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American Classic Kissin Cousin

Today I have another oldie for you from American Classic. I am still actively trying to hunt down more information about this company and this phantom line of nail polishes. I might just have to go and talk to my nail polish guy again since he told me some background info on the the founder of the company. I was looking at the ingredient section on the back and it is definitely not Big 3-Free…not that it’s a big surprise considering how old the bottle looks.


This color is called Kissin Cousin. What is a “kissin cousin” anyway? I mean, it sounds a little incestuous to me.  The formula on this was very sheer but also very buildable. I love this soft color because it just looks so delicate and bright.


Will you stop with the glitter already!? Here is Kissin Cousin with a coat of Servin’ Up Sparkle. I also applied a mattifier  to change the look of the glitter and polish.

Have you ever come across these American Classic nail polishes? Please let me k now if you have any information about them; I’d love to know how old these are! Thanks for visiting today and I hope that you have a lovely weekend.