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Zoya Bubbly Collection Summer 2014

Zoya Bubbly Collection Summer 2014




Hey, look! I have all 6 polishes here because Peanut did NOT break any of them. Yay! I’m still a little sad about the loss of Rocha (and about my table being ruined!), but I’ll just classify this as Peanut’s first polish destruction. I’m sure that there will be many more to follow. Today I have the Zoya Bubbly Collection to share with you, and I can tell you that I am a bit surprised. Surprised good or surprised bad? Keep reading and you’ll find out…

Zoya Harper 1Zoya Harper 2Zoya Harper

Zoya Binx 1Zoya Binx 2Zoya Binx

Zoya Muse 1Zoya Muse 2Zoya Muse

Zoya Staasi 1Zoya Staasi 2Zoya Staasi

Zoya Jesy 1Zoya Jesy 2Zoya Jesy

Zoya Alma 1Zoya Alma 2Zoya Alma

When I first saw the promo pictures for this collection, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, the idea of jelly polishes with holo glitter seemed kind of strange considering the images that were released.I wouldn’t really consider these polishes holographic in the sense that we were all expecting and hoping that they would be. These are very thick glitter polishes in a tinted jelly base which means that they are very sheer. I applied 3 thickish coats for all my swatches because I wanted them to be fully opaque without having to layer them over a solid color. The final result is a lovely glitter packed finish that almost makes them look metallic. I certainly was not expecting to like these, but I kind of do. I’m not like dying with excitement, but I do think these are pretty and anticipate that they will be fairly well-received. So what do you think of these? I’ve been hearing mixed feelings about these and I can tell you that if had to pick one or two, I would go with Muse and Harper because I just love how they look. If you want to get your hands on these, they can be found at Zoya.com for $9 each. They should start shipping out May 15 which is right around the corner. Don’t forget to check out my swatches of the Zoya Tickled Collection! Will you be getting any of these?

31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 10 : Gradient Nails

Gradient Nails: you are my mortal enemy. It doesn’t matter how many tutorials I watch or how many tips people give me, I just can’t get this technique down. I’ve used a bout a million different type of sponges, and I’ve never been able to achieve the beautiful results I’ve seen on other blogs. I was fearing this challenge day because I hadn’t attempted a gradient mani in a long time so I wasn’t looking forward to yet another nail fail.

I started out with two coats of Serenity.

 Illamasqua Serenity Swatch          Illamasqua Serenity Swatch

I love Serenity! This polish is one of their new Rubber Brights so it dries to a satin/rubber finish.

And here is my gradient……………………………..

Illamasqua Serenity & Muse Gradient          Illamasqua Serenity & Muse Gradient

I don’t hate this, but I don’t like it either. I don’t know what happened when I tried to photograph this, but my camera took a million dumps on me and did not want to photograph Muse. What the heck,  Sony Cyber-Shot?! These were the best pictures of maybe 50…yes, 50! So anyway, I used Muse on my gradient tip which doesn’t really look like a gradient but whatever. At least I tried, and if you think it’s ugly, tweet me a picture of your gradient so I can mock it too. 😛 The next challenge revolves around half-moons which is pretty hard to mess up so at least I won’t worry about it.

Anywho, don’t forget to check out all of the other submissions for gradient nails below. Let us know what you think.

Illamasqua Muse

Are you surprised that I have yet another Illamasqua beauty to wax poetic about? I think that Illamasqua is looking to dethrone Nails Inc. as my favorite brand for creme finish nail polish. I’m feeling a little rotten right now because I had too much to drink last night. I actually hate drinking because it brings back bad memories (I should write a post about that! lol). Honestly, I don’t know why I drank last night…probably to dull my senses if only for a little while. I am not feeling completely miserable this morning despite my little indulgence so I am very grateful to my body for now turning against me. Being hung over is such a horrible feeling so I don’t get how people can do it regularly. Anyway, I’ll stop with the random alcohol talk and come back to the topic at hand: Muse!  (Revenons à nos moutons!)

Muse is gorgeous, right? The name is so fitting because this color inspired me to do so many things: I wanted to stamp the crap out of it, glitter it up, dot it up…the list is endless. Illamasqua calls this a deep teal blue but I don’t see that much teal in it; it’s a lot more blue than green in my eyes. Does this remind you of other colors? Maybe OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. I don’t care how many similar colors I may already have–the formula makes this an absolute stand out. I applied two thin coats here and it was perfectly opaque.


I know I said I wasn’t going to purchase any of the CG Prismatic glitters, but I changed my mind once I started seeing all the great things people were doing with them. I used Optical Illusion for the sponging on my tips, and I quite like how my nails turned out. I’m such a glitter hypocrite!

How has your weekend been so far? Thanks for visiting and I will be back later. I’m headed to my nail polish mecca in a bit and I know that’s just trouble. 🙂