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I’m a lucky girl. And by lucky, I mean polish lucky. I have so many amazing dusties in my area that I always get excited when I go because I can feel that I’m going to find something amazing. There are certain stores that I wish I could just take a stool, sit on the floor and just go through everything. I am convinced that they must have some amazing polishes hidden in their ancient stashes. Unfortunately, some of the stores are super cramped and tiny so it’s not like I can spread out and take over the entire store. I’m sure that as soon as they see me coming, the owners must be thinking: “Not this asshole again.” Anyway, today’s polish was found at one of my dusties. In fact, they had like 4 DS Sapphires and 4 DS Signature and I bought them all. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t do the same. OPI DS Sapphire is one of the old OPI linear holos that are sadly discontinued and will cost you an arm and a leg on evilbay. It’s so lovely! Let me get to the swatches.

OPI DS Sapphire 1OPI DS Sapphire 2This polish is rather sheer so I had to apply 3 coats to get even coverage. This type of lighting definitely does not show off a holo polish so I had to use different lighting for the following pictures.

OPI DS Sapphire 3OPI DS Sapphire 4OPI DS Sapphire 5This beautiful polish is somewhat of a chameleon. It looks silver but it also looks blue depending on the lighting. The holo in this polish isn’t very linear…it’s like somewhat linear but also scattered. I just love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off today especially because I always had to work holidays at my previous job. I guess this is one of the benefits of working for a public agency! If you’re in the US, I hope you had a nice Memorial day and that you took a minute to remember all the brave men and women in the armed forces who have fought and lost their lives. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


19 thoughts on “OPI DS Sapphire

  1. You are lucky! I love your dusty hunting posts, it is really the persistent bird who gets the worm at these places. I totally KWYM. Where do you live? I find the best dusty hunting at places near my sister in Orange County, CA. But there are a few good ones near me in Northern California, too. DS Sapphire is stunning! and yes, I would totally scoop them all up if I found them!

    1. Hahaha—of course I’m in Orange County. You actually inspired my friend to search for dusties in her area up in NorCal. I introduced her to most of my dusties when she came to visit so I’m sure most places are going to pale in comparison.

  2. Literally LOL at “not this asshole again.”
    Of course my first reaction was along the lines of “smelly pirate hooker” and “tittie punch,” but once that passed, I was happy for your magical unicorn of a polish score. I think this is my favorite DS (of course, right?), so I’m happy to stare at it, haha.

    1. You forgot tittie lunch. I found them all at the tiny place right across the cramped pagoda place you didn’t like. I think you bought Emerald Fitzgerald there. I am convinced some of these places have old stock that they put out randomly to see who gets lucky because it seems I always find shit randomly…and you know I really scour each place when I go.

      1. I remember that place. Yeah, it was an emerald green China Glaze (don’t recall the name at the moment).
        They totally play polish score roulette, lol.

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