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Jade Holografico Hypnose

I consider myself a very polite person. I can still remember my mom scolding me as a kid when I didn’t say hello to everyone if we had visitors. Sadly, I don’t see that children–or adults–seem to care about manners as much anymore. It’s something that definitely  bothers me. For example, today I went to the bank and as I was leaving, a man was coming towards the entrance so I went out of my way to hold the door open for him and he just walked right through and didn’t bother saying thank you or anything. I am the type of person who will hold to door open for anyone–male or female–so when someone doesn’t even bother acknowledging the gesture, it makes me hope they trip and fall on their face as they walk through the door. Mean?  Whatever.

Moving on to nicer things, I want to show you this really amazing polish that Amy sent me recently. Let me tell you a little bit about Amy…she’s freaking hilarious and she is a super sweetheart. We kind of struck up a conversation via email when I was doing my blog sale stuff, and she was so KIND and encouraging when I was having such a craptacular time.  Right before I found a job, I was really blue and panicking about my financial future and she picked some polishes out to send me as a pick me up gift. What a sweet and wonderful gesture on her part…and they ended up being congratulatory polishes since I fortunately found a job shortly thereafter. Once again, here is another person that I would have never met if not for this little blog.  Amy has a blog too so make sure you drop by some time. I love reading her posts especially when they involve matador’s butts. Yep, you read correctly. (Click here for her blog.)

Jade Holografico Hypnose

This is Jade Holografico Hypnose. Why is it that so many crazy gorgeous polishes are coming out of Brazil lately? This holographic beauty is the blue I have always dreamed about. Although the linear holo is not as strong as say, my Laylas, it’s still awesome and I can’t get over how intense the color is. I wish I had taken some pictures of it in the sun because it looks even more amazing with direct and bright sunlight. I don’t think I will ever get tired of holos!

Believe it or not, I need to get back to cleaning. I am a loser without a life. It’s Saturday night, and I’m enjoying cleaning my whole apartment. What’s wrong with me, you ask? I just like cleaning. I actually spent a good part of the day watching House Of Cards on Netflix. Oh my God, have you watched that show? It’s an original Netflix 13 episode series with Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. Holy shiznit it’s really good. The only bad part is that I am on episode 12 now so what am I going to do when it’s over???? I wonder if they are going to produce more episodes…I need to know! I also swatched the Zoya Pixie Dust collection so that will be going up on my blog early next week. Now I need to start swatching the China Glaze Avant Garden collection as well as the Venique Goes To Hollywood collection. Seems like I will have a busy Sunday as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!