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You have absolutely no idea how happy I am that it is Friday. I am jumping out of my skin for it  to be the end of the workday so I can just relax and swatch my little heart out. I am so excited because of all the new collections that are coming out, especially the Nordic Collection, but I won’t say too much about that since this post is about the new OPI Ford Mustang Collection. I have to admit that I have zero interest in cars and absolutely hate driving, but I love looking at older cars. I think Mustangs are beautiful and I know that to some people, cars are what nail polish is to me so I can imagine them being super excited about this collection. Before I ramble on forever, let me show you my swatches of this small collection…and by small I mean small in OPI terms since some of their collections are just massive.

OPI 50 Years of Style 1OPI 50 Years of Style 2Let’s get the ugly shade out of the way first. OPI 50 Years of Style is a very frosty and brush-strokey metallic gold. Ick all around. Not only does it show every imperfection, but it also got super bumpy on me. I have seen other swatches where it looks infinitely better, so maybe it was an application issue on my part. Still, it’s not a color I like.

OPI Angel with a Leadfoot 1OPI Angel with a Leadfoot 2I have a total polish boner for white polishes as of late, so I was excited to try OPI Angel with a Leadfoot. Unfortunately, this is not a super nice white because the formula leave a lot to be desired in comparison to other spectacular whites that have come out lately. I do like how bright and creamy this looks, but be prepared to apply 3 coats to make this look good.

OPI Girls Love Ponies 1OPI Girls Love Ponies 2It’s no secret that I love hot pink so of course I like OPI Girls Love Ponies. It’s not really a unique color or anything, but it applies nicely and is a pretty staple color. I applied two coats for my swatches above.

OPI Queen of the Road 1OPI Queen of the Road 2I really don’t know if I really love OPI Queen of the Road or if I really hate it. It’s a strange color. At first I thought it was just a regular kind of coal black, but then it looks like a murky green. I still don’t know what to make of the color–it’s unique, for sure. The formula is a little thin, but it builds up well and only needs two coats which surprised me.

OPI Race Red 1OPI Race Red 2Is it just me, or are you also disappointed that OPI Race Red is super orange? I have a newly found love/hate relationship with orange so I’m not completely digging this color. Still, it’s a nice red-orange with a good formula so there isn’t too much to complain about.

OPI The Sky’s My Limit 1OPI The Sky’s My Limit 2OPI The Sky’s My Limit 4I definitely left the best for last: OPI The Sky’s My Limit. Yep, this is the belle of the ball. I absolutely love how this looks, and it immediately reminded me of the much lusted after OPI Catch Me In Your Net. However, this is much bluer but it creates the same type of effect. The formula is great, but it did stain my nails a tiny bit because I swatched it on my bare nails.

So what do you think about this collection? Overall I like it. While I don’t LOVE every single shade, I think that I love more of them than dislike them. The Sky’s My Limit is my number one pick from this collection so if you only get one polish from this collection, get this one! The OPI Ford Mustang Collection is available now and retails for $9 a bottle. Have you already picked up any of these shades? Let me know what you think of this collection and if you have a favorite. Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you enjoy your weekend.



8 thoughts on “OPI Ford Mustang Collection 2014

  1. I can’t believe how orange Race Red looks on you. I have it and love it! It looks red-orange on me. It does leans heavily toward orange but it is still red on me. On you it looks totally orange. Even your bottle looks orange. Mine is much more red than that. This is really odd because Race Red is my favorite from the collection so far.

    I am not into cars either and I could care less about driving so much so, that when I graduated from high school my mom made me learn to drive and go get a driver’s license because my dad wanted to buy me a car for my graduation. I recall arguing heavily about this issue but eventually mom and dad won. Strangely enough, the only car that I have ever wanted or really liked, is the Ford Mustang. And no, I don’t own one and never have, yet. But I did scoop up all this lovely polish from the collection and I am perfectly content with them all. I am a huge horse lover and with that running horse logo, and my polish obsession….well, you know.

  2. I’m definitely getting Sky’s My Limit…my supply store was already sold out of it..gotta wait 🙁 Anyway, I was also really wanting Angel with a Leadfoot after I saw a review on Beauty Geeks saying it was so amazing and that it was almost a one coater..no other reviews have said that so far..so that’s very strange..probably be skipping it now.

  3. Love your swatches and love this collection! I have always admired the beauty and power of the iconic ford mustang, more so since my son is a car guy and cars are to him, as nail polish is to me, just as you say. So I like when the two intersect. I love the unique paint finishes on cars and spend a lot of time trying to replicate that on my nails. So I have to love that race red is an actual color from the mustang lineup. on me, it is definitely more orange, but that was what I expected when I looked for the color. Besides, oranges are very on trend this spring and summer. I picked up all of them except the white and the gold. It is a fun collection, and I am hoping for another car nail polish collaboration soon.

  4. Eeehhh…there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this collection (except that gold…that gold is wrong, lol)…it’s alright. I bet I’d feel it was more special if I was into cars or Mustangs in particular. I like the white on you, though, and the blue is my favorite.

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