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You know those days when nothing really bad happens, yet you happen to feel super shitty? That’s me today but I actually think I’m PMS’ing so that’s normal, I guess. Yeah, TMI but whatever. I haven’t painted my nails in a few days so today I sat down to pick through all my untrieds and I zeroed in on Orly Terra Mauve. I know that a lot of people think mauve is such a grandma color, but I actually love how it looks on me. Even though this lighting washes out my skin a bit, it usually gets the polish color right which I find is really difficult with my other lighting. I guess it’s a trade off, so I’m while I’m searching for a better (and economical) lighting set up, this will have to do.

Orly Terra Mauve 1Orly Terra Mauve 2I found this bottle of Orly Terra Mauve in this crazy polish warehouse and of course I grabbed it because it’s in the huge old style Orly bottles. Look how humungous it is at .75 fluid ounces! The formula on this smelled kind of horrific. It is a very old bottle and I’m sure it is full of those 3 chemicals that everyone tries to avoid nowadays. It seriously made my eyes water a bit! I also found that the formula was beyond thin and it took multiple coats to get a good, even result. While I like the color, I don’t think it’s worth the annoyance.

So what do you have planned for the weekend? Anything fun? I work on Saturday so maybe I’ll do something fun Saturday night but usually I’m so tired and annoyed after work that all I want to do is veg out. I do have to work on my stamping mani for Saturday tomorrow night so wish me luck because I’m totally blanking on ideas. I am planning to go polish shopping tomorrow after work (I will limit myself to 3…max 5 items) so maybe I will find a cool polish to use. Anyway, thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

7 thoughts on “Orly Terra Mauve

  1. I think I was with you during this acquisition, haha.
    I am fearful because if YOU say it smells bad, you who semi-enjoys sniffing non-big 3-free-ness…I am running away, lol.
    I like mauve on you, too, but eh…I dunno. This looks more berry red? It’s not my favorite.
    Good luck with your Stamping Saturday mani and your polish shopping! I know you’ll share. 😉

  2. The colour is pretty, the fumes… Not so much.
    No plans the weekend. I’m sick so YAY not! I want to finish my assignment though so I can send it next week.

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