims of longevity since I just applied this polish today, but I do have to say that I was a little confused by the formula. The color seemed deceptively thin when I applied it yet the formula is kind of goopy at the same time. So strange! I ended up applying 3 coats to cover up the streakiness and random bald spots. One thing I learned is that it is essential to let the layers dry between each coat or else you will end up with a mess.

Silly Lilly Halloween 2012

This lovely glitter is Silly Lily Halloween 2012. I bought this a few months ago and never got around to using it until today. Let me just say that I am in freaking love with all the colors in this polish and I love how it looks over Bourjois Violine Chic. As with  most glitter explosion polishes, I had to work with it by dabbing the glitter so I could get even distribution. Even though this is technically a Halloween polish, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it year round! You should head on over to Lily’s Etsy shop so you can see all the unique and interesting items she sells. In fact, she has a big clearance section right now and has a promo where you can get a freebie when you make a purchase of $15 or more. One of the things a lot of you suggested when I asked what you would like to see more on my blog was more indie/glitter polishes so here is a start! I plan on doing more indie polish posts next year because there are so many amazing and unique creations out there AAANNND I think it’s important to support the little guys!

Thanks to so many of you who came and checked out my blog sale! I have sold around 60 bottles of polish in the last few days which kept me super busy with answering emails and wrapping all my babies to go to their new homes. I hope no one thought I was being whiney and was trying to guilt you into buying my polish!!! That was the last thing I wanted to convey. Thank you for all your purchases and for all the wonderful messages of support that I received–they all helped to lift my spirits!

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are excited about welcoming the new year. What are your plans for new year’s eve?


Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2012

I always tend to show Wet N Wild a lot of love because they are an economical brand that always puts out interesting collections. I’m not really a polish snob who thinks that more expensive polishes will always equal better quality so I am usually open to picking up Wet N Wild polishes. Remember the brouhaha that the Saved By The Nail Collection caused? Yikes! I was lucky enough to get my hands on that collection and actually loved every color! This is the first year that I have even been aware of these delightful Halloween polishes so I was very happy when I finally found them. The Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers polishes for Halloween 2012  is made up of 3 glittery shades and one glow in the dark top coat. Here are some swatches of the 3 polishes in the collection.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin Swatch

Nail In The Coffin is a little too subtle for me. In regular light, this just looks like a black polish to me so I had to photograph this in direct sunlight to show the subtle glitter

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces Swatch

Rest In Pieces is my favorite polish of the three. The black base is pretty sheer but it does build up nicely and the polish is not a pain to control. The glitter in this polish shows up way better than in Nail In The Coffin so I appreciate that.

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time Swatch     Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time Swatch

Once Upon A Time is a huge glitter bomb that I found quite difficult to work with because it’s hard to control the glitter when the sheer black base is so thin. I found that it was difficult to get even glitter distribution so you definitely see it bunch up in certain areas. I hear that it is a possible dupe of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers but I can’t confirm that since I don’t own it.

I am a little torn about this collection. While I think they are pretty and I adore the packaging, they definitely don’t wow me. Maybe it’s just my mood so I’ll let you make up your own mind. Let me know what you think of these polishes. I ended up purchasing 3 sets of these and thought that maybe I could put one up as my last giveaway of the month. What do you think?