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Silly Lily Winterberry Review & Giveaway

I’ve been feeling so damn blah for the last few days and then bam! I got my period. TMI, I know…but this is a good thing since I had not gotten my period in about 6 months. As someone with PCOS, this is a regular occurrence so I tend not to dwell on it. I’ve been feeling stressed out and restless so I hope that it was just my hormones acting up.  It has definitely felt weird not being able to do my nails these past few days but it serves me right for not wearing gloves and for impulsively nubbing my nails. I do hope that both my hands and nails have recovered by next week so I can start swatching the OPI Oz Collection (and launch my giveaway for a mini set of Oz Polishes) and the China Glaze Avant Garden Collection. I also have a Venique collection to swatch and a few other indies that will be here any day now so I’m going to have my work cut out for me. Today, I am going to show you a polish I swatched a couple of weeks ago: Silly Lily Winterberry.

Silly Lily Winterberry Swatch

Out of the three Silly Lily creations that I purchased recently, this is by far my favorite. I love that the base is a lightly tinted jelly and love all the various glitters. The black glitter in this makes me feel like I sprinkled cracked black pepper all over my nails. I can imagine that this polish would look amazing over a very light and delicate purple or lilac. I don’t think I have ever seen anything similar to this polish so I hope that you are excited to learn that I am giving away a brand new bottle of Silly Lily Winterberry to one lucky reader. This giveaway is open internationally so please make sure that you know the customs regulations and restrictions of your country before you enter. I will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or confiscated packages, but I will be extra sad if any of that happens. Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, don’t forget that my giveaway for a set OPI Euro Centrale minis is going to end in a couple of days so don’t miss your chance to enter here.

I hope that you like Silly Lily Winterberry as much as I do. I also hope that you stop by Lily’s facebook page here to show her some love so she can continue to create these lovely polishes for us to ogle and purchase. You can also visit the Silly Lilly Etsy Shop so you can peruse all her other creations!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!



Disclosure: Silly Lily Winterberry was purchased by me at a reduced rate for review and giveaway purposes.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy tab here.

Silly Lily J-E-L-L-O & A Giveaway!

Is there always room for Jello? I always find it strange when I meet people who say they don’t like Jello. I have loved Jello since I was a little kid mostly because it seemed like such a fun thing to eat. It’s colorful, squishy and candy-like…how can a kid not like it? I had quite a few mail surprises today–some expected and some not. Aren’t those unexpected packages the best? I don’t know about you, but I rip through those babies as if they were Ho Ho’s and I was craving chocolate.  I have something super fun to share with you today: Silly Lily J-E-L-L-O! But before I show you this lovely top coat, let me show you what I wore underneath.

Sation Teacher's Pet Swatch

This is Sation Teacher’s Pet from their Class Of Sation Collection. The last time I went Sation hunting, I found this one at one of my local beauty supply stores so I snatched it up immediately because I really don’t have a delicate baby pink like this one. Unfortunately, the application was a little challenging because it was thick and went on really streaky. It was still a little streaky after the second coat, so I added some thinner to the bottle and applied a third thin coat to my nails. This seemed to fix the polish right up, but don’t ask me why I didn’t add thinner after the first coat. I guess I can attribute it to a brain fart.

Silly Lily J-E-L-L-O Swatch

And this is two coats of Silly Lily J-E-L-L-O. This polish is chock full of square matte glitters in rainbow colors in a clear base. I got a little too excited with the confetti-like look so I think that I applied a wee bit too much. I think it would look better with a thinner application. The possibilities are endless as to what base color you can use! For a polish so full of glitter, I was surprised that it wasn’t thick as glue. It was fairly easy to apply the glitter which I always appreciate.

I have an extra bottle of this cute polish and guess what? One of you can win it! Just enter using the rafflecopter widget below. As always, this giveaway is open internationally, but please make sure that you know if there are any customs restrictions in your country.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You should check out all of Lily’s other polish creations at her Etsy shop here. You can also follow her on facebook  for updates and discount codes. In fact, she currently has a promo code for 10% off to celebrate 500 sales! Just enter WOOHOO10 at checkout to get the discount which is valid until 1/31/13.

I hope that you have enjoyed this super fun polish as much as I’ve enjoyed wearing it. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!


Disclosure: The products featured in this post were purchased by me. Silly Lily J-E-L-L-O was purchased by me at a reduced rate for review and giveaway purposes.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy tab here.


Silly Lily Three’s A Crowd

It feels really fan-freaking-tastic to be writing my first post of 2013. I know that making a big deal out of the first day of the year doesn’t really make that much sense, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a chance at a fresh start. I always remember one of my teachers in high school telling us that we all had A’s when the semester started and that it was up to us to maintain it–what a novel idea that was! Applying that to my life today, I have to work really hard to maintain some equilibrium. I know that I have some difficult things to work through, but I will make things work.

