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It’s about 70 degrees here today which isn’t hot, but it’s February man! It’s supposed to be Winter! I guess I should count myself lucky that it isn’t 90 degrees like it was a few weeks ago or that we’re not covered in snow, but I’d like to have some kind of normal balance when it comes to our seasons. Since it’s so crazy sunny outside, I decided to show you a super bright and juicy polish: Misa Lime Love. I actually have this polish up on my blog sale, and now I’m rethinking it because it’s so pretty! Another reason why I wanted to wear a bright polish is because I want to be in a happy and positive frame of mind for the coming week. You see, I am up for a promotion at work that I am really excited about. Not only would it be a nice promotion, but I would also have regular hours (no more buttcrack of dawn shifts and no more weekends!!!!). Please send me positive vibes, juju, happy thoughts and anything you can think of so that I land it. I’m not too sure who I’m up against to snag this position, but by the sound of things I think I’m the frontrunner. I don’t want to get my hopes up and then fall flat on my face, but I’m definitely hopeful!

Misa Lime Love 1Misa Lime Love 2Misa Lime Love 3For all you green lovers out there, Misa Lime Love is definitely a color that you’re going to want to have. It’s a juicy lime green with green/gold fine shimmer which isn’t super obvious on the nail, but it can be seen at certain angles in the right lighting. The formula as a little streaky, but it’s of a nice consistency so it does build up nicely. I used two thick coats but you may want to apply three thinner coats so it doesn’t take eons to dry.

To be honest, this is the first time I try Misa because I never find it in any retail setting and I just hate paying for shipping–I’m cheap that way. I know that these can be purchased online at various etailers including misa.com, so you should be able to get them fairly easily. Are you a Misa fan? Are there any must have colors from them that you can recommend? Well, I really hope that you’ve had a great weekend and that you are ready for Monday. I will be having an official interview sometime this week so I am keeping my fingers crossed. If I do get the promotion, I see some major polish shopping armageddon coming my way so I am both hopeful and scared. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Misa Lime Love

  1. I am SO GLAD I am the only one who HATES paying for shipping. A lot of the time, depending on the shipping I wont even bother buying. This color is absolutely gorgeous though!

  2. 1. Looooove the colour
    2. You know I will always send you good vibes and I’ll always keep you in my thoughts bcoz I know what you deserve and I know you go the extra mile
    3. Green also a good positive colour. I’m wearing Sally’s Gem crush in Be-jewelled to try keep my sparkle up. Very down today

  3. It WAS hot yesterday! I took Leeloo in the car with me (to get In N Out, lol) and she was all overheated. I was like damn, alright, noted! It’s supposed to rain all week after today, though.
    I really like this. Usually these types of greens are not really my thing, but I think it looks great.
    Good luck this week! You are the bestest, rock starriest unicorn for the job!

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