Jade Holografico Hypnose

I consider myself a very polite person. I can still remember my mom scolding me as a kid when I didn’t say hello to everyone if we had visitors. Sadly, I don’t see that children–or adults–seem to care about manners as much anymore. It’s something that definitely  bothers me. For example, today I went to the bank and as I was leaving, a man was coming towards the entrance so I went out of my way to hold the door open for him and he just walked right through and didn’t bother saying thank you or anything. I am the type of person who will hold to door open for anyone–male or female–so when someone doesn’t even bother acknowledging the gesture, it makes me hope they trip and fall on their face as they walk through the door. Mean?  Whatever.

Moving on to nicer things, I want to show you this really amazing polish that Amy sent me recently. Let me tell you a little bit about Amy…she’s freaking hilarious and she is a super sweetheart. We kind of struck up a conversation via email when I was doing my blog sale stuff, and she was so KIND and encouraging when I was having such a craptacular time.  Right before I found a job, I was really blue and panicking about my financial future and she picked some polishes out to send me as a pick me up gift. What a sweet and wonderful gesture on her part…and they ended up being congratulatory polishes since I fortunately found a job shortly thereafter. Once again, here is another person that I would have never met if not for this little blog.  Amy has a blog too so make sure you drop by some time. I love reading her posts especially when they involve matador’s butts. Yep, you read correctly. (Click here for her blog.)

Jade Holografico Hypnose

This is Jade Holografico Hypnose. Why is it that so many crazy gorgeous polishes are coming out of Brazil lately? This holographic beauty is the blue I have always dreamed about. Although the linear holo is not as strong as say, my Laylas, it’s still awesome and I can’t get over how intense the color is. I wish I had taken some pictures of it in the sun because it looks even more amazing with direct and bright sunlight. I don’t think I will ever get tired of holos!

Believe it or not, I need to get back to cleaning. I am a loser without a life. It’s Saturday night, and I’m enjoying cleaning my whole apartment. What’s wrong with me, you ask? I just like cleaning. I actually spent a good part of the day watching House Of Cards on Netflix. Oh my God, have you watched that show? It’s an original Netflix 13 episode series with Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. Holy shiznit it’s really good. The only bad part is that I am on episode 12 now so what am I going to do when it’s over???? I wonder if they are going to produce more episodes…I need to know! I also swatched the Zoya Pixie Dust collection so that will be going up on my blog early next week. Now I need to start swatching the China Glaze Avant Garden collection as well as the Venique Goes To Hollywood collection. Seems like I will have a busy Sunday as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

17 thoughts on “Jade Holografico Hypnose

  1. Love that shade!

    As for the rudeness- I hear you! I was in London yesterday waiting to get on the underground and this girl who got off literally told everyone to “get out of her effing way” as she stepped off. I was so enraged and loudly said to my husband, “this is why I need to leave England!” I always assume people in other countries must have better manners, but from what you’ve just said it sounds like no matter where you go, there will be rude people throughout life. Just have to feel glad we aren’t on their level I suppose.

    Oh, and I hope your job gets easier- when I started mine and was in the training stages, I hated it and wanted to leave; but I stuck it out til the training was over and after that I lasted 6.5 years there. So don’t despair- it might get better!

  2. This polish is just beautiful, I must definitely buy it! Your friend must be awesome who encouraged you with this. 🙂

    I agree with what you said about manners. This make me think about a comic strip. Don’t know if you’ve seen it. In the first box from 1950(or something) a mom ask her child “have you been nice to your teacher?”. In the second box which is present the mom asks her child “have you teacher been nice to you?”

    I’m not pro physical abuse from teachers/parents or anything like that, I think that verbal discussion and learning can do everything! Sadly there’s an attitude change where no one is paying anyone respect, saying thanks when a door get’s open, saying sorry when they do something bad by accident etc. 🙁
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  3. Know exactly what you mean about the first part, and surprisingly the persons where I study (I study in a “bad” smal town where now one want to be) are really nice and thanks/hold up doors and so on, now and then they can open a door for you even that they shall go an other way. 🙂
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  4. i love this blue..
    my dad’s from brazil and my aunt just came to visit, she brought a lot of stuff, idont complain, but TBH they all know about how much i love doing nails and nobody sent me a polish.. daf.q people.. why did they send me stuff i would never use instead of sending me polish.. #BabyRant

    regarding the door open, i guess people just don’t care.. whenever i hold a door open for someone, in the moment they pass and don’t say thank you, i just yell them: your welcome maleducado, this is not an automatic door..

    sometimes they stare at me like you’re crazy, others say sorry thank you.. and one day one person even told me something like: i didn’t ask you open it for me.. this person was with a child, so i go back hold the kid and told him: DONT YOU EVER IMITATE YOUR DAD, IDK IF HE TAUGHT YOU, BUT WHENEVER SOMEONE DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOU, LIKE OPENING THE DOOR, YOU ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU..! both the dad and the kid were all like this crazy person..
    i look like a 15 YO.. maybe they were plain scared.
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  5. Super pretty holo. I have a few Jades I haven’t worn yet that I really should have worn by now. I think I avoid wearing the ones I really want because I don’t want the experience to be over. Silly, but I think that may be it 🙂 you are so not a loser without a life. I’ve been snowed in since Friday and I’ve barely gotten anything done. You are just very productive.

    1. I was all worried about you because of the last post on your blog. I was going to text you and then I though…Hmmm…maybe she’ll think I’m stalkerish. LOL Thank you so much for all the Jades. They are so awesome.

      1. NO!!!! I gave you my number so you could text me! How would that be stalkerish??? But I really appreciate all the kind words, I have been having a super rough time lately and it just seems to get worse! My luck, oh well. Im glad you like them. I wore Vermelho the other day and when I got into the sun it was like id never seen a holo polish before! I cant wait to see that pink one!
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  6. This polish is so so so pretty!! I love these Jade polishes. They are so far and beyond better and brighter than the commonly available ones we see in our neck of the woods. It’s funny you say that about being polite, because I mean, I know we all become complacent sometimes and maybe do things that aren’t perfect manners sometimes just accidentally, but I ALWAYS hold doors for people and say thank you and smile if someone does that for me and wait patiently behind people in line and not get all huffy about things. It’s so annoying to me when people don’t do the same. It really pisses me off when I’m like holding a door for someone and they just come on through, or when you’re following someone into the building and they just let the door slam between themselves and you. I just find it soooo rude and insulting quite honestly. Especially when it’s guys doing it. It’s like HELLO IM A F-ING LADY BACK HERE AND YOU SLAMMED THE DOOR ON ME!!! ugh.
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  7. I always hold the door for people – in fact, I check behind me when leaving to see if there’s someone behind me – and I always smile and say thank you if someone holds it for me. LOL at Maria, though…I have a friend who would say something like that!
    Amy gave you some Jade holos and posts about matadors butts? I am definitely intrigued, hahaha.
    I think I bought this color for Frosso for her birthday. I will not clown on her because my untried situation is also quite dire!

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