The Lacquer Ring – Green

I am super lucky that I’ve had this post in my drafts for a few weeks because I might have crapped out otherwise. I’ve been sucking big time at blogging lately because I’ve just had so many things going on that blogging/doing my nails was just not that important to me. I’ve just felt out of it, but slowly I am getting back on my feet and hope to get back on a more regular schedule. I really do miss posting, but you can’t force yourself when you’re not feeling up to it. So today I am back with another edition of The Lacquer Ring and today Nicole has chosen the color green. How appropriate with Saint Patrick’s Day and all! You know what I’ll be doing this weekend? Have 5 million Guinness Milkshakes. Yep.  Anyway, let me show you the green I decided to use.Dermelect Renegade 1 Dermelect Renegade 2 This is Dermelect Renegade which I also picked up at Ulta a while back for like $0.40…haha! I know, right? It’s a really pretty jade green which a pretty nice formula. It’s easily opaque at two coats and it is sooooo shiny!Dermelect Renegade 3 Dermelect Renegade 4I then used Illamasqua Scorch to add some blobs all over my nails. This ended up looking very prehistoric egg-like to me and then Amy said they looked like Yoshi nails so there you go…Yoshi nails!

Anyway, I hope your doing well and that you excuse my random posting. I really hope I can get back in the swing of things soon. I’ve just been feeling way too dumpy, sensitive and just tired. I’m sure I’ll get through this slump soon so thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon.

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10 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Green

  1. Mmm…5 million Guinness milkshakes…
    *sobs* I waaaaaant a pretty jade green with a cool name for 0.40! Loving this polish! And how can you not love Yoshi?
    I punked out on my green mani because I was blah on the night I had time to do it, too. Hopefully I’ll get it together tonight!

    1. Is that a good “are you for real?” or do you think it’s crazy? LOL The milkshakes come out at Red Robin once a year and I always get one. hahaha

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