I’m usually not a super festive person and I wasn’t really in the mood to do much anyway so I spent my new year’s eve at home with the mooch and I got chocolate wasted–where you replace chocolate with a lot of beer and wasted with…wasted. We watched a lot of episodes of The Walking Dead, drank beer and ate snacks so it was definitely good times. The mooch turns 23 tomorrow but I don’t think I’m getting him a gift since he didn’t even get me a Christmas present–he can be such a turd.  Besides, my gift is a year-round gift since I basically give him a place to live and food to eat. He should be grateful for that, right?

So what did I decide to wear on this first day of 2013? I busted out another bottle of Silly Lily Polish that I bought at the same time as Halloween 2012. I couldn’t decide what base color to use so I just went with my tabula rasa polish: China Glaze White Out. (John Locke is probably cursing at me from his grave.)

China Glaze White Out Swatch

I’ve used China Glaze White Out quite often–especially when I was doing the nail art challenges because I really like having a white canvas to get my creative juices flowing. I also really really like wearing white nail polish because it’s such a huge contrast to my darker skin tone.

Silly Lily Three's A Crowd Swatch

And here is Silly Lily Three’s A Crowd which is full of  matte pink squares, black diamonds and white bar glitter. Holy John Ritter, I love how this looks. Yes, I know the name of the show is Three’s Company but I couldn’t stop singing the theme song while I was using this polish.

I think I was way too young to be watching this show, but I loved it. I used to jump around and try to sing the theme song even though I didn’t know the words. Ahh…to be a kid again! Anyway, back to the polish: I love how it looks but it was a major biatch to place the glitter evenly over my nails. I should have added some thinner to the polish because the base was super goopy. Overall, I think the finished look is worth the work because I am loving the combination of white, black and pink. Since I decided to use a white base, you can’t really see the white bar glitter so maybe next time I will use a red base.

So what do you think of my first 2013 mani? If you like these super cute Silly Lily polishes, then you are in luck because she is having a pretty awesome sale right now. You can use coupon code: NEWYEAR10 to take 10% off your total order and it is valid until 1-13-13. Also, any order over $20 (before shipping charges) will receive a free surprise jewelry item as well. Lily has some really great polishes for sale on her Etsy shop so head on over there to check everything out. (If I had polish funds right now, you better believe I would be destroying her clearance section!)

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s Eve no matter what you ended up doing. I’m super excited to really attack the whole job hunt now that the holidays are behind us–and that is NOT sarcasm. Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope to bring lots of crazy new content for your this year. I have a bunch of ideas that are probably golden ticket ideas….so wish me luck!


Disclosure: All items featured in this post were purchased by me.

Bourjois Violine Chic

I seriously haven’t done my nails in over a week which feels super strange. Because I’ve been feeling dumpy, as I have previously discussed, I guess doing my nails hasn’t been on my list of priorities. Well, you know what? Fuck feeling in the dumps. I’ve been keeping myself super busy so I don’t have time to wallow in self-pity. Since I suddenly felt like doing my nails, I wanted to dig into my untrieds stash and pick one of those polishes. I ended up choosing Bourjois Violine Chic which is a polish that Sabrina sent to me a while back. (Sabrina has a great blog called Polish In Paris so check it out!)

Bourjois Violine Chic Swatch

Bourjois Violine Chic is one of those super vampy shades that I love wearing when I have super short nails. This particular line of Bourjois polishes has vinyl in the formula and it’s supposed to last 7 days. I can’t verify the claims of longevity since I just applied this polish today, but I do have to say that I was a little confused by the formula. The color seemed deceptively thin when I applied it yet the formula is kind of goopy at the same time. So strange! I ended up applying 3 coats to cover up the streakiness and random bald spots. One thing I learned is that it is essential to let the layers dry between each coat or else you will end up with a mess.

Silly Lilly Halloween 2012

This lovely glitter is Silly Lily Halloween 2012. I bought this a few months ago and never got around to using it until today. Let me just say that I am in freaking love with all the colors in this polish and I love how it looks over Bourjois Violine Chic. As with  most glitter explosion polishes, I had to work with it by dabbing the glitter so I could get even distribution. Even though this is technically a Halloween polish, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it year round! You should head on over to Lily’s Etsy shop so you can see all the unique and interesting items she sells. In fact, she has a big clearance section right now and has a promo where you can get a freebie when you make a purchase of $15 or more. One of the things a lot of you suggested when I asked what you would like to see more on my blog was more indie/glitter polishes so here is a start! I plan on doing more indie polish posts next year because there are so many amazing and unique creations out there AAANNND I think it’s important to support the little guys!

Thanks to so many of you who came and checked out my blog sale! I have sold around 60 bottles of polish in the last few days which kept me super busy with answering emails and wrapping all my babies to go to their new homes. I hope no one thought I was being whiney and was trying to guilt you into buying my polish!!! That was the last thing I wanted to convey. Thank you for all your purchases and for all the wonderful messages of support that I received–they all helped to lift my spirits!

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are excited about welcoming the new year. What are your plans for new year’s eve?