Where Have You Been?

A few people asked me why I haven’t been blogging or posting on IG and Facebook lately so I figured I’d say something since I am still around.  I’ve decided to take a little break. At first it was a forced break because my nails were so damaged that swatching sessions were out of the question, but now I’m feeling ok about giving myself some time to recharge. Slowly all the damage is growing out on my swatching hand so I think it will take another couple of months before I see all the buffing damage gone. Additionally, I went on a no-buy for Lent so I haven’t purchased any polish since early February and won’t until early April. My brother made fun of me since I am still technically getting some polish via press samples, but it’s nowhere near the amount I normally purchase on my own. There have been a few moments of painful uncertainty and I have almost broken my no-buy twice, but now I am 100% sure that I will stick it out.

For the next few weeks I won’t be posting regularly, but I do have a few draft posts that I’ll be publishing this coming week. Other than that, I will enjoy my break and I hope to see you guys when I’m back. I do have some items that I need to swatch, so I’ll get to it as soon as my nails begin to cooperate again. It’s been crazy hot here–like in the mid 90’s–so I’m kind of in a pissy mood altogether. It’s March for God’s sake–not freaking August! Sometimes I really hate California weather.

Anyway, thanks for still coming by even when I’m being a bad blogger. You guys are the best. See you around and I’ll be back soon with a more regular blogging schedule!

12 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. If you would like some hugs, I have a ton of them for you. I think you are great, so be nice to yourself.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m up late in San Diego because it’s too hot to sleep. lol. But I’d rather be here than in PA where my sister is. Just wondering what, if anything, you are doing to help your nails? I have terrible weak nails that for some reason in the last while have started peeling badly. I started buffing them for the first time just to even things out. (I have a lot of bumps and ridges, too.) Then I read a couple of your posts about your buffing and the problems you had so I quit. I take Biotin in a tablet for the last 3 months but I don’t really notice a difference. I also use cuticle oil but maybe there is one that is better than most. Thanks.

  3. What did you do to your nails when you buffed them?? Goodness you’re making me cringe thinking about like buffing through your nail or something.

    I’m all for a break whenever necessary so I say go for it and come back when you’re ready. It’s been un-seasonally warm here too. We better get our AC installed.
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  4. This weather is the pits! I am finally biting the bullet and buying a portable air conditioner. 92 degrees in March makes me dread July.

  5. I will miss seeing your beautiful nails/swatches, but it’s probably better for my wallet, lol.
    This no-buy…man, it’s tough, lol.
    I am soooooo scared for summer. I’ve been buying sundresses in preparation for “when it’s so damn hot,” lol.
    No one better fault you for taking a break…we’re all human, yo!

  6. Don’t worry you’ve earned the time to take a break. I live in Cali too and this crazy weather makes me terribly irritable too. Just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING!

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