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I don’t think that I have ever been a fan of a simple brown color for my nails. The closest I ever came to it was when I became obsessed with Tom Ford Bitter Bitch strictly because of the name. Do you remember when I wrote up my April Fool’s post regarding this polish? Oh boy, that was pretty funny especially the comments. Feel free to check it out here. Now, the reason why I’m talking about brown polish is because I have an interesting polish for Vintage Polish Friday that just happens to be brown: China Glaze Xpress-Ahh! Let me show you what I did with it below.



China Glaze Xpress-Ahh!

China Glaze Xpress-Ahh!

The first time I wore China Glaze Xpress-Ahh! it was super problematic. Maybe it’s because it’s old, but it applies rather atrociously. It’s kind of clumpy, thick and streaky. It also stinks really badly!!! I added a few drops of thinner and shook it like a delicious dirty martini before applying it so it was somewhat more manageable than the first time I wore it. It also didn’t react strangely when I top coated it so that was a win.


China Glaze Xpress-Ahh!

China Glaze Xpress-Ahh!

China Glaze Xpress-Ahh!

I then decided to do a little stamping over this basic brown polish. I used a leaf pattern that I filled in with KBShimmer She’s Beyond Kelp! (Press Sample). Sadly, this polish is no longer available…I had forgotten how gorgeous it is. I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes for my leaf outline and used my Pueen Clear Stamper. I think I am really getting the hang of this stamper!

China Glaze Express-Ahh! is part of a long discontinued collection called Aroma Café which consisted of 5 polishes and a top coat that you could use to seal in the scent. Did I mention that these polishes were originally coffee scented?!?! Sadly, the two bottles I have from this collection no longer smell like coffee unless coffee smells like Satan’s pit sweat to you. As far as I know, this collection was released in 2002 and came in really fun coffee bag packaging. Why can’t we have cute stuff like this anymore? As always, I enjoy these polishes as collector pieces, but I definitely don’t want to wear them. If you’re interested in participating in Vintage Polish Friday, don’t forget to use the hashtag #vintagepolishfriday so I can see your mani. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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