Orly Fired Up Collection Fall 2012

I am a little late in posting about this collection since I picked up a couple of colors a couple of weeks ago. Orly’s Fired Up Collection brings us 6 shades ranging from a soft neutrals to dark and vampy shades.

The colors in this collection are: Glow, Flare, Flicker, Ignite, Smolder and Rapture. (Photo Courtesy of Orly FB Page)

When I saw the display for this collection, I was immediately drawn to two of the colors which are the two that I will be sharing with you today.





I really wish I could say I love these, but I don’t. I like the colors, especially Flicker, but the formula was kind of atrocious. It was super watery and it flooded my cuticles. Even worse, I needed three coats to make these colors work and then the polish bubbled terribly on my nails.  My experience with these two colors does not make me want to go out and purchase any of the other colors which is a shame because I quite like the shade collection as a whole. I know that I’ve been saying that I am super duper ready for Fall, but are we going to get any original Fall polish collections at all? I think that the best fall collection so far has been China Glaze On Safari–I seriously loved every single polish.

If you have any of these colors, I’d love to know what your experience was like. I know that sometimes products react differently on different people so maybe it was just my nails.  What do you think of this collection as a whole?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

13 thoughts on “Orly Fired Up Collection Fall 2012

  1. Oh, that is heartbreaking! When you see some lovlies and then the formula makes you want to tear your hair out. If it makes you feel any better, your swatches are still really nice. 🙂

    1. Awww–thanks! I had to be super careful and still needed to do a lot of acetone/brush clean up. There are probably similar colors out there without the crappy formula. In fact, Jessica Spicy Dream comes to mind: some similar colors and pretty awesome formula.

  2. Aw, poop! I like Orly and I like the looks of this collection too, but sucky that they are a fail. I love Flicker, but I’m preeettty sure it won’t look good on me.
    ChG On Safari is a mega-win. Jessica Spicy Dream a very close second. Aaannnddd I just realized that “Spicy Dream” sounds kinda dirty…can’t believe my mind hadn’t gone there yet. Such was the power of those polishes!

    1. I know. 🙁 Since I only bought two colors, maybe not all of them are like this. I kind of really want the putty colored one and since it looks like a creme, maybe it won’t be a pain.

      Have you tried all the On Safari polishes? And yes–I can’t believe that your mind didn’t go directly in the gutter. lol

  3. Well, I guess this is good news for me. Not so much for you though, I hate being disappointed like this. I saw the gold one and flicker at Ulta yesterday and my immediate impulse was to buy em up, but I didn’t have a coupon so passed on them. They’re cheaper at Sally’s and I haven’t seen enough swatches to buy them sight unseen. Sometimes Orly’s formula just sucks, and usually its because its too thin. Take the color, Charged Up, for example. I love the color but its patchy and thin even after three coats! Grrr, I hate that!

    My point is, after all that, is that I’m relieved I can stop really wanting these. I already have the similarly colored OPIs so I’m unusually content!

  4. *Hangs head* I haven’t tried any of the On Safari polishes. I kind of swatched Elephant Walk on one finger and was impressed with even just that! I feel like it’s still too warm for me to enjoy my awesome fall collection…like it deserves awesome fall weather. At least it’s been somewhat tolerable lately, like low 80s instead of high 90s.

  5. The orange looks really similar to the OPI Holland, Deutsche you love it or whatever I got recently, its really pretty! with the way the formula is , I am glad I got the OPI as opposed to this one lol that sucks and I hate when that happens!! ugh

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