Stamping Saturdays #27

One of the things that I like to do on Saturday mornings is to wake up a little early and go watch a movie by myself. Is that weird? There is a theater by my house where tickets are $5 for a matinee show and they have new movies! The cheapskate in me can’t resist this so I usually go once a week depending on what movies they have. Well, this morning I watched Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and it was freaking awesome! I highly recommend it if you’re going to catch a movie this weekend. After the movie, I went to Sephora because I wanted to look at all the pretty nail polish and because I needed to buy some moisturizer. I’ve been using the same Clinique moisturizer since I was 14 years old if you can believe it. I have tried tons of different moisturizers over the years and I keep coming back to the original yellow lotion even after trying some that are much more luxurious and expensive. I really had to fight with myself because I wanted to buy one polish: Dolce &Gabbana Stromboli. At $25 for a .37oz bottle, I had to put it back because the price was too much for me to spend on one bottle of polish. I hate how reasonable I have become! I did use 500 of my VIB points to get 5 deluxe samples of Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar–the overnight version. I have super dry skin so I hope this is a good moisturizer to use at night. I rarely find any interesting samples at Sephora so I’m glad I got these. I almost got the Marc Jacobs 1,000 point perk, but I decided to pass because I don’t need ANOTHER lipstick or lipgloss even if they are MJ. Anyway, I’ve written a novel here and haven’t even mentioned my Stamping Saturdays mani so let’s take a look at the polish that I used as my base.Mentality Protect 1Mentality Protect 2I don’ know if you’re very familiar with Mentality nail polish, but you should be because they are some amazing products. Not only are the products top notch, but they are super reasonably priced and they offer free shipping! One of the things I hate about online shopping is having to pay for shipping, so I really appreciate their free and fast shipping. The other day, I saw that they were having a sale on their matte polishes (which are 4-free) because they will be switching to a 5-free base. Despite the fact that I’m drowning in polish, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of bottles. Mentality Protect is a luxurious green matte polish that applied like a dream. I only needed two coats for full opacity and it dries incredibly fast. Gorgeous!

BM 313 1BM 313 2For my stamping, I used Essie Good As Gold and and image from Bundle Monster BM 313. I’ve been having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on my mind recently because I can’t wait for the new movie to come out. The very first movie I ever saw at the movie theater was TMNT and of course I became obsessed with everything Ninja Turtles and spent countless hours playing the video games and watching the cartoons. Ahh, those were the good old days.

I know this clip is from the second movie, but who can resist Vanilla Ice? haha! Well, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday so far and thank you for stopping by today. I’ll talk to you soon.


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14 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays #27

  1. I saw those on sale! I’m on a no buy at the moment whilst we’re packing up for our move or I’d have been sorely tempted too. I’ve never been the cinema alone but think I’ll have to add it to my bucket list. I love matte and stamping combined. This looks like dinosaur skin/scales to me

  2. Ooh I’m so glad you like the apes movie! I’ve been wanting to see it so bad!!!
    Aren’t you afraid you’ll hate the tmnt movie though because of how weird their faces are gonna look ?? Everyone’s saying they look like shrek!
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  3. Cynthia — Have you tried any of the moisturizers in the Perricone line? I found this brand in Ulta. Pricey? You bet, but I’ve been working on my jar since the beginning of April & have only used 1/3 of it. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin & the bonus is it smells like roses. Not cloying, but just a nice, light fragrance. I haven’t tried any of the Clinique line except the toner so I can’t compare. Just thought I’d throw it out there! For your nails, I love that Mentality! I can never have enough gorgeous greens.

    1. I have tried a few Perricone products including moisturizer, and I did like them but I didn’t notice a huge difference in how my skin felt compared to the Clinique. I must have tried about 10 different moisturizers but I keep coming back to Clinique because it’s affordable and it just works for me. I love very light rose scents which is why I like the Korres Wild Rose moisturizer-it’s one of my favorites. I love this green. It reminds me of Zoya Veruschka.

  4. This is SO TMNT! 😀 I was a huge fan growing up and when I was in University, we had a two-day excursion where me and three of my friends were dressep up as Ninja Turtles the whole trip. We even made the weapons ourselves and everything. (Another year we spent two days dressed up as McDonalds but that’s a whole different story. Let me just say that I was the Coke.)
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  5. I am uncertain on how I feel about Planet of the Apes. The hype/press is AAAALLLL about it, but I personally don’t feel interested in it. I felt that way about the Lego movie. I just didn’t get it, then I heard nothing but absolutely rave reviews about how amazing it was, so I finally watched it…and felt exactly the same about it as I did before, lol. Based on that experience, I guess I should probably pass, haha.
    I am coming around to Clinique skincare more. I think my best option over the years has been the tourmaline stuff from Aveda, but my best friend has been all Clinique for as long as I can remember.
    I can’t believe how well-behaved you were at Sephora!!!
    I don’t really like matte polish, but this polish is GORGEOUS. The mani definitely reminds me of theTMNJ cartoons…and the Nintendo game!!! I don’t know about the new movie, though *side eyes*. I don’t like having my nostalgia messed with, hahaha.

  6. i love matte polishes.. and this one looks so perfect.
    i have the same essie polish, but for some reason i can’t use it for stamping. mine transfers too thin..
    also i’ve been going through a freehand phase…

    i stamped few weeks ago and it was a disasticure.. i forgot how to do it.. oth, i think i’m getting better at freehanding..

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