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I almost didn’t get to post today for Stamping Saturdays because I was being super deluxe lazy last night and didn’t prepare my post ahead of time, and today I just got super busy. I worked really early today and then when I got home, my friend called me so we could get dinner so I met up with her. I was then planning to meet up with another friend to go watch a movie but we decided to just do it another day since we were both feeling tired. So here I am vegging out on a Saturday night and watching some Air Disasters show on Netflix. I’m currently watching an episode about Delta flight 191 that was brought down by a microburst. I used to work for Delta so it’s the first episode that grabbed my attention. Anyway, since I’m not home and relaxing, now I have time to get my post up…yay! Yesterday I went to my nail stores but didn’t find much except for the polish I’m going to show you today and some quick dry drops that I use any time I do stamping or nail art. Let me start off by showing you Morgan Taylor New York State Of Mind.

Morgan Taylor New York State Of Mind 1I decided to show you a blurry picture with bright lighting to really give you an idea about how sparkly this polish is. It’s a polish with a dark jelly base full of tiny rainbow glitter. It’s so sparkly!

Morgan Taylor New York State Of Mind 2In different lighting, you can see all the different colors, but I decided to show you how this sparkles out in the sun.

Ok, I know I sound like an idiot but polish always makes me lose my mind.
BM 315 1BM 315 2For my stamping design, I used the paisley image from Bundle Monster Plate BM 315 and my Konad White Special polish. I really love how this turned out because I love the contrast of the delicate paisley design and the sparkly dark base.

So what do you think about this mani? What about the base polish? I am really loving all the colors peeking through the super dark base! Well, I hope that you’re having a nice weekend so far, and don’t forget to check out my girl’s posts below for other awesome stamping manis. Thanks for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon.

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11 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays #7

  1. Mmmm, I love that base – so so so sparkly! 🙂 And I love the stamping! Don’t ask me why, but I have loved paisley print since I was little (just not on clothes). It’s a weird quirk. LOL! It sounds like you had a fairly relaxing day – you deserve it! 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..OPI Swatch Spam – BluesMy Profile

  2. 1. Boob punch,
    2. Morgan Taylor is stunning, I thought it was Zoya’s Payton so boob punch again. It looks fab on you.
    3. I love the stamp design you chose because my work bag has those designs on and I love them.
    K bye love ya

  3. I love it! I sincerely need to get this stamping plate into my collection situation can finally give my mother the paisley print mani she has been begging me for!

  4. This looks great!! I love how nice and even your stamps come out! Mine just never seem to look nice p: I guess I’ll have to just keep practicing! I recently got my Konad stamper so that has at least helped!

  5. Very cute! 😀 I’ve only recently started getting into stamping because I finally got some good plates (MoYou London), and I’m still trying to get it down. I can’t seem to stamp directly onto my nails very successfully, so I’ve been using the decal method. Your posts have been pretty inspiring to me!

    Aaaaaand here I come with another dupe suggestion: that Morgan Taylor polish reminds me a LOT of Pure Ice “Private Show”. It’s possible they’re not as similar as I think, but they look pretty close to me.

  6. “Super deluxe lazy,” hahaha.
    So relaxing at home involves watching shows about airplane disasters? O.O Good to know!
    That base color is so pretty and the video is too hilarious. Do you think this is comparable to Butter London Black Knight?
    Without looking back over your submissions, I’m going to say I think this is my favorite Stamping Saturday manicure. 🙂

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