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When I was trying to decide what color to paint my nails today, I first pulled out Clinique Really Rio and after I applied it, the pictures ended up looking like a big pile of turds wrapped in burnt hair. I think that color looks amazing in the bottle, but it looks horrid on my skin tone. Maybe it was just one of those days when nothing seems to photograph correctly so I ended up removing it and looked for another polish. Well, I decided to go with an untried green: Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Isabelle. Let me tell you a little bit about why I chose this color today specifically. I remembered discussing the significance of the color green with my American Literature professor (yes, the previously mentioned professor that I wanted to brain bone when I was 17).  We were talking about the significance of the green light of at the end of the dock at Daisy’s house and how longingly Gatsby admired it and reached for it–instilling his hope and idealism into that vapid and flighty woman who did not deserve to be on the pedestal he had placed her on. Green is the color of hope, balance and harmony and boy am I in need of some of that in my life right now.








Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Isabelle is a neonish green polish that dries to a satiny finish. Upon first application, the polish seemed incredibly thin which gave me flashbacks from using Essie Shake Your $$ Maker. I think that Isabelle is a tad less vibrant but it’s pretty darn close, and it covers in three coats! You can still see some slight VNL, but I can live with that. I was just thinking to myself: Your life may suck donkey balls right now, but at least you have fabulous nails. I don’t know if that was meant to be a consolation or if it was just meant to make me laugh uncontrollably. Maybe that will be my lonely shriveled up piece of corn! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this. You’re welcome.)

I tried to do some stamping over this, but I was having such a turdy (yes, that’s my word!) time picking up the image that I just ended up giving up. I’ve been such a quitter today. I just wish I was able to quit the job that is the bane of my existence currently. I had a really crappy day at work today to the point that it took even fiber in my being not to burst into tears towards the end of the day. I told myself that if I made it through the day without going postal, I could treat myself by going to my nail places and loading up on some new polish. I was especially looking forward to getting the new Essie Summer Collection! I went to three of my main nail places and they told me that they still hadn’t received their shipments so that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I started sobbing in my car because I did get the new Essies. Ok, so it wasn’t really about the Essies but more about how disappointed I was with the fact that the one thing that could have potentially cheered me up momentarily wasn’t available. It was both pathetic and kind of hilarious…especially since I’m such an ugly crier a la Dawson. (Maria–you get this!)

Anyway, it always makes me feel better to focus on doing my nails because it forces me not to be such a downer, and I stop focusing on everything that’s bothering me. I also want to thank the amazing group of ladies on Siobahn’s email from earlier today. We may have never met (yet!), but you are all amazing. Thank you for all the support and crazy laughs even if we are all going to hell in a hand basket. I’m really glad that I don’t have to work tomorrow because I seriously need a mental health day–STAT! Thanks for reading despite my total downer posts lately. I hope this is just a little slump that I’m going through since this time of year brings around memories of dark times. Despite this, I really am eons ahead of where I was two years ago so this give me hope that not everything is a big pile of shit. (Have you noticed how scatalogical my vocabulary is?)

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  1. Immediately went to the corn story. Awesome blog and writer! It makes sense to me. Yes, you do have enviable nails and that’s not nothing sweetie. Don’t mean to be nosy, but do you have a dog or cat? They are instant mood elevators.

    1. I actually got a dog early last year. My psychiatrist had to write me a letter for an emotional support pet since my landlord does not allow pets. Unfortunately, I was still struggling with anxiety and depression pretty severely at that point and I had to find him a new home because I was just having too much anxiety about him. I still miss him every single day but I know he has an awesome life now and I’m glad I was able to find such an amazing family to adopt him. I know this is just a temporary setback and I hope to get back on track soon. 🙂 Thank you for caring! I’m glad you enjoyed that blog–it’s seriously my favorite blog out there.

      1. That’s great you found him a good home. That is not easy. I found a dog and it took three weeks to find his forever home. Ever thought of fostering? I fostered kittens once and it was very rewarding!

        1. It’s hard for me because I have pretty bad allergies so I was able to have my dog because he was considered to be “hypo-allergenic” Cats kill me…my face swells up like a balloon. hehe I wish I could foster but it’s probably not feasible right now with my crazy work schedule.

