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Stamping Saturdays #57

Stamping Saturdays #57

Stamping Saturdays is here again but for me it’s almost Stamping Sundays since I’m posting this so late. Yes, I know it’s Sunday already in some parts, but it’s still 11 pm here in California so suck it. I’ve been doing a bunch of crap today that I shouldn’t have taken on because I had kind of an exhausting day so now I’m just annoyed. Tomorrow I won’t get much done either because duh, it’s the Oscars. Before I start getting sleepy, let me move on to my actual mani.

12The gorgeous polish that I used for my base is NYC Queen’s Jewels (press sample). This is a full coverage squishy glitter that only requires 2 coats for full opacity. This is like a Christmas tree in a bottle!

34I then used an image from BP-04 (press sample) to stamp with my white Konad polish. The image is a large peacock (OMG A BIRD!), and I used the part that had the feather/lace design. I do think that the white covers up way too much of the polish, but it’s ok…I still like it.

So what do you think about this polish and the stamped design? Will you be watching the Oscars? Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and that you’re enjoying your weekend. Thanks for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon.


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Stamping Saturdays #37

Stamping Saturdays #37




Holy shitballs. I can’t believe I am currently enjoying day 1 of my 4 day weekend. And how am I enjoying today, you ask? By watching episode after episode of Sons of Anarchy, of course! I completely blame Emma for getting me started on this show, and she was 100% right–I love it. I am just starting season 2 and I suspect that I’ll be able to get through a couple of seasons over this long weekend. Next week is a big TV week for me because 2 of my favorite shows are coming back: Scandal and The Blacklist!! My TV life will be complete when The Following comes back, but it seems that I will have to wait until next year for that. I think I might have to stop watching so much TV, but to be honest I tend to watch while I do other stuff like cleaning or doing my nails so at least I’m being somewhat productive. For today’s Stamping Saturdays, I decided to go extra glittery so let me show you what I did.

NYC Blue Majesty 1NYC Blue Majesty 2This gorgeous polish is NYC Blue Majesty (press sample) from the Crystal Couture Collection. It’s a very opaque glitter with a very pigmented blue jelly base. Unfortunately it stains something fierce so make sure that you double up on base coat. I didn’t use any base coat and ended up having to buff the staining away because it was so bad that not even pure acetone worked. You may also have noticed my super short nails. I don’t normally like having my nails this short, but since I broke my pinky nail I just decided to file them all down.

MoYou London Pro Collection - 02 1MoYou London Pro Collection - 02 2Because there is nothing more gorgeous to me than a white and blue mani, I stamped this image from plate MoYou London Pro Collection – 02 (press sample). I really like how this mani turned out despite my nubs.

So what are you up to this weekend? I’m really happy that the weather has cooled down dramatically. Earlier in the week it was around 100 degrees and now I’m enjoying upper 70’s and low 80’s which is heavenly. I just hope that it stays this way so I can enjoy my mini vacation. I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for stopping by today!

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American Classic Kissin Cousin

Today I have another oldie for you from American Classic. I am still actively trying to hunt down more information about this company and this phantom line of nail polishes. I might just have to go and talk to my nail polish guy again since he told me some background info on the the founder of the company. I was looking at the ingredient section on the back and it is definitely not Big 3-Free…not that it’s a big surprise considering how old the bottle looks.


This color is called Kissin Cousin. What is a “kissin cousin” anyway? I mean, it sounds a little incestuous to me.  The formula on this was very sheer but also very buildable. I love this soft color because it just looks so delicate and bright.


Will you stop with the glitter already!? Here is Kissin Cousin with a coat of Servin’ Up Sparkle. I also applied a mattifier  to change the look of the glitter and polish.

Have you ever come across these American Classic nail polishes? Please let me k now if you have any information about them; I’d love to know how old these are! Thanks for visiting today and I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Nails Inc. Porchester Square

It’s Sunday! Which song do you like better?


Both are awesome in my opinion but I think I feel more like Maroon 5 today.  I wore the following color for two days. Yes, you read correctly: two days! I did change it up a bit today because I was bored.

I am sure that if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I love nails inc. I really think that they make the best cremes around. That being my favorite finish, I can’t help but adore them and hoard them whenever I can. Porchester Square is such a nice and neutral color. It’s a grey with some pink and it almost looks a bit lavender in certain lights. I love how shiny and creamy this color is and the formula was fantastic.


No, you’re not on the wrong blog. This really is glitter. I bought a bunch of tiny Essence polishes at Ulta a while back but hadn’t used them yet. I pulled out this glitter to try out and was happy with the subtle look I achieved. I ended up using a mattifying top coat as well. I much prefer matte glitters IF I am going to wear glitter at all.


So how has your weekend been? I hope you enjoyed it and that you’re in a good frame of mind to start a new week. Every day is a new chance to start over. At least that’s what I keep telling myself……………..