Blogger Spotlight: Kat From Kat Stays Polished

Happy Monday everyone! Every time I say that, I am reminded of one of my favorite workplace movies: Office Space.

Is it just me or do people like that make Mondays even more miserable? I seriously hate Mondays because it’s so hard to wake up early again–especially if you totally slept in on Sunday. I’ve been having a lot of trouble staying asleep lately so I usually feel tired even if I went to bed at a decent time. I tend to wake up every 2 hours but fall back asleep pretty quickly. I guess it’s just stress.

I mentioned this on facebook already, but I’ll mention it here as well. I am going to give my hands a little break so I won’t be swatching for at least a week–or until my hands and nails recover from the beating they took this past weekend. For those of you who know me rather well, it comes as no surprise to hear about my cleaning fit. Well, since I’m so smart, I refused to wear gloves even though I was handling bleach and ammonia.  I can’t even show you what happened because my hands look like I soaked them in battery acid…it’s horrible. I got upset so I ended up cutting my nails down to the nub–I no longer have a white nail edge. I know I do this periodically so now I just have to deal with it. Luckily, I have a few things in store such as today’s Blogger Spotlight. Help me welcome Kat from Kat Stays Polished!



When did you first start your blog?


·         My first post was November 15, 2012, so not that long ago. I had a Facebook nail page for a while…I think June of 2011, but I wasn’t TOO active on it.


Why did you start blogging?


·         Lots of reasons! The main reason I think is because I started to get asked to review products. You can’t blog about products if you don’t have a blog! I also wanted to REALLY showcase some of the awesome ideas I had as well as my collection of polish. I think the nail polish community is awesome and I love meeting so many people who share the same passion. I know that there are always going to be newcomers to the polish world and if I can help them get started in any way, I’m happy to do it.


Do you have a favorite nail polish brand?


·         You know, it’s so hard to say. My collection is nearing 400 but I still don’t have a LOT of brands! I mostly have China Glaze and I purchased my very first butter LONDON polishes last year. I LOVE those. I love OPI but sadly I only have a few of those, too. I really want to get deeper into the indie world, maybe start my own line sometime soon.


Do you have a favorite nail polish finish?


·         Holographic anything! I love crèmes if they are streak-free. I like glitters if I can actually use them often on my nails. Some glitters are just not practical sometimes.


Do your family and friends know about your blog?


·         I’m pretty sure all my friends know about my blog. As much as I post on FB and talk about it at work, they probably can’t get away from it. I know my parents and my brother know about my blog, but I live lots of states away from my family so I don’t get a chance to talk to them often. I also have more male cousins than female so that doesn’t do me much good either, lol.


What do you like most about blogging?


·         I love being able to show people my own takes on designs and new ideas that I come up with. I love being able to interact with so many people because of my love for polish.  I LOVE that I have made so many new friends through my blog and my Facebook page. I’m pretty darn lucky.


How often do you blog?


·         I try to post at least 2-3 times a week. If I get busy with reviews, it’s not uncommon for me to post every day for a couple of weeks.


Is there anything you don’t like about blogging?


·         When my personal life gets busy, it takes away from blogging. When my blogging gets busy, it takes me away from my husband. There has to be a balance between the two worlds. I don’t have kids yet, so it’s a little bit easier to sneak away into my polish room. Other than that, blogging is wonderful and being able to swatch and post can sometimes relieve all the stress of the day. I just want to point out that ANYONE can blog. It does take a certain amount of dedication and a pretty good camera, but your posts are really just about YOU. It about YOUR polish, YOUR opinions, and YOUR art. Don’t get discouraged and start slow if you have to. Eventually you’ll have a following and people will be flocking over to your blog.




You can also watch a tutorial for these nails on youtube here.

Make sure that you visit Kat on her blog and her facebook page–show her some love by following and liking.

If you are interested in being featured in a future Blogger Spotlight, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!


One thought on “Blogger Spotlight: Kat From Kat Stays Polished

  1. Love Office Space! Somehow not surprising, right?
    Bleach and ammonia? Lordy, woman!
    I like what Kat has to say about meeting people in the community with the same passion and about finding a balance between the two worlds. Also: spun sugar nails! I’ve heard those are hard to do.

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