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Color Club Girl About Town Collection

Color Club Girl About Town Collection




Sweet baby Jesus, every time I think that things are going well, I get socked in the face with a studded glove. All I have to say is that I am so looking forward to tomorrow being over so that I can start my three day weekend. I’m excited because on Saturday morning I’m going to a Baby Shower Brunch for my sister-in-law. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it too much on my blog, but I am going to be a first time aunt in November. Little Vincent is due in early November so I am seriously psyched because I am going to have the opportunity to spoil that little kid rotten and then let his parents deal with him. Muawhahahaha. They are still trying to pick his middle name and they are looking for a very Austrian middle name since my sil is from Austria. I personally think they should call him Wolfgang so I can call him Wolfie for the rest of his life. Evil, right? I actually do like the name Wolfgang, but it’s not really up to me. I kind of gave up on trying to name the kid since they kept saying no to naming him Alfie…

Anyway, I have a bone to pick with Color Club. I found it IMPOSSIBLE to find the rest of this collection. As a rule, I don’t purchase polish online because I am cheap and refuse to pay for shipping. Since they sent me two polishes from the Color Club Girl About Town Collection, I wanted to get the rest so I could do a full collection swatch post, but the other 4 polishes remain elusive. Not only that, but the other two polishes that they sent me from the Ruby Wing Collection perished during transit. Womp womp. Now that I have gotten a chance to try these two polishes out, I really wish I could find the others. Anyway, let me show you the beauty of Silver Lake and Williamsburg.

Color Club Silver Lake 1Color Club Silver Lake 2When I first saw Color Club Silver Lake, I was already anticipating loving it because I love white polishes overall. I always approach whites with a lot of caution because I just don’t know how they are going to apply. (I just realized that sentence sounded racially iffy!) The first coat of Silver Lake was pretty streaky, so I applied 2 more thin coats and that gave me pretty good results. I love the kind of gray white look of this polish because it doesn’t look chalky or harsh–in fact it looks creamy and delicious. Fross0 from Lacquer Me Silly did a comparison post between Silver Lake and My Boyfriend Scales Walls so check that out!

Color Club Williamsburg 1Color Club Williamsburg 2Color Club Williamsburg is breathtakingly beautiful. This polish has such a complex look because of that gorgeous shimmer and peeks out when you least expect it. I’ve noticed quite a few similar polishes coming out this fall so I’m planning another smackdown post. Do I love this? Yes! Best of all, it did not stain and I only needed two coats.

I think I am giving up on trying to find the rest of this collection locally. To be honest, I don’t REALLY want the rest of the polishes in this collection because the collection overall seems very disjointed–like there is nothing tying all the polishes together. I think that individually the polishes are very pretty, but they do not look like a cohesive Fall collection. If you want to stay up to date on all Color Club news, make sure that you follow them on their website, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!