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Woo hoo! Sunday funday! So I didn’t go to watch the new X-Men movie yesterday because I basically lounged around in my pj’s all day clear into the evening. I did do a lot of swatching while I watched a bunch of movies on Netflix which included La Bamba and The Buddy Holly story. Then I watched some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and continued to bum around. I did finally take a shower and combed my hair because I met up with a friend and we just had a lot of catching up to do. So basically my Saturday was spent in lazy bliss and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Today I will be watching X-Men so I’m excited about that…and movie theater popcorn. For your manicure viewing pleasure today, I have the new Zoya Magical Pixie Collection for Summer 2014. This new trio brings us the same super gritty texture as the first Magical Pixies but with a slightly darker base. Let’s take a look at these pretties below…

Zoya Arlo 1Zoya Arlo 2Zoya Arlo

Zoya Ginni 1Zoya Ginni 2Zoya Ginni

Zoya Bar 1Zoya Bar 2Zoya Bar

If you did not like the texture of the first Magical Pixies, do not expect to like these.because they are identical when it comes to the finish. These are very chunky glitters and will feel rough to the touch even if you topcoat them. I wouldn’t topcoat them only because I think they look better this way. All of these polishes required two thick coats for full coverage. To he honest, I kind of really liked the way these looked with one coat even if there was major VNL. Out in the sun, these look amazing because they truly sparkle. I would have liked these a lot of if the base colors were more vibrant…these are just too safe for me to truly go gaga over.

What do you think of these polishes? Did you get the first ones? Will you be getting any of these? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far because I sure am. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

19 thoughts on “Zoya Magical Pixie Collection Summer 2014

  1. Sounds like our Saturdays were pretty similar, even down to the “maaaybe I should take a shower” decision in the evening, lol.
    Arlo (which my phone auto-corrected to Arlington) is my favorite, but I wish the base were a little darker or maybe denser? Ginni is my favorite on you.
    I for some reason thought this was the 3rd round of Magical Pixies…whoops.
    Say hi to Hugh to me today, then, haha.

  2. I like Bar well enough but otherwise these are a pass. I usually love Zoya collections but lately they have lost their touch. I feel like the last few collections have been such a snooze. The original Magical Pixies, Bubbly. Come on Zoya, you used to wow me!

    1. I know what you mean. Personally, I like the texture of the original Pixies and the colors are so vibrant. I hope they do more of those.

    1. Yeah, the texture can be distracting. I think that this type of texture has stopped bothering me but getting my nails caught on something gives me the heebie jeebies.

  3. Hello Cynthia,
    I love Zoya Magical Pixies, they are sparkly for sure, but also last on the nail for at least as long as a regular cream would, sometimes even longer for me. I can’t wait to wear them as well.
    Great swatches by the way!

    1. I agree! The last time I wore them, I got a few days without any kind of chipping. The only thing I didn’t like is that the rough texture got caught on my clothes.

  4. I like these colors, but these are the kind of polishes/colors i would never use.
    does it make sense? don’t you like a lot of polishes, but you know, deep in your heart that you won’t use that thing like NEVA?

    1. LOL! Yes!!! I know exactly what you mean. There are a lot of colors that I love but when I wear them, they just don’t look that nice but then I still like them and want them.

      1. i know.. i mean, i wish i could have this polish.. just because they’re so beautiful..
        but i have too many and no space to keep them all..
        and the money, don’t let me get started in the money situation..

        i think i’ve spent more than $1000 in my collection.. that’s just too much

        wth is wrong with me questioning myself about this? idk.. i’m sorry i’m just writing to myself here. lol.

        1. LOL….well, I think we all need some self-reflection every now and then. I go through polish crises when I realize how much I have spent. That’s usually when I try to sell everything to feel better.

  5. I have to say that I liked the original Pixies more in terms of finish and color. These are beautiful in their own way and I don’t mind the rough surface but the colors are letting me down. I’d like to see more vibrant shades, the first three were weird washed-out non-colors, these are definitely much better…but still, I want MORE! 😀 Beautiful swatches as usual! 🙂
    Emma/WL recently posted..Use All the ColorsMy Profile

    1. I totally agree. We need more vibrant colors. I am hoping for a dark purple and a super bright red-based purple. Those would look ah-mazing.

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