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Illamasqua Muse

Are you surprised that I have yet another Illamasqua beauty to wax poetic about? I think that Illamasqua is looking to dethrone Nails Inc. as my favorite brand for creme finish nail polish. I’m feeling a little rotten right now because I had too much to drink last night. I actually hate drinking because it brings back bad memories (I should write a post about that! lol). Honestly, I don’t know why I drank last night…probably to dull my senses if only for a little while. I am not feeling completely miserable this morning despite my little indulgence so I am very grateful to my body for now turning against me. Being hung over is such a horrible feeling so I don’t get how people can do it regularly. Anyway, I’ll stop with the random alcohol talk and come back to the topic at hand: Muse!  (Revenons à nos moutons!)

Muse is gorgeous, right? The name is so fitting because this color inspired me to do so many things: I wanted to stamp the crap out of it, glitter it up, dot it up…the list is endless. Illamasqua calls this a deep teal blue but I don’t see that much teal in it; it’s a lot more blue than green in my eyes. Does this remind you of other colors? Maybe OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. I don’t care how many similar colors I may already have–the formula makes this an absolute stand out. I applied two thin coats here and it was perfectly opaque.


I know I said I wasn’t going to purchase any of the CG Prismatic glitters, but I changed my mind once I started seeing all the great things people were doing with them. I used Optical Illusion for the sponging on my tips, and I quite like how my nails turned out. I’m such a glitter hypocrite!

How has your weekend been so far? Thanks for visiting and I will be back later. I’m headed to my nail polish mecca in a bit and I know that’s just trouble. 🙂