31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 11 : Half Moon Nails

A few days ago I broke two nails while I was cleaning and washing dishes. I got so irritated that I cut my nails off. I went chop crazy and cut my nails super short again…yes, painfully short. I know I said I wouldn’t do that again, but I couldn’t help myself. I had initially decided to use fake nails for this manicure and just polish them myself. However, they just looked so odd to me that I ended up prying them off and doing my own tiny little nails. I started out with 2 coats of essence Black is Black.

essence Black Is Black Swatch          essence Black Is Black Swatch

This really is my favorite black because it’s dark, shiny and super opaque. It reminds me of my favorite patent leather mary janes.

essence Black Is Black and Butter London Wallis Half Moon          essence Black Is Black and Butter London Wallis Half Moon

I then used Butter London Wallis for the half moons. I seriously never thought I would like this color as much as I do. I picked it up during the Coterie sale where I got 3 Butter London polishes plus a top coat for only $11!!! Talk about a great deal.

essence Black Is Black and Butter London Wallis Half Moon Matte with Stars          essence Black Is Black and Butter London Wallis Half Moon Matte with Stars

And lastly I applied some gold glitter stars before the final touch: a matte top coat. I had seen someone mattify Wallis and I was instantly in love so I had to try it myself.

I am satisfied with these nails despite how tiny my nails are. I can’t wait for them to grow a little so I can square them again. What do you think of this manicure? Don’t forget to check out the other manicures created by my fellow challenge participants. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon.

P.S. Sorry I’m a little rushed but I’m hangry (hungry + angry) and my brother is rushing me since we are going to my favorite mexi-food place. Ahhhh…tacos, carne asada, 7 mares, ceviche…I’m drooling.

14 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 11 : Half Moon Nails

  1. i LOVE ceviche.. I even do my own ceviche at home.. is easy to do.. hmm ceviche de lenguado.. !!! <3333333

    now, i'm into my matte phase.. haha the last manicures i've done are matte.. so.. OF COURSE i loved this one!
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..DianaMy Profile

    1. Que es ceviche de lenguado? Porque me suena a lengua y casi me vomito. jajajajaja Bromeo…debe ser un tipo de pescado? Como no me salio la horchata el otro dia, me compre un vaso que seguro me dura una semana.

        1. That’s exactly what I asked. lol I think it’s a type of fish, actually but I had to ask anyway. I used to eat tongue when I was a kid…tongue tacos. BARF! Just thinking about it now grosses me out.

  2. I went on a chop-fest myself on Monday. I’ve had this gel manicure from my failed Vegas trip for over two weeks now and just haven’t had time to take it off. I had a couple of breaks (one on each hand) and I literally could not stand my nails anymore, so I just hacked ’em. So now I have hacked nails with a grown-out gel manicure…it’s pretty disgraceful.
    Speaking of disgraceful, why is Wallis still in my untrieds? Everyone loves it and says it’s amazeballs, so I cannot answer that question! Maybe I should replicate this mani, ’cause I like it…(Ace Ventura voice)…I like it a lot.
    I thought “hangry” was a typo that you and Nicole were talking about on Twitter, but…nope! It’s a hybrid! I think we’ve all been there!

    1. The hangry thing actually runs in my family big time. I don’t get that crazy when I’m hungry but my dad will literally stab you if you come between him and his food if he’s hungry. If he doesn’t eat a certain time, he will get majorly grumpy and stressed out. Since I’ve been so blah lately, I only eat like once a day so by the time I get hungry…I am majorly HANGRY.

      I can’t tell you how many times I had passed on getting Wallis. It just did not appeal to me. When that Coterie came around, it was one of the only colors I didn’t already have so I picked it. Boy am I happy that I did. I totally love it and it’s crazy beautiful (not like the K. Dunst movie) mattified.

      OMG you have to show us your nails. I am kinda freaking out thinking about them right now because I remember when I used to get acrylic nails (*cringe*), sometimes I would to the same thing and I would end up with the most horrid looking nails. For whatever reason, I always thought that the “I like it a lot” line came from Dumb and Dumber.
      Cynthia recently posted..Nicole By OPI Fall 2012 (Target Exclusives)My Profile

      1. LOL! I think it is from Dumb & Dumber. I guess I am just confusing my Jim Carrey movies!
        I had meant to post a pic of my nails when they were nice (they’re black with small silver/larger holo glitter), and now they are shameful. I guess I’ll have to do a before/after pic for my next mani!

  3. This looks so cute! I really like it mattified. Lesley saying “hybrid” made me think of how sometimes I’m so tired I’m like angry tired… what would the word be for that.. angrausted? Ehh they can’t all be winners. Glad you got your yummy scrum-diliumptious mexican food. I’ll be having mine tomorrow. Mexican FOOD.. not just a Mexican or Daniel in a sombrero. 😉
    Nicole recently posted..Half-Moon Halloween Nails- 31 Inspired Days of Nail ArtMy Profile

    1. Angrausted…uhm…yeah. lol That sounds weird and made me think of crustacean. Oh my dear lord…the sombrero talk had me in stitches earlier. What are you planning on eating? I said “what” and not “who.”

      As far as my nails go, thanks! I prefer them mattified too. Can’t wait for them to grow out a bit.
      Cynthia recently posted..Nicole By OPI Fall 2012 (Target Exclusives)My Profile

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