Tonic Peacock Parade – Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Is it nice and toasty in your neck of the woods? It’s October and it’s basically 100 degrees so I’m hating life. I just hope that for the sake of wildfires all over the state, that the weather cools down a lot. This weekend I pretty much stayed home to avoid the heat which is kind of hard considering I don’t have AC, but I did end up swatching a bunch of polishes that I purchased recently. One of those polishes is Tonic Peacock Parade. Oh, beautiful shifty polish how I love thee! Let me show you some swatches before I let you know the verdict.

Tonic Peacock Parade

Tonic Peacock Parade

Tonic Peacock Parade

Tonic Peacock Parade

Tonic Peacock Parade (3 coats of polish + 1 coat of Poshé)


Sweet baby Jesus on rollerskates! This polish is so shifty and gorgeous that I want to wear it every day in some capacity. This polish requires a few coats for full opacity–I applied 3 thin coats. I don’t mind having to apply 3 coats of polish, but considering that this is the only bottle I have, I get serious fear of running out. Will I run out? Probably not. There are very few bottles of polish that I have ever used up (OPI Vodka & Caviar, I’m looking at you!), so I should stop being a weirdo. I do wonder if I can apply one coat of black and one coat of Peacock Parade…I’ll have to give it a try. The formula on this polish was a little thin–hence needing 3 coats. I also felt that it was a little runny and I feared that I would flood my cuticles but I just made sure not to keep too much polish on my brush. It does show brushstrokes a little bit, but not enough to make me get annoyed. Removal was a breeze–no issues with staining whatsoever. I really, really love how beautiful this polish is! And here is a video of this polish in action:

I’m sorry if you love this polish because it was a one time pre-order. I know…I know.

If you do want this polish badly enough, I know that there have already been a few in FB groups/destashes. If you want to be in the know, don’t forget to join the Tonic Facebook Group so that you know when restocks are announced and you don’t miss out on any more pretties. So what do you think about Tonic Peacock Parade? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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