Ruby Wing Summer Festival Paint Collection 2013

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So, I had planned on waking up early so I could get some laundry done but I ended up NOT doing that and just being a lazy bum all morning while I watched a bunch of episodes of Doctor Who. I may be super new to the Doctor Who fan club but man this show is addictive. I’ve been humming that doooo weeeeeeeeee oooooooooo sound from the intro all morning.



I am totally feeling some Doctor Who nails coming on. Now that you think I’m a total weirdo, let’s talk polish again. Today I have two polishes from the Ruby Wing Summer Festival Paint Collection from 2013. This is not my first experience with solar color changing polish as some of you may remember my BBM (Blue Balls Manicure) which you can see here. I am glad to report that the formula for these Ruby Wing polishes is pretty great. I applied 1 thin coat and a second thicker coat for full coverage for both of these polishes. I am sorry for the really horrid pictures of the polishes out in the sun: I don’t know why my camera decided to take 5 dumps on me any time I tried to take pictures in direct sunlight. The polish top coat looks kind of streaky even though it wasn’t at all. Ugh…so frustrating! Believe it or not, those were the best pictures I ended up with so I just had to suck it up and use them.






Ruby Wing Crowd Surf Indoors






Ruby Wing Crowd Surf Outdoors






Ruby Wing Groupie Indoors






Ruby Wing Groupie Outdoors


Overall, I think these are super fun colors and I think they are worth picking up if you like the whole idea of color changing polishes. As I mentioned before, the formula on these polishes is pretty great as well. There are a total of 6 polishes in the Summer Festival Collection, and I think I am going to have to pick up Eternal because it is the most amazing turquoise changing to grey polish!!! I’m in love with it! My greasy looking hands are really bugging me in these pictures today!! I need to find a better way to moisturize before taking swatch pictures that don’t make me look like I dipped my hands in a tub of lard. I guess I’d rather have over-moisturized hands than crusty, ragged or flaking cuticles. Amirite? No one needs to see that!

For news on Ruby Wing and to keep up with all their new releases, you can follow them here:






Thank so much for stopping by today, and I hope you’ve been having a great day!

16 thoughts on “Ruby Wing Summer Festival Paint Collection 2013

  1. I found these at 5 Below for $3! I picked up both of the colors you showed here plus the green (Eternal).

    1. That is quite a deal!!!! Ooohh…I’m dying to get my hands on Eternal. I just love how gorgeous it looks when it’s changing colors.

  2. You are such a smelly pirate hooker! I mentioned less than 24 hours ago how I want these two, as well as Eternal and Electric Firefly, and here you are TAUNTING ME! Based on these swatches & Frosso’s recommendation, they will someday be mine. They were offically added to my wishlist today.
    I want those two Chanels, these four Ruby Wings, and the whole Happy Hands Arrested Development collection (I bet I can talk my brother into getting me the latter for my birthday, but that’s two months from now & they’re not always available).
    BTW, yesterday’s nail fail involved Ruby Wing! I heard Tracy (of tracefacephiles) on Instagram (who swatched Eternal…based on that photo, you want it) mention finding them at Big Lots, but no luck for me. I wasn’t really surprised, but was still hoping…

    1. I meant to mention that I am kind of heartbroken that these can be had for like $3 from Big Lots and 5 Below as Mary P. mentioned above, but I don’t think they retail anywhere around here. I don’t want to pay $10/bottle when they can be scored for less. *POUT* I am apparently quite bitter about this.
      Anyway, I know these are press samples, but if you ever see them in the polish mecca where you live for cheaper, let me know and I’ll pay ya back. I’m trying to broker polish deals here…I am obviously obsessive. But, you get it. 😉

  3. These would be amazing toe colors! Added to my wishlist and stalking other swatches now… and yes, someone shiny cuticles are way better that crusty dry ones. Ugh, why would anyone even bother posting those??

    1. I wonder this every time I stumble across those pictures. I’m sorry, but they just make me want to barf. I always imagine what having those hands would feel like if you were wearing a flannel or had jersey sheets. I want to cry just thinking about it. One thing is if that’s just how your cuticles are and you don’t have time to take care of them–I get that. But it’s another thing to post your pics of crusty, flaky, bleeding cuticles all over the internet where they could potentially offend my eyes. LOL I’ll stop there before someone starts saying I’m a bully. ha!

  4. There is a place near me that sells nail polish that is color changing. I’m definitely going to have to see if it’s Ruby Wing. I’ve been lusting over this brand for a while! I Looove the swatches!

  5. I’m prepared for the hate on this but- I’ve never watched dr who!! It seems like this major trendy cult hit all of the sudden and I’ve just never put forth the effort to find it and watch it. Anyway- about these polishes I think they’re pretty but I wish they were a little more bold w the color change. I like my del sol polishes but I don’t really feel the need for a bunch of color changing polishes. Maybe I’m a party pooper. And I’d much rather see greasy cuticles (at least your level of “greasy” which isn’t very bad) over crusty cuticles. I don’t kind too much when cuticles are kinda right in the middle- maybe the tiniest bit dry or the tiniest bit greasy, but when they look like they just got dipped in oil or like they’re flannel snaggers I can’t take it. Yuck yuck yuck.
    Nicole recently posted..Shimmer Gradient Semi-Nail-FailMy Profile

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