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Precision Toxic Love Collection

Precision Toxic Love Collection

I am crazy lucky because I have some really amazing independent beauty supply stores that are veritable treasure troves full of different brands and hard to find polishes. Every time I go to one of them, I feel like I discover something new which is what happened a few months ago when I came across a display of Precision nail polishes. I reviewed one of their summer collections here and was thoroughly impressed with the quality. Today I have to share with you one of their Fall collections called Toxic Love.

Précision I'm Addicted To You... Swatch          Précision I'm Addicted To You... Swatch

Précision I’m Addicted To You…

Précision I'd Love To Hate You Swatch          Précision I'd Love To Hate You Swatch

Précision I’d Love To Hate You

Précision Till Death Do Us Part Swatch          Précision Till Death Do Us Part Swatch

Précision Till Death Do Us Part

Précision Intoxicated Swatch          Précision Intoxicated Swatch

Précision Intoxicated

Précision Toxic Wast-ing My Time Swatch          Précision Toxic Wast-ing My Time Swatch

Précision Toxic Wast-ing My Time

Précision Poison Ivy Swatch          Précision Poison Ivy Swatch

Précision Poison Ivy

Overall, this is a very typical fall collection but I have to say that I just about died when I used Poison Ivy and Intoxicated. They are by far my two favorite colors from this collection. The formula was pretty good even though a few colors were a little thinner than I like, but they still built up nicely. The only downside about this brand is that it might be a little difficult to get it locally if you don’t like to buy online. I have a few places near me that sell them so I’m lucky. You can purchase their polishes online here. They also have a tool where you can see if there are any places near you that carry Précision products.

So what do you think of these colors? Any of them stand out to you? Thanks for visiting and I’ll talk to you later.

**These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**


Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Collection – Fall 2012

Today I headed over to CVS because I wanted to see if they had the Wet N Wild Halloween polishes. Unfortunately I didn’t find them even though they seem to be out in other areas. I can be patient–I just hope we eventually get them! I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a reverse Saved By The Nail collection for me! haha!

Even though I didn’t find the polishes I wanted, I stumbled upon a full display of new Megalast polishes. A NEW FALL COLLECTION!!! The Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Collection is full of dark colors that will work like a charm for fall. (Hurry up, Fall! Hurry!! I miss you!) I am not that familiar with the Megalast line from Wet N Wild, but I am a big fan of their Wild Shine and FastDri lines so I thought that these would probably be winners too. Well…I love the colors and the formula was pretty decent, but the brushes on about half of my bottles were wonky–wonktastic. They seemed kind of stiff and and uneven. However, when the brush was fine, it applied the polish evenly and smoothly. I am always a fan of wide brushes, and this line of polishes definitely has a wide paddle-type brush. Let me show you the colors before I blab more about this collection.


Poison Ivy


Toxic Apple


Root Of All Evil


Deadly Dose


Venomous Vixen


Lethal Injection

So my final thoughts on this collection are: This is a very typical Fall collection with dark and rich colors. I like the jewel type shimmer of these colors. I do wish that the brushes were more consistent because when they are wonky, they are BAD. I like the wide brush for my wide nail beds, but I can see that those with smaller nail beds might have some problems with the brush. All in all, I think that these polishes are a steal for $1.99 each and even though the colors are not unique to hardcore polish fans, I think that colors like Poison Ivy and Root Of All Evil are worth picking up.

Let me know what you think of these colors. Have you seen this new collection in your area yet? Will you be picking up any of these colors? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

EDIT: I didn’t think about this when I first swatched the colors, but doesn’t this collection remind you a lot of China Glaze’s Vintage Vixen?

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