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Since I was such a turd and missed out on the last The Lacquer Ring prompt, I got my manicure done early for today’s post but I still waited until the last possible second to edit my pictures and actually write my post. Will I ever learn? I am such a procrastinator and then I have to rush to get things done on the fly. I hate this trait of mine, but I don’t see it changing like…ever. Anyway, Jessica chose chartreuse as our color prompt today so I had to think hard about what polish I wanted to use. Then I remembered this gorgeous color from the Nicole by OPI Tinkerbell collection which is what I have for you today.

Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete 1Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete 2Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete is exactly the color I think of when I hear he word chartreuse. I wish the formula was a bit better because it was so streaky after the first coat. I ended up applying three thin coats for the final result here. It’s a very unique color in my collection.

Nicole by OPI Be Awesome 1Nicole by OPI Be Awesome 2And then I used the glitters from Nicole by OPI Be Awesome to create some funky flowers. Applying this glitter was such a pain in the ass but I really like how this looks. It looks sort of like funky flowers and kind of like ninja stars. Ninja Gaiden nails!!!

So what do you think about both the color and my glitter mani? Are you a fan of unique colors such as this or is it just too bold and out there for you? Don’t forget to check out the other chartreuse looks from my fellow ladies who make up The Lacquer Ring. Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you soon!


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9 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Chartreuse

  1. Love that color and the Ninja Flowers? GORGEOUS! I admire people who have the patience to do stuff like that! Thanks for sharing! XOXOXO

  2. Very cute! I have to admit that I tend to stick to bold colors like this one on my toes and the pinks/reds/neutrals for my hands. Although, I did break my own “rule” for the 4th of July when I wore Essie Midnight Cami on my fingernails. I wish I could bring myself to try Nicole by OPI again, but I’ve tried 3 different shades now and I was unhappy with the results. They all required at least 3 coats (which I don’t have the patience for to be frank) and were streaky in the end. Yours always look great though!

  3. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I honestly cannot get over how gorgeous your hands /nails are!!! I really love this color BTW – really cute look with the glitter as well. 🙂

  4. Uuhh…I did the same thing, lol. I started my mani on Monday to try and avoid procrastination…and then didn’t end up posting a pic until super late Thursday night, and it was kind of a dark pic because I took it after work. I’ve been late on every single one except the orange one when I was in Baltimore…womp, womp!
    My chartreuse was streak city, too. It didn’t really look decent until the third coat and then it was still a little iffy, And, whoo boy, was it unflattering on me! Maybe I would have felt differently if I had Ninja Gaiden nails! I love you forever for that reference…Ninja Gaiden was THE SHIT.

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