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Hit Polish – Fall 2013

Hit Polish – Fall 2013




Well hello there! I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing and lazy Sunday. As usual, I have spent my Sunday running errands, doing my laundry and cleaning. I’ve also spent a good deal of it agonizing about having to go to work tomorrow. That’s normal, right? Next week is probably going to be a little busy for me so I’m trying to queue up a a few posts since I probably won’t have time to do my nails–perfect time to try out one of my Fall Incoco designs, eh? Well, this weekend I swatched over 20 polishes so I am really happy about that considering my unplanned hiatus after the great nubbinizing incident of 2013 which I am calling the Nail XYZ Affair. (Winking at any fellow history buffs!) I have three fun Fall polishes to show you today from Hit Polish, and I am really excited about these because it’s my first experience with the brand. Let’s take a look at these pretties.

Hit Polish Swamp Thing 1Hit Polish Swamp Thing 2I was super excited when I saw the bottle of Hit Polish Swamp Thing because the murky green base color along with all that gorgeous glitter just set my heart aflutter. This would be a great layering polish, but I just wanted to try it out on its own. The formula is pretty easy to control, but I still think using the dabbing method is the best way to get good even coverage. I don’t think I was wearing my glasses when I applied this polish because of that huge bald spot on my middle finger! I know I’m totally aging myself, but all I could think about while I used this polish was:

Hahaha! That’s classic. I loved that movie!

Hit Polish Teal Abyss 1Hit Polish Teal Abyss 2Hit Polish Teal Abyss was a biatch to photograph. My lighting made this look a lot more blue than it really is. I first tried to use this polish when it was very hot so it got crazy lumpy. I tried it again when the weather was better, and I didn’t have any issues with it. I would you could see the holo glitter in it, but it’s barely noticeable here. In sunlight, it looks amazing! The formula was a little thick but was manageable at 2 thickish coats.


Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty 1Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty 2Lastly, this is Hit Polish Bronzed Beauty. This is a really summery polish in my eyes because it just looks sun-kissed. I think Mr. T would definitely approve of this mani! The formula was really great and super opaque so you will get great coverage with two coats.

Overall, I am super impressed with the quality of all three polishes. I didn’t think that they would be so easy to apply and control since they are very glittery so I am pleasantly surprised. I think that my favorite of the three is Swamp Thing because it’s so unique! I don’t think I have anything like it in my stash, and that’s saying a lot. Make sure that you check out Hit Polish on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for all their latest news and creations.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have had a nice weekend. Talk to you soon!