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LCN Homecoming Collection – Winter 2013

LCN Homecoming Collection – Winter 2013




Let the Thanksgiving gluttony begin! Today we had a Thanksgiving luncheon at work and we stuffed our faces with trip tip, delicious carb-loaded sides and way too many desserts. Whatever happened to my diet, you ask? Erm…what diet? Anyway, it was fun to fart around with my colleagues for a few hours today. As I’m getting ready for Thursday’s cook-a-thon (I swear I wrote cock-a-thon like 4 times), I have a short but sweet collection to share with you: the LCN Homecoming Collection for Winter 2013.

LCN Knitting Wool 1LCN Knitting Wool 2Fist up we have LCN Knitting Wool. This is a mild creamy yellow that applies a little streaky but it builds up nicely. I always expect streak city with these types of colors so I was pleasantly surprised that it looked good with two coats.

LCN Home Sweet Home 1LCN Home Sweet Home 2I love all the gorgeous and inky blues that have come out this Fall/Winter, so LCN Home Sweet Home is definitely a great color to add to your collection. This color is so pigmented that it could almost be a one coater but I think it does need that second coat. It dries super glossy and best of all: it doesn’t stain!

LCN Chocolate Fudge 1LCN Chocolate Fudge 2LCN Chocolate Fudge made me a little hungry. This looks so delicious! It’s a very rich brown that fits in well with the season. The formula was very pigmented and super buttery.

LCN Berry Punch 1LCN Berry Punch 2And lastly we have LCN Berry Punch. It’s a pretty magenta shimmer that has some duochrome type of effect when you look at the bottle. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about this color, but it is pretty.

Overall, I find this collection to be nice but a little uninspired. The colors aren’t really exciting, but the formula on all of these is pretty fantastic which is what I have come to expect from LCN. Each polish in the LCN Homecoming Collection retails for $7.50 and they are available now at the LCN Boutique. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of their announcements. Are you over these Winter collections? Let me know what you think!