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Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Sea Glass Holo Trio

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Sea Glass Holo Trio

Yesterday I showed you a mani that I did inspired by a daisy print, and today I am showing you the three polishes that I used to create the look. When Amy and I purchased the trio, we agreed to do a twin mani look with them and I do think it turned out pretty cool. The Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Sea Glass Holo Trio is a sheer and scattered holographic collection that comes alive in direct sunlight. Let me show you my swatches of these polishes.

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Aquamarine 1Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Aquamarine 2Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Aquamarine

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Olivine 1Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Olivine 2Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Olivine

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Vintage Rose 1Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Vintage Rose 2Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Vintage Rose

Aren’t these polishes gorgeous? The formula on these is deceptively thin, but they do build up nicely. I ended up applying 3 thin coats, but I’m sure that you can get away with two. One thing that I did want to mention is that you won’t really see too much holo in indoor lighting, but they do come alive in sunlight. They were super easy to apply because the formula is very easy to control. My one complaint would be the quality of the bottles: the handle feels cheap and I don’t like the actual shape of the bottle. The sticker logos on my bottle already started to come off so that kind of sucks. I guess these are minor complaints since the actual polish is of great quality. If you’re interested in picking these up, you can click here for the Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer etsy site where you can get your own set for $30. So what do you think about these polishes? Do you have any other polishes from this brand? Well, I hope you’re doing well, and thanks for stopping by today!

LCN Blossom Sorbet Collection Spring 2013

You have no idea how happy I am that it’s Tuesday now. Mondays are the absolute worst in my opinion because you have the whole week ahead of you to get through before you can get some rest again and enjoy the weekend. I didn’t get a chance to do most of the stuff that I wanted to do this past weekend, but I did get all of my posts done for the week so that’s a huge accomplishment. Well, I got the manicures done and photographed which is the hardest part of putting a post together in my opinion. I definitely don’t want my blog to fall by the wayside now that I have started working because this little outlet is so important to  me–it keeps me sane! I received this pretty little set about 2 weeks ago right when I started working so I didn’t get a chance to swatch and post it since I got so freaking sick. Are you ready for another shot of Spring? This is the LCN Blossom Sorbet Collection for Spring 2013.

LCN Blossom Sorbet Spring 2013


LCN Soft Daisy Swatch

LCN Soft Daisy is the color I was most excited about when I opened up this set. What is it with me and yellow polishes lately? I really wanted this one to work for me but the formula was just so streaky. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this is the norm for yellows. Despite the formula issues, I do love the color–it’s like a little more yellow than Illamasqua Load which is like my new favorite polish.

LCN Lilac Blossom Swatch

LCN Lilac Blossom….ahhhh so purty! The formula on this one was much better and more in line with what I expect from LCN. If you haven’t tried their polishes yet, I can’t rave enough about their buttery cremes. I think this looks more periwinkle than lilac but either way, it’s a gorgeous color.

LCN I Love Mint Swatch

LCN I Love Mint is the staple minty green polish that seems to crop up every Spring. Incredibly, I never get sick of all the various versions of this color and I know that most of you also can’t get enough of this type of color. The formula was nice and buttery!

LCN Vintage Rose Swatch

And lastly, LCN Vintage Rose is my surprise favorite.  I don’t know about you, but this does not look like a rose color. I guess I was expecting it to have more pink in it, but it’s definitely more peachy…almost cantaloupe with some pink tones to it. Again, the formula was great.

So what are your thoughts on these shades? I don’t think they’re like super original, but I do love this cute little cohesive set. The colors are pretty and spring appropriate for sure. You can check out these polishes and more over at the LCN Boutique.

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