  2. i didn’t like the color as much as the dawson reference LOOOOL.. i was drinking my coke of the day and i spilled it over the bed..!

    i understand you, sometimes tiny things like not finding polish (it happened with matte about it, i drove like 3 hours in the traffic trying to find it..) is the last thing you want to listen.. because it is something simple and easy to find..
    i’ve cried many times in my car because of my job, sometimes, i avoid coming home early, so i don’t have to talk about how shitty my day FELT (because, it was a productive day at the end of it)..
    but when these two weeks i’ve been back at work, i dont know, it was like something changed on me.. i have a LOOOT to do, and things havent changed over my office, i just don’t give a shit anymore.. when I know I’m tired and no longer productive, i just come back home and forgot about office stuff.. and seize the opportunity of doing something I like.
    maybe the hypoallergenic cat is a good idea.. maybe finding another hobby that makes you interact with people..
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Spun Sugar NailsMy Profile

    1. I knew you would like the Dawson reference since we talked about it before.

      I feel like I’ve been way too sensitive lately so I’m hoping that it’s just a phase right now. I’m thinking of a hairless cat when you say hypoallergenic. LOL That would freak me out. I already don’t like cats as it is and that would be terrible. LOL I also can’t have a pet that sheds because I am too much of a freak to have pet hair on me and all over my place.

  3. Love that color!
    And how have I not heard about this corn story?? I will further be exploring that amazing blog.
    I’ve had horrid jobs… keep sending out resumes. Take a civil service test. Oh! Go get your nail license! That’s my back-up career option, or when I turn 50 and I’m sick of my current field 🙂

    1. I’m glad that you clicked over to Hyperbole and a Half. She seriously has the most amazing blog ever and I was so sad that she hadn’t posted in such a long time but I understand why. I will keep on truckin’ lol

  4. As soon as you mentioned the shriveled piece of corn, I knew what you were talking about. I just want to tell you that I’m sorry about your dead fish. For some reason, clearance shopping at Target is my instant mood lifter, and when I can’t find anything, I do want to go cry in my car.

    Having nice nails isn’t nothing – because it is the little things that lift our spirits. 😀 Hope today is a better day for you. <3
    Jessica Dymphna-Rose recently posted..Sinful Colors Blues Comparison (and a Request)My Profile

    1. We all need our piece of corn! 🙂 Thank you….today has been “relaxing” because I didn’t have to go to the cesspool of disfunction that is my job. I hope tomorrow isn’t as bad as yesterday.

  5. “It smells like a diaper full of Indian food!” “It smells like Bigfoot’s dick!”
    My favorite Hyperbole and a Half is the one about moving with dogs. My brother showed it to me…OMG, I was DYING.
    I’ve noticed that we’ve all started using the word “turd” and I credit that to you. Congratulations! 😉
    As for the nails, they look awesome on you. I like it more than Shake Your $$$ Maker.
    “it always makes me feel better to focus on doing my nails because it forces me not to be such a downer, and I stop focusing on everything that’s bothering me.” Yes. Yes, this. The emails/other social media interactions help, too. 😉

  6. On a light note I had no clue Hyperbole and a Half was (sorta) back!! I love that blog to death!!! It’s so hilarious and just right up my alley. As you know, I’m a fan of hyperbole, and that corn story had me aww-ing and also cracking up!! Also- I love this green. On a serious note I absolutely appreciate all my nail polish friends too and have more fun than someone should really have w people who are technically strangers. I love talking to you all and yes we are definitely going in that hand basket. But hey- what’s the fun in being polite and proper all the time?? 🙂
    Nicole recently posted..How To Save Bubbled Up NailsMy Profile

  7. firstly, let me say, that your nails ALWAYS look good! I wish I had YOUR nails because they are the right length, they’re just in great shape!

    secondly, this colour reminds me of dollar green but i really do like it! It’s dark but not very dark or very bright, it’s just right 😉 you see what I did there heheheheheehe
    I really am going to hell lmao
    Siobhan recently posted..Untried Polish Challenge 1: One ColourMy Profile

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