OPI Purple Gradient + Stamping

I really don’t know why I find the most simple nail art techniques extremely challenging. I remember seeing The Nailasaurus’ gradient nail tutorial a million years ago and thinking that it looked fairly easy. I was excited to try it out…until I wasn’t. It turned out to be super difficult for me to get a decent gradient so I basically gave up…not to mention that it was crazy messy. Well, I think times have changed because I now feel more confident after implementing a few tricks. Today I decided to do an OPI purple gradient (yay to my favorite color!) with some stamping. This was also an idea I put into practice because purple is the color of the month over at the OPI Mad Love Facebook Group, and I wanted to create something fun for the group. So let’s start with the messfest!



OPI Purple Gradient

OPI Purple Gradient

OPI Purple Gradient

I decided to use two OPI shades to create my gradient: Purpletual Emotion and Do You Lilac It? The tip that really helped me create decent gradients is to moisten the sponge with water. This prevents the sponge from breaking apart and depositing too much polish. I used to always have problems with the spoke breaking down and leaving bits of spoke on my gradient and that drove me bonkers. You can press the sponge on some tape to minimize fuzzies and bits of sponge–this worked well for me. I bought my last sponges at Sally Beauty and they were so good that I didn’t get any bits on my polish. As far as the messy factor, I love using a liquid latex barrier to help minimize clean up. The one I have been using is from Pueen and it cost $8.99. It works nicely but it does have a pretty foul odor. Lastly, I added a stamp design to kick it up a notch. This image comes from Born Pretty Plate BP-L016 and I used Cre8tion Stamping Polish in white. Of course I also used my new favorite clear stamper from Lantern & Wren.

So what do you think about my purple gradient? I think it turned out pretty well! Now, just for shiggles, here is my very first gradient attempt from 2012. Yes, it’s ok to laugh.

Don’t you just love how I thought close up flash photography was the way to go? Look at that horrid gradient. I’m glad I have improved in the last 6 years. lol What is a nail art technique that you have a hard time with? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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OPI Purple Gradient OPI Purple Gradient OPI Purple GradientOPI Purple Gradient

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