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KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection




Don’t laugh at me, but I just gorged myself on Hawaiian BBQ and I am so regretting it right now because my stomach pretty much wants to destroy itself. I don’t even know why I ate the stewed cabbage because bad things are going to happen…let’s leave it at that. Since I don’t work tomorrow, I am feeling  relaxed tonight and will probably do some swatching to get ready for next week’s posts. I have been wanting to post these next polishes since last week but had to wait until the official press release came out. Are you ready for awesome polish domination? Today I was 4 of the 7 polishes from the upcoming KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection.


KBShimmer Teal Another Tail 1KBShimmer Teal Another Tail 2When I saw KBShimmer Teal Another Tail I saw mermaid scales. I don’t know about you, but I think this polish is absolutely breathtaking. Even better, the formula was absolutely flawless in every way. It was easy to apply and control, highly pigmented and rich. For my swatches, I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.


KBShimmer Vicious Circles 1KBShimmer Vicious Circles 2If you could wear sparkly Kool-aid on your nails, this is what it would look like. KBShimmer Vicious Circles is probably the squishiest red polish I have EVER seen in my life. When I saw it in the bottle, I figured I would need 10 billion coats to get good coverage but I ended up needing three which is not bad considering it is a jelly. The best part of this polish is how the glitter sparkles against this bright squishy base.


KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled 1KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled 2Purple and blue polish lovers rejoice! KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled is one gorgeous polish. It’s so incredibly bright and shiny that I just want to scream. I don’t even know where to start with this one…the base color is gorgeous and the glitter gives it a really interesting depth. Again, this is two-coater.


KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! 1KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! 2If we actually had seasons in Southern California, this is what Fall on my nails would look like. KBShimmer You Go Ghoul! is dark yet bright at the same time. You would think that the dark brown base would cover up all the gorgeous glitter, but it really doesn’t. This beauty also only needed two coats for full opacity.

I don’t know what to say about these polishes at this point–I am in love. Not only are they beautiful but the formula on all of them was perfection. Do you know how hard it is to say that considering the amount of polishes I swatch? I highly recommend ALL of these so get your hands on them as quickly as you can. You will have to wait until September 1st which is the official release date of the Fall collection. While Willie wrote that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” I think it should be more like  “waiting is such sweet sorrow.” Since we are still celebrating KBShimmer’s 5th birthday, they are currently offering free shipping on orders of $15 or more so don’t miss out. Don’t forget to follow KBShimmer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their website for all their latest news. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!